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Independence day email: 4th of July

Labor day email: 5 September

Halloween email: 31 October

Thanksgiving email: 4th Thursday of November

Cyber Monday email: Monday after Thanksgiving

Black Friday email: Friday after Thanksgiving

Hanukkah email: 18 - 26 December

Christmas email: 25 December

New year email: 1 January

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9 Holiday Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Festive Campaign

Nupur Mittal
ByNupur Mittal

9 mins read

Holidays are when the marketing team buzzes with ideas to leverage the festive occasion and boost engagement. It shows your commitment to serving your customers with the right email while they are in a shopping spree mood.

So, put your creative cap on and tag along as we cover the 9 best holiday email examples we created at Mailmodo to help you design your next holiday campaign.

Independence day email: 4th of July

Independence day is all about celebrating the country's freedom, showing patriotism, and unity. People celebrate by barbecuing in the backyard, enjoying the fireworks, and attending baseball games

The emails for 4 July are distinctive as the color scheme revolves around red, blue, and white with U.S. flags and other patriotic props. Some of the email ideas for 4 July include - sharing an exclusive gift card, sending warm greetings, or running giveaways a few days before the holiday and announcing the results on 4 July.

Want to bring more engagement? Try adding interactive email widgets such as quizzes, as displayed in the GIF. Mailmodo's no-code template editor makes adding quizzes and other interactive widgets easy for higher engagement. The quizzes invite people to engage as it creates a feeling of competitiveness and builds excitement.

Customize this 4th of July quiz email template by Mailmodo

4th of July email subject lines

  • Celebrate Independence Day with free shipping on all orders

  • Enjoy this freedom day with our mega summer sale

  • We saved our best sales for this day. Check it out

  • These amazing 4th July deals will excite you

Labor day email: 5 September

Labor day is all about celebrating and recognizing hard work and commitment. Besides this, it also highlights the end of summer, back-to-school days, and the beginning of fall. So, this holiday has more than one idea to celebrate and bring more sales.

The most prominent ideas are labor day sales, summer-end deals, emails showing the work by the labor class, or upcoming fall collection promotions.

This email promotes labor day sales using bold typography and visually appealing images. The images and creative typography attract eyeballs giving a glimpse of what the readers will get if they opt for the deals.

Customize this labor day email template by Mailmodo

Labor day email subject lines

  • Want up to 20% off and free shipping? You got this!

  • It's Labor day. Our clearance sale is live now!

  • Fire up the grill and celebrate Labor Day with Us!

Halloween email: 31 October

Halloween is among the most enjoyable holidays as it's the only time people get to wear customers imitating their favorite characters and enjoy ghost-shaped treats, cookies, pumpkin hats, etc.

The holiday comes with many ideas to boost sales, including a Halloween trivia quiz, running sales on Halloween costumes, creating a Halloween consumption guide, sharing recipes from ghost-shaped cookies, and so on.

The Halloween email design often consists of brown, red, and black color themes highlighting the spookiness of the holiday. This email is a good example, as the colors, props, and images all point toward Halloween.

Customize this Halloween email template by Mailmodo

Halloween email subject lines

  • Get spooky with our Halloween-themed costumes @15off

  • Bring the Halloween spirits with these recipes

  • See these spooky savings for Halloween

  • Boo! A Halloween treat for you!

  • Haunt your own house this Halloween with this collection

Thanksgiving email: 4th Thursday of November

This holiday shows gratitude and appreciation for the past year's blessing, harvest, and people. It's a great opportunity to show your brand's value and build stronger relationships with customers by thanking them for their loyalty.

You can also give exclusive discounts and offers to the most valued and frequent customers and make them feel special.

Here is an example of how you can send a personalized thankyou note to your valuable customers this Thanksgiving day.

Customize this Thanksgiving email template by Mailmodo

Thanksgiving email subject lines

  • Sending you laughter, joy, and lots of stuffing this Thanksgiving.

  • This Thanksgiving dinner is on us!

  • Thank you for supporting our small business.

  • We've got a token of appreciation for you.

