6 Best Email Copywriting Courses for Marketers

ByAparna Seshadri


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One of the most popular and effective marketing tools today is email marketing. Though the email copy was carefully crafted, open and click-through rates could still be improved. Hence, mastering email copywriting is the key to increase sales and signups.

By understanding the nitty-gritty of email copywriting, you can unlock the true potential of email marketing.If you are looking to master email copy writing we have got you covered.

This guide is a rundown on six email copywriting courses that will help you improve your email marketing strategy.

Table of Contents

What is email copywriting?

Email copywriting is the process of creating content for emails. To engage recipients, the email copy must be persuasive enough to drive recipients to take action.

Effective email copy goes beyond writing a simple message as it requires an understanding of the target audience, their needs, and their preferences.

Check out our detailed guide on to know more about your email copywriting.

6 email copywriting courses for better copy

Whether you are welcoming your prospect to your list or nurturing your customers, email copy plays a crucial role. In addition to reflecting your brand, it is a great way to engage your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

1. Ian Stanley’s 80/20 email copy

Ian is one of the top email copywriters in the world. His online and offline sales have exceeded 100 million dollars since 2014.Ian believes writing sales-getting emails is profitable and doesn’t require working hours if you understand fundamental principles.

Put the fundamental principles together with proven money-making formulas and structures, and voila! Your profit-pulling emails are here.

What you’ll learn?

This course covers all the bases for writing a good email such as:

  • Get a grasp on the subject-line type and formula that helps you get high opens, clicks, and sales.

  • Get a better understand of why split tests are no longer one-size-fits-all and how they work.

  • Timing and date that drives massive sales

  • Ways to kick-start your copywriting brain

  • Create a list of email ideas so you never have to fish for during a burnout.

  • The best two type of first sentences that not only makes your boring topic interesting but also lets people open the email

  • Rarely used email type that subscribers are familiar with

  • Using the psychological principle of state congruent memory forces your brain into writing a kick-ass copy.

  • While packing in the “Sean Connery” writing secret while offering an “Idiot proof” formula for writing the welcome email that cements your customers like glue to your emails.

Plan Cost
Basic/Core Package $197
Advanced $788
More Details
Duration 4weeks
Level Beginners & Intermediates
Format Instructor-led

You can check out the full course details on their website.

2. Liz Slyman’s Email Copywriting course

Liz Slyman owns and operates a copywriting agency and has worked with some amazing brands. Having written copy for a decade, she has bundled her experience in creating high-converting sales into this course.

Among her courses, the email copywriting accelerator is the best copywriting course for beginners. The portfolio builder with this course is something the alumni vouch for, as they could see a huge difference post-implementation.

What you’ll learn?

Nail the art of crafting the best email copies that have been a long-kept secret of email copywriters. The course covers the following:

  • Master the art & Science of writing high-converting emails

  • Ensure that your email copywriting captures the know, like, and trust factors that lead to sales

  • Build an incredible, PRO-LEVEL copywriting portfolio

  • Increase your open rates and conversion rates with my signature email copywriting method.

More Details Contents
Cost $297
Duration Less than a week to 30 days
Level Beginners
Format Instructor-led

You can check out the full course details on their website.

3. Carmine Mastropierro’s Email Copywriting course

Carmine Mastropierro is of a world-class marketer, copywriter, and coach. He got to work with some amazing brands, such as Go Daddy, Marketo, Dan Lok, and many other huge brands.

His email copywriting course equips people with everything to scale their business through email. All students receive free mentoring via the Discord community. Post enrolling the course, you will be automatically enrolled and forwarded to the course curriculum inside the teachable platform.

What you’ll learn?

The modules are designed in such a way from Carmine’s experience as a copywriter.

The course covers the following:

  • What email copywriting and email marketing are & why you need it

  • The secrets of writing subject lines that get 50% open rates or higher depending on your audience and offer.

  • Learn universal email copywriting strategies that can be applied to any campaign, or audience, and offer.

  • Dive into two of the most important parts of email copywriting: writing the hook and presenting the offer.

