12 Must-Know Retargeting Email Campaigns Statistics

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Written by:Falak Preet Kaur


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If you think your customers won't engage with your emails, you might have missed retargeting email campaigns. Retargeting emails are pivotal in email marketing as they re-engage potential customers who've shown interest. This guide covers key retargeting email campaigns statistics to boost your conversion rate.

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How did we collect this data?

We compiled these statistics from credible sources, including reputable platforms like Statista and comprehensive marketing reports from various renowned email marketing platforms. Our commitment to data accuracy ensures the reliability of the information we provide.

12 Retargeting email statistics

This list of retargeting email campaigns statistics focuses on the success, usage and effectiveness of retargeting emails in your email marketing campaigns:

  1. Implementing retargeting strategies can boost your conversion rates by 10%. (Source: European Journal of Marketing & Economics)
  2. Retargeting emails have the potential to achieve an impressive 30% average conversion rate, significantly outperforming the usual conversion rate, which typically falls below 5%. (Source: SaleCycle)
  3. Addressing customer issues during the initial engagement can lead to a substantial 67% reduction in customer churn. (Source: HuffPost)
  4. A single follow-up email can elevate the response rate from 9% to 13%. (Source: SalesBlink)
  5. Sending additional follow-up emails has the potential to triple the response rate. (Source: SalesBlink)
  6. Retargeting emails, on average, achieve an impressive 60% open rate and a 15% click-through rate. (Source: CampaignMonitor)
  7. The average cart abandonment rate across various industries hovers around 70%. (Source: Baymard)
  8. Sending a series of abandoned cart emails or retargeting emails can recover more abandoned carts, resulting in a superior return on investment and outperforming 52% of competitors. (Source: Rejoiner)
  9. By employing behavioural segmentation, Mailigen increased its open rates from 20% to 29%. (Source: Neil Patel)
  10. Marketers can achieve substantial return on investment increases of up to 760% by sending precisely targeted and segmented campaigns. (DMA) (Source: CampaignMonitor)
  11. Approximately 50% of sales materialize after the fifth follow-up. (Source: Nethunt)
  12. 44% of sales representatives tend to discontinue their outreach efforts after just one follow-up, with an additional 22% ceasing contact after sending two emails without receiving a response. (Source: Nethunt)

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Wrap up

With these 12 retargeting email campaigns statistics, we understand that retargeting the right way can boost conversion rates, open rates, click-through rates and even response rates. If you think any of these statistics are inaccurate or irrelevant in any form, or if you want to submit any relevant statistics, please email us at

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