  • Save more with these offers this Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday email: Monday after Thanksgiving

Cyber Monday 2020 was the biggest digital shopping day in U.S. history when Americans spent $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday, up 15.1% from last year's $9.4 billion.

This data reflects that people spend more during this holiday season, and you can jump into this opportunity by creating the right and exciting deals for the right audience segment.

This email by Mailmodo highlights the Cyber Monday sale in the hero image, while the rest of the email reflects different product images citing their discounted prices.

Customize this Cyber Monday email template by Mailmodo

Cyber Monday email subject lines

  • 🚨 Cyber Monday Flash Sale 🚨

  • Refresh your formal wear with our Cyber Monday sale

  • Who said Monday couldn't be fun? We have made it fun!

  • Save an extra 10% this Cyber Monday only

  • We will make this Monday memorable. Here's how

Black Friday email: Friday after Thanksgiving

In 2020, consumers spent $9 billion on the web the day after Thanksgiving, up 21.6% yearly. This shows the potential earnings business can get during this holiday.

People are already in a mood for a shopping spree due to Thanksgiving, and feeding them with irresistible offers, deals, and giveaways will bring more sales and revenue.

This Black Friday email shows different sections reflecting the discounted price against the original price. It's a good way to attract more eyeballs and get people to click on the CTA button.

Customize this Black Friday email template by Mailmodo

Black Friday email subject lines

  • We're going to make this Friday your favorite. Here's how

  • Flex your power shopping muscles this Black Friday.

  • Get an exclusive sneak peek at our Black Friday sales

  • Psst... VIP access to our sale only for you!

  • These Black Friday deals are not worth missing.

Hanukkah email: 18 - 26 December

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival of light, love, and happiness. The holiday is celebrated for 8 consecutive days, and each day allows connecting with your customers via different email campaigns.

The email design consists of shades of blue as it depicts the color of light and calmness.

This Hanukkah email catches attention with its attractive hero images and zig-zag layout showcasing the different products.

Customize this Hanukkah email template by Mailmodo

Hanukkah email subject lines

  • 8 days of sales and deals. Check it out!

  • Happy Hanukkah - We've got a gift for you.

  • These Hanukkah Deals Will Light Up Your Life

  • Shop these candles to lighten your home this Hanukkah

  • Celebrate this Hanukkah season with us. Grab these deals

Christmas email: 25 December

Christmas comes bearing happy vibes and relief to daily hectic routine and work. You can contribute by creating fun email campaigns and running special discount codes such as 50% off on selected items, shopping guides for Christmas, special family tour packages, etc.

The email design consists of colors such as red, green, blue, and white, creating a Christmas vibe within the email and showcasing the offer to the user.

This interactive quiz email by Mailmodo is a perfect example of making Christmas email campaigns fun and interactive. Christmas movies are the most watched movies during the holiday season, and asking users to guess the movie name via emojis creates a fun experience.

Customize this interactive Christmas quiz email by Mialmodo

Christmas email subject lines

  • Guess what Santa 🎅 is bringing this Christmas for you!

  • It's Our Very Merry Christmas Sale

  • It's our favorite time of the year. What about you?

  • Our Christmas sale is going live in 2 days

  • Last-minute gift guide for Christmas. (+10% off)

New year email: 1 January

New year comes with hopes and dreams for a new start, a new beginning, and your emails can be a part of that celebration. From sharing warm wishes to inviting them to events or sharing an overview of their past year's interaction with your brand, there is enough creative freedom to make the most out of the new year's email campaigns.

The email design gives a celebratory vibe inviting users to engage with your emails with fireworks, champagne glasses, people cheering, and enjoying themselves.

This dark-themed new year email by Mailmodo wishes a happy new year and subtly invites the recipients to the new year event.

Check out this new year email template by Mailmodo

New year email subject lines

  • We've got you covered this new year. Checkout How!

  • Celebrate this new year with a bang. Claim your offer now!

  • A toast to 2023. New year. New beginnings. New us

  • See what you accomplished in 2022!

  • Your 2022 in a nutshell and advice for 2023.

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