7 Best Email Copywriting Examples for Inspiration

ByMashkoor Alam


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In the digital marketing era, email marketing remains a preferred channel for email marketers. Email copywriting is indispensable, given the utmost importance of email copies in your email marketing campaigns. Needless to say, it is vital to nail your email copies each time. This guide reviews a few of the best email copywriting examples and discusses why they work.

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How to write an email copy that converts?

Writing an email copy that converts requires strategic thinking and some specific things that you need to focus on. Here are some things that you should consider when writing an email copy.

  • Identify the objective of your email
  • Choose a copywriting framework
  • Know your target audience
  • Make your email copy conversational
  • Optimize your subject lines
  • Use preheader texts
  • Keep your email copy short and relevant
  • Introduce yourself in the introduction
  • Tell a story
  • Make the copy digestible

7 great email copywriting examples

Creating a unique and perfect email copy can be difficult, and copywriters may often need more inspiration and ideas for their email copies. If you feel the same, we bring our picks of the best email copywriting examples to draw inspiration from.

1. Spotify

An image showing Spotify email example (Source: Hubspot)

This email copy from Spotify gets so many things right. Personalization is just one aspect of it. All the information has been divided into easy-to-read paragraphs having no more than 2 sentences each. It starts by introducing the sender, followed by why they’ve sent the email and an appreciation.

All the important information is formatted in bold for scannability. It has an attractive CTA that outright states the action it will perform or lead the recipient to. Also, it talks directly to the recipient, like a human would talk to the recipient gives special preference to the recipient by writing that he’s one of the first to get access to buy the tickets.

2. Harry’s

An image showing Harry's email example

(Source: Really Good Emails)

This email from Harry’s is another cool example of a great email copy. This is an interactive email that helps the recipient find their ideal scent. Each question is a hook because it’s all about you.

Also, it leads you to valuable information on what kind of scent would suit you. Even if it wasn’t accurate, it sure is fun. The copy here is also divided into questions so the copy is scannable and filled with images which makes it interesting. They also give an offer in the end to motivate the purchase.

3. Grammarly

An image showing Grammarly's email example

(Source: Really Good Emails)

This email from Grammarly is all about educating the recipients on how to use their product best. The email is divided into two sections that makes the email scannable. Undoubtedly, the recipient will find immense value in this email copy. It’s clean, to the point, concise and provides immense value.

4. Uber

An image showing Uber's email example (Source: Really Good Emails)

This email copy from Uber starts with an image showing a happy rider, reflecting their service's satisfaction. The email copy uses personalization. It doesn’t advertise features but focuses on how they can help the recipient. The email follows the principle of preferring the recipient’s benefits over product features.

5. Penguin Random House

An image showing Penguin random house email example (Source: GMass)

Here’s another fun example from Penguin Random House, a publishing company. The company sent this email to readers on World Emoji Day with a unique take on celebrating it.

For those who love games, this is a treat. The email copy is concise, filled with images and highly engaging. It creates curiosity in the recipients to guess the novel's name.

6. Casper

An image showing Casper's email example

This email from Casper leads with a visually appealing background and the copy focuses on the feature they sell ‘a better sleep’ instead of just mattresses. The focus is on how the customers can benefit from their product.

Their highlighted content in themselves is puns that further engage the reader. Even their CTA revolves around their product line and highly contrasts with the background to stand out, even if it’s just a plain white box.

7. Tidio

An image showing Tidio email example (Source: Gripped)

This email from Tidio starts on a high note creating curiosity in the reader. The CTA is a simple link that takes the reader to the booking page. The important date and time has been highlighted. The email focuses on what the recipient will learn instead of simply listing the contents of the course.

Offering free consultations is another motivator. The sender’s name at the end adds a human touch to the email so the reader feels he’s being contacted by a real person instead of a robot.

These are only a few examples of the best email copywriting examples. Although, while writing your own email copies, you must follow the best practices and tips discussed in our guide below.


Effective email copywriting uses a mix of psychology, creativity and strategy. The above copywriting examples show how you can create an effective email copy that resonates with the audience. These examples will inspire you and aid your creativity to build better and more engaging email copies that perform well.

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Frequently asked questions

Some things that you can focus on are choosing a copywriting framework, talking directly to the customer, optimizing your subject lines, introducing yourself in the introduction and focusing on benefits over features.

You must avoid making common mistakes like sending emails with grammatical and spelling errors, having a tone of email that doesn’t match your brand voice and using spam trigger words in your subject lines.

Grammarly, Hemingway App, Lavender ai and Mailmodo are some tools that can help you in email copywriting.

These email copywriting examples can inspire you to create similar email copies. You can follow the tricks they have used to create effective email copies.

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