7 Best Testimonial Examples To Learn From in 2024

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No matter how robust your marketing efforts are, you still need to build trust to get your business growing and customer testimonials are a great tool to do that. They back your claims when trying to attract prospects into making a purchase. They tell your target audience how your products or services have been changing the lives of your customers.

You might have a grand collection of testimonials at your disposal but choosing and displaying the right ones is of utmost importance to get the right message out there. This guide explores 7 testimonial examples you can follow to showcase your social proofs in a way that generates maximum engagement for your brand and boosts your sales.

1. Coursera

Type: Quote testimonial

Coursera is an online platform that provides online courses, bootcamps, and online degrees from institutes and universities around the world.

Coursera features its customer reviews and testimonials on every course page in the form of quotes with images of learners. In the below image, these small customer quotes express how Coursera is able to deliver courses that help students learn at their own pace and gain practical skills from anywhere. They have also added the year in which the students became a Coursera member to present it with more authenticity.

Key takeaways:

  • Include the date of the testimonial submission and a rating.
  • Keep the quotes short to avoid making the viewers feel overwhelmed with the information.
  • Showcasing the details of the customer like image, name, age, workplace, or the year they associated with you to make your testimonials more trustworthy.

2. Ahrefs

Type: Quote testimonial

Ahrefs is a technology company that has built an all-around SEO suite for businesses to check their website performance and search engine rankings.

Big text, minimalistic blue background, and white fonts, can it get simpler than that? One of the customers of Ahrefs expresses his dependency on Ahrefs and the time they have been associated with it. Being associated for '8 years' shows that Ahrefs is able to form long-term relationships. Including this number proves how their service has earned them loyal customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Use simple and minimalistic visual elements to make your testimonial designs soothing and engaging for the viewers.
  • Use numbers and figures to express some quantifiable parameters like time associated with the client or percentage increase in traffic etc. to make it more precise and credible.

3. Apple

Type: Social media posts

Apple is a company that sells consumer electronics, specifically, phones, laptops, earphones, etc. Social media is a powerful tool to gather and display client testimonials Apple uses different social media channels to generate organic content that is easy to share and showcase in the form of social media testimonials to their followers and target audience.

Look at this Instagram post from Apple where they have shared images clicked by one of the iPhone users named Dan T. quoting his words that express how the iPhone makes his process simple. The unique thing about this testimonial is that it was generated, posted, and then tagged with #ShotoniPhone, which is a tag the iPhone users use to show off their photography skills.

Key takeaways:

  • Create a hashtag campaign and make it viral to get more testimonials.
  • Repost images and videos and don’t forget to tag them.

4. Bombay Shaving Company

Type: Testimonial video

Bombay Shaving Company, a personal care and grooming brand, has mastered video testimonials by showcasing their happy customers through a series of videos on their YouTube channel. They have strategically used their testimonial videos by featuring high-authority customers.

In this video, Bombay Shaving Company featured Ravi Nigam, the Managing Director of Tasty Bites Eatables, narrating his story about how he had an effortless shave using the razors from Bombay Shaving Company.

Key takeaways:

  • Feature videos in which specific features of your product or service are being demonstrated.
  • Keep the video short and simple. Let the language be easy to understand.
  • Encourage customers to speak about the situations and places where your products or services proved to be a lifesaver.

5. GoPro

Type: Testimonial video

GoPro, the producer of the world’s most rugged action cameras, has a whole different take on testimonials. They have uploaded a whole lot of videos on their YouTube channel out of which most of the videos are created by the customers of GoPro.

In this video, we see the person talking positively about GoPro and how it has helped him and his company. The inclusion of catchy music and video clips makes it more interesting to watch.

Key takeaways:

  • Encourage people to demonstrate different ways and share the use cases in which they find your product or service handy.
  • Make sure the testimonials have good background music and are edited well.

6. Hubspot

Type: Case study testimonial

Hubspot has expertly used its case studies for its target audience to dive deeper into all the business benefits its solutions deliver. They have provided filters on their case studies page for the readers to easily sort the case studies based on the products that are relevant to them.

In this case study that features Prowly, Hubspot reveals how their Marketing and Sales Hub addressed and solved specific issues related to marketing and sales.

Key takeaways:

  • Case study testimonials must highlight the business challenges and embed the details of the features that solved those challenges.
  • Add credibility to the case studies by adding supporting audio or video featuring the customer in your case study.

7. Dove

Type: Interview testimonials

Dove is a brand that sells items like soap, cream, lotions, and so on and is known for producing products that are gentle on your skin.

In this video, Dove invited Molly Burke to test their body wash and give her honest opinions. Molly, being a visually impaired person due to a condition in her eyes, has a heightened sense of touch and feel. Molly narrates how the body wash from Dove felt on her skin. Receiving positive feedback from someone who navigates through life using their sense of touch is something a skincare or cosmetic brand would always want.

Key takeaways:

  • Keep the interview conversational.
  • Don’t bombard your customers directly with questions related to your brand.
  • Let it start slowly with easier and less complex questions to make the customer comfortable.

To know more about customer testimonials, its different types and the best practices to follow, you can check out our guide below.


You can experiment with different testimonial examples to create the right format of testimonials and amplify their effectiveness by channeling them toward the right audience. These testimonial examples will serve as an inspiration to give you creative ideas for generating valuable social proof to promote your brand as trustworthy and reliable helping you establish yourself as the go-to place for all the solutions they need.


A testimonial is a third-party statement about your product or services, discussing how good or bad your product or service turned out to be. They are important because they present the right picture of the brand from a customer’s eyes and help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Testimonials can be showcased in different formats like audio, quotes, videos, interviews, case studies, etc., and on different platforms like social media and different pages of a website to ensure maximum effectiveness.

A testimonial should ideally include the customer's name, profession, or industry, specific feedback about the product or service highlighting its benefits, and, if possible, a photo of the customer.

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