Top 9 Free Email Providers to Use in 2023

BySuryanarayan Pal


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Emails are an inevitable part of our lives since we need them to carry out our important communications. You can easily create your email with an email provider but finding a decent one is hard when there are so many to choose from. That's where this article is about to help you.

Table of contents

9 Best free email providers

We have curated a list of the top 9 free email providers—both personal and business—that are worth trying for you in 2023.

1. Gmail

Gmail needs no introduction since it is one of the most popular email clients. Along with an awesome email client, a Gmail account also provides various collateral benefits that increase your productivity.


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  • 15 GB storage (personal email) and 30 GB storage (business) shared across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

  • Advanced spam filter capabilities.

  • Modern and easy-to-use user interface.

  • Integrates well with other Google services such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meet, and Google Calendar.

  • Highly secured and sends immediate alerts in case of suspicious activity.

  • Most websites only allow you to sign in with a Gmail address. So having one can have these benefits as well apart from its email service.


  • Free for a personal account.

  • Gmail offers three monthly business plans:

  • Starter plan: $1.69/user.

  • Standard plan: $9.07/user.

  • Plus plan: $17.00/user.

Creating a Gmail account is a must if you want to enjoy the benefits of the well-integrated Google ecosystem.

2. Outlook

Outlook, formerly known as Hotmail, is an email client backed by Microsoft. Outlook also provides an integrated experience and collateral benefits similar to Gmail.


  • 15 GB storage (personal email) and 50 GB storage (Microsoft 365 Subscribers).

  • Enterprise-grade security with data encryption in your mailbox.

  • Access to the Office apps—for free.

  • Built-in calendar to track your scheduled meetings.

  • Task management with Microsoft To-Do.

  • Ability to use Skype—right from the inbox.


  • Free for a personal account.

  • Outlook comes with three monthly Microsoft 365 plans:

  • Business Basic: $1.69/user.

  • Business Standard: $8.90/user.

  • Business Premium: $19.43/user.

If you have already invested your money into Microsoft apps, using an Outlook email account can provide a well-integrated experience.

3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest email service providers. One of the main highlights of Yahoo Mail is its unmatched storage capacity, discussed below in detail.


  • 1 TB storage (for both personal and business email), including attachments.

  • Enterprise-grade security with data encryption in your mailbox.

  • Extra features to increase security. However, previously it’s been a victim of data breaches.

  • Many customization options to personalize your account.

  • Automated tools to keep your inbox clutter-free.

  • Calendar integration to set up your meeting – right from your inbox.


  • Free for a personal account.

  • Yahoo Mail provides four monthly paid email plans:

  • $3.19/mailbox with a single mailbox for individuals.

  • $1.59/mailbox with 5 Mailboxes for team:

  • $1.19/mailbox. With 10 Mailboxes for business.

  • Custom pricing with 20+ Mailboxes for larger businesses.

Note: You need to visit the Verizon website to purchase since Yahoo Mail is owned by Verizon.

Ample storage space is the main benefit of using a Yahoo Mail account. If you send and receive emails with huge attachments, using a Yahoo Mail account might be worth it.

4. Neo

Neo is an email service that provides its users with a professional email address. Through Neo, users can create a customized email address (like without the need to own or purchase a domain name. Furthermore, Neo enables its users to set up a single-page website on the same URL as their email (, making it easier to swiftly establish an online presence for your brand.


  • Professional email account, adorned with a extension.
  • Acknowledgment of email receipt with the Read Receipts feature.
  • Distinct tab, Priority Inbox, segregating and prioritizing crucial emails.
  • Non-intrusive Follow-up Reminders, ensuring no response is overlooked.
  • Send Later utility to compose an email and schedule its dispatch at a chosen time.


  • Business Starter - Starting at $1.99 Per Month Per User
  • Business Plus - Starting at $3.99 Per Month Per User

5. Zoho Mail

Zoho is a powerful software suite, and Zoho Mail is one of its services. It integrates very well with its other products making it easy to get most things done in a unified inbox.