  • Learn how to set up drip sequences empower you to drive revenue and results on autopilot.

More Details
Cost $197
Duration Self-paced with lifetime access.
Level Beginners
Format Instructor-led

You can check out the full course details on their website.

4. Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Copywriting for email

Chartered Institute of Marketing was founded in 1911 and to date, it strives to make business leaders recognize the positive contribution professional marketing can bring to their organizations, the economy, and broader society.

As email is the intimate communication medium for marketers- building relationships with prospects and staying in touch with existing customers has become vital.

What you’ll learn?

This course provides you with:

  • Create captivating subject lines to increase open rates

  • Discover how to personalize your copy effectively

  • Practise developing email headlines,body copy and CTA

  • Learn how to construct effective email newsletters

Course Details
Cost $475
Duration 1 day
Level Intermediate
Format Instructor-led

You can check out the full course details on their website.

5. Australian Writers’ Centre Email Marketing and Copywriting

The Australian Writer’s Centre was created in 2005 to provide practical, industry-relevant training for anyone who desires to write. Among it manu cour email marketing and copywriting occupy the top spot as email is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to promote your business, only a few people know how to create compelling email copy.

It covers every vertical - B2B and B2C, ecommerce, or professional services.This course stands out as the ultimate best-practice guide for creating, developing, and crafting high-performing email campaigns and sequences.

What you’ll learn?

Through this course, you will learn how to:

  • Map a customer journey and write for all stages of the marketing funnel

  • Write copy for different types of verticals- B2B and B2C, among others.

  • Take a creative brief for a detailed email campaign, and design customer personas through pre-written templates.

  • Identify trigger words that send your emails to the spam folder

  • Choose the right email software provider for your needs by comparing the best package packages

  • Emailing HTML, rich text, and plain text: pros and cons

More Details
Cost $795
Duration 7 weeks
Level Intermediate
Format Instructor-led

You can check out the full course details on their website.

6. 10X emails by copy hackers

Joanna Wiebe is the OG conversion copywriter and the CEO of Copyhackers. She has written emails that made credit cards jump out of the wallet for businesses like Indochino, InVision, QuickSprout, Wistia, Prezi, and Doodle.

She partnered with Hubsport to create an email training series dedicated to training salespeople. Ry is behind the sales pages and emails of Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Dan Martell, and Josh Shipp. There are increased chances that you are familiar with Ry’s work.

These people are at the helm of the 10ex emails course from copy hackers. This course teaches you how to plan your email sequence by mapping out the precise emotional and persuasive triggers.

What you'll learn? No matter your systems, products or target market get everyting out when you absorb the full essence of this functional email mastery. This course presents you with the best resources:

  • To get repeatable results you need to follow the step by step plan that's fleshed out from each module
  • Grab the chance to use the "themeplates" that will take you through every part of the funnel
  • Complete the quizzes of each module to 10x your learnings.
  • Training is complete only with execution with videos being longer than 5 minutes.
Course Details Contents
Cost $997
Duration Self-paced
Level Beginners,Intermediates
Format Instructor-led

You can check out the full course details on their website.


By crafting an engaging email copy, individuals can separate themselves from the noise in the inbox and distinguish between being lost in obscurity and achieving remarkable success in a digital world overflowing with information. From the email copywriting courses mentioned above, beginners and seasoned professionals will learn how to create emails that resonate, inspire action, and drive results. Using the right approach, you can transform your emails from mere messages into growth catalysts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning email copywriting is a valuable skill for anyone involved in marketing , communication or business.

For beginners you can start by joing the email copywriting courses mentioned above.

Mastering email copywriting is challenging and taking a plunge without proper preparation will unlikely yield success. The skill of effective writing lies in evolves your writing over time and practice. Therefore, it's crucial to undertake courses and resources to learn email copywriting.

There's a huge potential that helps secure jobs as it's lucrative career choice as well.

You can start as a email copy writer by seeing what works the best for you either books or email copywriting courses as mentioned above.

Yes, email copywriting is a great career choice as it has both growth in addition to being lucrative. You can start with writing emails and can work on building email list.

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