Latest Cart Abandonment Statistics and Measures to Improve it

Falak Preet Kaur
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The eCommerce world has transformed how we shop, offering convenience and various products at our fingertips. However, amidst the enormous potential of online retail, one persistent challenge continues to haunt businesses – cart abandonment. This article will examine the latest cart abandonment statistics and implement strategies for maximizing revenue potential by analyzing cart abandonment factors.

Cart abandonment statistics by industry

According to Baymard Institute, The average cart abandonment rate across industries is around 70%. This high abandonment rate illustrates the magnitude of the problem faced by businesses and the potential revenue loss they experience. However, according to the report from SaleCycle, when businesses deploy cart recovery emails, an estimated 29.9% of those emails are clicked by recipients.

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The timing of cart recovery emails plays a crucial role in their effectiveness. Every abandoned cart triggers a cart abandonment email to go off within a designated time.

According to Rejoiner, Sending a series of abandoned cart emails recovers more abandoned carts at a better ROI and makes your abandoned cart email program better than 52% of the competition.

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Businesses can capture customers' attention by incorporating dynamic and interactive content that displays abandoned items and offers customized recommendations or discounts. According to Experian, they can generate six times higher transaction rates than generic emails.

Mobile cart abandonment rates reach an alarming 85.65%, emphasizing the need for mobile optimization and user-friendly experiences to reduce friction in the purchasing process, as stated by Asee.

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Latest statistics for factors influencing cart abandonment rates

Let us understand some key factors influencing cart abandonment rates, causing business problems.

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1. Unexpected Costs

Unexpected shipping costs, taxes, or additional fees during the checkout process can lead to a sense of sticker shock and cause users to abandon their carts, contributing to about 48% of cart abandonments, according to data from Statista.

2. Email Design and User Experience

Cart recovery emails' design and user experience can influence customer engagement. A cluttered or poorly designed email may encourage customers to click through to their abandoned carts.

3. Lengthy and complicated checkout processes

Complex checkouts are major culprits in cart abandonment. One of the highest abandonment rates occurs during checkout, with nearly 17% of customers leaving at this stage, according to the report by Baymard Institute.

4. Website Performance

A slow-loading website or technical glitches can significantly impact the customer experience, leading to cart abandonment. Research done by Baymard Institute suggests that approximately 13% of shoppers abandon their carts due to website performance issues.

5. Lack of Payment Options

Limited payment options or the absence of preferred payment methods can be a significant customer barrier, resulting in cart abandonment.

How Mailmodo can help recover cart abandonment

Mailmodo offers a powerful solution to boost cart abandonment rates and re-engage potential customers. Businesses can implement effective cart recovery email campaigns and enhance their chances of converting abandoned carts into completed purchases. Here's how:

1. Streamline the Checkout Process

Mailmodo's Gokwik widget will simplify the checkout process by minimizing the number of steps, removing unnecessary form fields, and offering guest checkout options. With this Gokwik widget, the user can update the cart and complete the purchase via email. HobSpace, wanting to generate leads and expand in the market, opted for Mailmodo and inserted an interactive demo-booking widget. In turn, they received 20% demo bookings and increased visibility in the US market.

Read HobSpace's full case study here.

2. Automated Triggers and Follow-ups

With Mailmodo, you can configure the system to automatically send cart recovery emails within a designated time frame after abandonment occurs based on user actions or behaviors. You can set up follow-up emails as part of a cart recovery sequence, converting abandoned carts into completed purchases.

3. Compelling Subject Lines

Craft attention-grabbing subject lines that create a sense of urgency or offer enticing incentives. This can pique recipients' interest and encourage them to open the email. Mailmodo's AI subject line generator will help you write the subject lines that will boost the open rates of your cart recovery abandonment emails.

4. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Provide a prominent and compelling CTA that directs customers to their abandoned carts with Mailmodo's guide to creating CTAs. The CTA should be straightforward and visually appealing, making it easy for customers to resume their purchase journey.

5. Interactive emails

With Mailmodo, you can create interactive and engaging email experiences for cart recovery campaigns. You can add interactive elements like live shopping carts, seamless checkout processes within the email, attractive product images, and gamified AMP widgets for discounts or offers. Providing clear and detailed product information, including pictures and reviews, can boost conversions by 23%.

6. Shopify integration

Traya got a 15% cart recovery rate on the abandonment cart emails they created using Mailmodo's interactive features and by integrating with Shopify. With 4.8% of the users placing an order through cart abandonment email. This included creating AMP emails allowing the brand to add shopping carts directly in their cart recovery emails.

Read Traya's full case study here.

7. Real-Time Analytics

With Mailmodo's advanced analytics and reporting feature, businesses can track real-time user cart abandonment activity updates. Based on the user's actions, a cart recovery abandonment email can be sent through triggers at a specific time to the user. Businesses can track email open rates to conversion rates on a single dashboard.

Key Takeaways

Cart abandonment continues to be a significant challenge for eCommerce businesses, with an average cart abandonment rate of around 70% across industries. Factors influencing cart abandonment include unexpected costs, complicated checkout processes, lack of trust, website performance issues, and limited payment options. To tackle cart abandonment, Mailmodo offers a solution that streamlines the checkout process, provides automated triggers and follow-ups, crafts compelling subject lines, offers clear call-to-action, and creates interactive emails. By using Mailmodo's features, businesses can boost cart abandonment recovery rates and improve overall revenue potential.

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Frequently asked questions

Cart abandonment refers to the act of online shoppers adding items to their virtual shopping carts but leaving the website without completing the purchase. It is a common challenge faced by e-commerce businesses.

Mailmodo provides powerful features specifically designed to assist businesses in cart abandonment recovery. It allows you to create personalized and interactive cart recovery emails, automate triggers based on user actions, track real-time analytics and AMP widgets for simplified checkout process.

Yes, Mailmodo provides cart abandonment email templates that businesses can use as a starting point for their cart recovery campaigns. These templates are designed to be visually appealing, engaging, and customizable as per your business preference.

Absolutely. Mailmodo provides real-time analytics and insights into your cart abandonment recovery campaigns. You can track metrics such as email open rates, click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates.

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