  • 5 GB storage per user (Free Forever Plan) and 5 GB, 10 GB, or 50 GB storage options Mail Lite, Mail Premium, and Workspace plans.

  • Top-notch security, with a reliable 99.9% uptime.

  • Ability to add custom business email addresses.

  • Easy migration from other email providers.

  • Integration with Zoho CRM.

  • Bring social flavor to your mailboxes with Streams.

If your organization uses Zoho as their CRM, it will prove to be super beneficial to get a Zoho Mail email account.


  • Free Forever plan: Free for 5 users.

  • Zoho Mail provides four monthly paid email plans:

  • Mail Lite: $0.79/user.

  • Mail Premium: $2.68/user.

  • Workplace: $1.34/user.

  • Flexible: Custom price.

6. Titan

Titan is designed specifically for small businesses and professionals to establish and enrich meaningful relationships with customers. It is one of the highest-rated email products on G2 with a rating of 4.8, and it ranks in the top 5 platforms for business email.


  • Email templates are used to save and re-use commonly sent emails

  • Schedule send allows users to schedule an email to be sent at an optimal time

  • Read Receipts and notify users when their sent email has been read

  • Follow-up Reminders can be set to nudge the user to follow up in case of no response


Through various Titan partners, Titan offers a free trial and has two pricing plans.

  • Titan Business Pro at $2 per month

  • Titan Business Premium at $2.45 per month

7. ProtonMail

Since all Proton Mail’s servers are located in Switzerland, they are protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. Therefore, this may be a good fit for people with deep concerns regarding their privacy.


  • 500 MB storage (basic account) and 5 GB, 20 GB, Flexible storage management for Plus, Visionary, or Professional plans, respectively.

  • You can send 150 and 1000 messages per day for Basic and Plus accounts, respectively. No limit to sending messages in the Visionary plan.

  • End-to-end encryption and zero access to secure emails.

  • An encrypted calendar and drive to secure your events and documents.

  • Modern design to help you work faster.

  • Top-notch privacy and security.


  • Free for a basic account.

  • Proton Mail provides three monthly paid email plans:

  • Plus: $4.58.

  • Visionary: $27.4.

  • Professional: $7.15/user.

If privacy and security are a priority to you and you want to support excellent open-source software, ProtonMail is the way to go.

8. Hostinger

Hostinger has been providing domain and hosting services – since 2004. You can secure email accounts with or without buying the domain and hosting from Hostinger.


  • 10 GB, 30 GB, and 30 GB storage for Business Email, Enterprise Email, and Google Workspace Email plan, respectively.

  • Access to the fast, secure, and spam-free webmail.

  • Two mail spam filters for Business Email and Enterprise Email plans.

  • Antivirus check to keep your inbox secure from virus attacks.

  • Access to Webmail on multiple devices.


  • No free plans are available.

  • Paid plans:

  • Business Email: $4.58/mailbox.

  • Enterprise Email: $27.4/mailbox.

  • Google Workspace Email: $6.00/mailbox.

If you plan to buy your domain and hosting from Hostinger, choosing an email from them will provide a hassle-free experience.

9. HostGator

HostGator is one of the most affordable hosting providers for Wordpress. You can also experience collateral benefits if you get a business email address from HostGator.


  • 5 GB of free storage.

  • Inbuilt virus protection to keep your inbox safe.

  • Access to your email accounts on any device.

  • Strong spam filters to keep you safe from fraudulent emails.

  • Calendar and Contacts to manage your meetings and email from one place.


  • HostGator doesn’t offer any free plans. They charge $0.39 per month per ID if you buy for 12 months.

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Wrapping up

Email is evolving quickly, and email providers develop new services every day. As you have seen above, some email providers even provide integrated tools to get things done much faster. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you while choosing the best email providers that meet your needs.

If you have created a business email and plan to send out an email campaign, check out our guide to create a winning email campaign.

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