How to Improve Client Onboarding Using AMP Emails

ByJyothiikaa Moorthy


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Getting sign-ups on your platform is nice, but it becomes irrelevant when clients don't use your product/service. That's where onboarding emails come in, where you take them through the product or service and show them how to use it to get them to use your offerings.

And while onboarding emails can be effective, brands often struggle to keep their clients engaged and interested in the product. If you are facing similar challenges, here's how you can use AMP for emails to make your client onboarding emails more efficient and engaging.

Table of contents

Significance of onboarding emails

Before improving your client onboarding emails, let's look at why it's important in the first place.

  • Onboarding emails help brands educate new clients about the product to get more people to use the product or service.

  • And when you effectively onboard your clients, you'll find a reduced churn and an increase in retention.

  • This is primarily because your clients know how to use your product or service properly and are reaping its benefits. This means they stick around longer than they would have had you onboarded them.

But to get these benefits of onboarding emails, you need to know how to write effective onboarding emails, and to learn how to do that, you can read our guide on onboarding emails.

However, the problem is no matter how great your onboarding emails are; there will always be people who do not engage and try the product. This is where you can try resorting to AMP emails to help improve your client onboarding emails.

How to improve client onboarding using AMP emails

Here, we'll discuss how to enhance your onboarding emails using AMP for emails to get better engagement and conversions.

  • Optimize your welcome email

The welcome email is your first contact with your client after signing up. And it's crucial to get them hooked and engaging with you right from the first email to get better engagement on the following onboarding emails.

Some might confuse onboarding with welcome emails, and it's an honest mistake because, at times, there can be an overlap between them. For example, in Fintech, welcome and onboarding are the same flow, whereas SaaS has different onboarding flows.

And it doesn't matter because either way, you need to optimize your welcome emails because if they don't respond well to your welcome emails, it's highly unlikely they will engage with your onboarding efforts.

To get better engagement with your welcome emails, you can add any AMP widget, like forms, calendly, quizzes, spin the wheel, etc., get them interested in your emails.

Use the one that most suits your industry, and use case. For example, e-commerce bands could try the spin the wheel widget to show discounts. In comparison, edtech companies could try out quizzes to better understand their clients by asking questions related to the course or subject the client wants to learn.

  • Collect information with AMP forms

Most companies need to collect more information about the client to complete the onboarding process. And typically, these companies direct the customers to a website to collect this information, which can lead to drop-offs and people not completing the onboarding.

And that's where AMP forms come into play, as you can collect information from your clients inside the email like name, contact details, occupation, interests, etc. Here's how real estate companies can use AMP forms in their onboarding email.

Source: Mailmodo

Check out our guide to know more about email forms and how to use them to get more responses.

  • Get more demos/meeting bookings with the Calendly widget

To optimize your onboarding process, you must reduce all the friction points as much as possible. And, for a client, having to go to your website, scroll through, and book a demo is a hassle and becomes a friction point and can prompt them to drop off and not book the demo.

So, you can add a Calendly widget in your onboarding emails to make it easy for them to book a demo at a suitable time for them within the email.

HobSpace increased their demo bookings by 20% using AMP emails. Look over our case study to find out how they got those results with AMP emails.

  • Explain how the product works with visuals

Everyone has their preferred way of learning something; it could be through reading books, blogs, watching videos, or images. So, cater to all learning styles by using visuals like images, gifs, or AMP carousels to show how your product works and onboard your clients. Or you can even direct users to YouTube video tutorials.

Here's how we used images to explain how to use our product step by step.

Source: Mailmodo

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Tips for creating a great client onboarding AMP emails

Before you start creating your new and improved interactive onboarding emails, here are some pointers to enable you to make the most out of your onboarding efforts.

  • HTML fallback option for AMP email

Sometimes, an AMP email might not render in your client's inbox, and in those cases, they wouldn't be able to see your email. To avoid this, always include an HTML fallback option containing the same content as your AMP email. It'll help you provide a good experience for people receiving the email.

  • Onboard your free trial users to convert them into paying customers

Companies usually focus on onboarding their paying customers and end up neglecting their free plan or trial customers. This is a huge loss of potential customers. These users have already shown an interest in your brand by signing up for the free plan/trial and have a high chance of converting.

If you can successfully onboard your free plan/trial users by thoroughly educating them about the product, they'll know the true potential of your offering and are more likely to buy it because they know its capabilities and value.

So, after people sign up, you must welcome them and familiarize them with all the nuts and bolts of your product/services. If you don't know how to begin, check out our free trial email onboarding template to get some inspo.

  • Leverage personalization

When creating your onboarding emails, personalize the subject line, copy, or preheader text with the recipient's name. It will add a human touch to your emails, making it look like the email was created specifically for the client and getting them to want to read your email.

  • Ask for feedback constantly

New clients have a fresh perspective on your product. So when onboarding them, constantly ask them for feedback, how they like the product, how it can improve, their experience using it, do they have doubts about how it works, if anything is lacking, etc.

With their feedback, you can get ideas on how to improve both the onboarding process and your offering. And this will help you create an offering that stands out as something that caters to people's needs and not be a cog in the machine.

  • Test your emails

Finally, send test emails to your team to check if the email is rendering properly. This is a good practice for all emails you send, but we strongly recommend it here as it's your first time trying out AMP emails.

Check if

  • AMP widgets are rendering properly

  • Responsive and accessible,

  • Delivered to the inbox or not, etc.

Also, while checking the rendering, test the subject line and deliverability, and proofread the content, links, etc.

Next steps

Now that you know how to improve your client onboarding emails using AMP, all that's left to do is try it out. You can design, create, and send out your onboarding AMP emails all in one place using Mailmodo.

In your next onboarding email, you can try out the abovementioned features like the AMP carousel, forms, spin the wheel, etc. Comment below which of the features mentioned above you are excited to try out.

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