How to Send Error-Free Emails With Mailmodo’s Templates Suggestions

Shreya Iyengar
ByShreya Iyengar

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Imagine sending an email that is supposed to redirect users to a page, but you forgot to add the page’s link in the email.

Relatable? We hope not! 😵‍💫

But if you relate to it, don’t worry; we’ve got you. In this guide, we will explain how to ensure you don't make such mistakes and send mass error-free emails.

How to Create & Send Error-Free Emails with Mailmodo’s Smart Template Suggestions H2 What happens if you send emails with errors? H3 Unprofessional brand image H3 Email fails to provide the desired outcome H3 Customers don’t feel valued H2 How to avoid email mistakes? H3

  1. Using manual checklists H3
  2. Peer Review H2 Do these guarantee error-free emails? H2 What is "Smart Template Suggestions"? H2 Types of template improvements you get H3 🟥 Error H3 🟨 Warnings H3 🟩 Suggestions H2 How to create and send error-free emails? H2 Wrap-up

What happens if you send emails with errors?

Email mistakes are a marketer’s worst nightmare. But why?

Well, because email is one of the only channels that help brands interact with their customers on a personal level. Moreover, In emails, one mistake actually amounts to thousands of mistakes, as thousands of recipients receive those erroneous emails.

These email errors can lead to a barrage of negative outcomes for the brand like

  • Unprofessional brand image

    Email mistakes can lead to a bad reader experience and your customers might just report the email as spam. Moreover, it takes a lot of time and effort to build brand trust, you wouldn’t want to vile it away with silly email mistakes, right?

  • Email fails to provide the desired outcome

    If your email has a CTA which is not accompanied by a corresponding link, the customers won’t be able to take the desired action. This will lead to lower engagement and conversion numbers.

  • Customers don’t feel valued

    Emails that are not accessible or responsive lead to a bad customer experience for users who use a screen reader or for people who use smaller devices. This might make the user feel unvalued by the brand.

How to avoid email mistakes?

That’s a million-dollar question, right there. Sometimes, literally. However, there isn’t a silver bullet for this. There are ways in which you can minimize the risks of making mistakes in your email. Here are a few that can be really helpful-

1. Using manual checklists

One way you can avoid such mistakes is by manually checking for errors is using a checklist and making sure your emails are flawless. Check out Mailmodo’s Email QA Checklist to check for errors in your emails.

2. Peer Review

Another way to ensure you don’t miss out on small details is to send test emails to your team members and get their feedback. Through this, you can get insights into how an email renders across different devices and settings, and make improvements accordingly.

Do these guarantee error-free emails?

No, they, don’t.

Moreover, there are always some errors that escape even the most detail-oriented eyes. Plus, the experience of finding errors and fixing them relies on a lot of factors and might consume heavy time and effort.

Ideally, you would want a solution that could alert you about the issues in your email as soon as they happen. We, at Mailmodo, recognized this pain point and have built an exclusive feature to remedy email mistakes. Introducing the “Smart Template Suggestions”. This feature helps email marketers create error-free emails and avoid those embarrassments on the fly.

What is "Smart Template Suggestions"?

The smart template suggestions feature in Mailmodo helps you create and send error-free emails.

When you create an email template on Mailmodo, the template analyzer will evaluate it against various success metrics, which can potentially make the template inaccessible or less engaging.

It finds these errors in your templates and gives actionable suggestions that help you create flawless emails.

Types of template improvements you get

Here are the different categories of suggestions provided by the template analyzer:

1. 🟥 Errors- These are critical issues that need immediate attention. If not fixed, they can cause your template to malfunction.

2. 🟨 Warnings- These are moderate issues that may not break the functionality of your template but can negatively impact the appearance and usability of the template.

3. 🟩 Suggestions- These are template refinement ideas that can help you increase engagement and enhance template design.

Here are some examples of the suggestions you’ll see on the platform and why they are important

🟥 Error

Error/Recommendation Why is it important
Missing link or Invalid URL in buttons or social footer The reader won’t reach the landing page or social media profile thus creating a bad user experience
Check personalization parameters Mistakes in personalization formatting will cause it to not function. So, instead of seeing “Hey Sam,” they’ll see “${“First Name”}
Image Alt text is missing Missing Alt text makes your email inaccessible to people with visual impairments
AMP email greater than 200kb AMP emails greater than 200kb won’t render properly in inbox

🟨 Warnings

Error/Recommendation Why is it important
Individual image size exceeds 100kb Larger images take a higher time to load which ruins the reader’s experience.
Image-only email Makes your email less accessible to people using screen readers.
Email-safe font not used in the template Using an email-safe font ensures that the email renders properly for all clients.
Default image Alt text unchanged Alt text helps people understand what the image is about when the image does not load in time
HTML email greater than 102kb Gmail will clip HTML emails larger than 102kb, and the recipient won’t be able to see the whole email. So if your CTA gets clipped then you won't get the desired results from the email campaign

🟩 Suggestions

Error/Recommendation Why is it important
Use personalization parameters This makes your readers feel special almost like the email was customized for them
HTML fallback not tested This might lead to your email not rendering correctly for all clients. Send a test email to check the HTML version
Mobile responsiveness not tested Emails might render differently on mobile devices. Send a test email to check responsiveness.
Use of more than 2 fonts This can make the email look chaotic and can make it illegible.
Use AMP elements Use of interactive elements makes your emails interesting, helps drive conversions, and provides a website-like experience in your email.

How to create and send error-free emails?

Now that you know the different kinds of errors, and how they impact your emails let’s get on with how the smart template suggestions tool inside Mailmodo can help you create an error-free email.

Step 1: Create your template on Mailmodo using the easy-to-use email editor.

Step 2: Once done, click the 💡 icon in the top left corner to view the template suggestions.

image 387 (2).png

Step 3: Review and implement the suggestions given by the tool. Please prioritize resolving the issues mentioned under errors and warnings.

image 386 (2).png

Here's what the template improvements panel looks like

image 388 (3).png

Step 4: Click on “refresh and update” to fetch updated suggestions.

And that’s it; you’re done! No more embarrassing email errors. The easy-to-use smart template suggestions tool provides actionable tips to help you improve your emails.

Check out the smart template suggestion tool by signing up on Mailmodo!


Mistakes are common, especially while creating and sending an email campaign. The only thing you can do is learn from it and make sure you don't make the mistake again. So, we hope that you are able to use this tool to create and send error-free emails to your subscribers.

If you need more help regarding this, talk to our experts.

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