5 Best Email Drip Campaign Software 2023

ByAquibur Rahman


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Email drip campaign best practices are fast becoming popular as they enable you to reach the right potential customers at the right time. There are multiple tools and software that enable you to achieve this. So how do you choose the best-automated email drip campaign for your business?

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What is a drip campaign?

A marketing method that allows automated sets of emails or 'drips' to be shared with customers based on specific timelines or user action is called a drip campaign. For example, new subscribers will receive these emails after signing up. Later, they will receive time-scheduled emails until the campaign ends.

What are the benefits of a drip campaign?

In a nutshell, a good email drip campaign software can help marketers to:

1. Boost engagement and loyalty:

By helping marketers create focused goals, segment target markets, and segment their email databases to send out personalized emails.

2. Promote relevant and useful user-driven content

Email drip campaigns allow marketers to send out automated messages based on audience segmentation. By segmenting a database, marketers can target users specifically by sending out relevant content.

3. Enable the creation of a proper marketing funnel

Since email drip campaigns work around an email's life cycle and help marketers understand the entire customer journey, they are effective marketing funnels. Right from identifying the target audience to planning and executing the campaign, they help businesses bring customers on board.

4. Increase brand awareness

By keeping customers aware of the brand through relevant emails, drip campaigns are a great way to evaluate and increase brand awareness constantly.

5. Promote engagement with un-engaged prospects

'Sleeping' prospects are an excellent target for drip campaigns. They help in engaging with prospects and resuming interactions.

How to send drip campaigns?

To prepare a cold email drip campaign, you need to identify your target audience by breaking your subscriber list category-wise. If you're wondering how to create an email drip campaign that works for your business, all you need is a well-crafted message, a planned campaign, and tools to start the campaign.

Choosing the right drip campaign email software

For the best sales email drip campaign, check whether your software provides you tools such as drip email campaign workflow and b2b email drip campaign.

1. Scheduler & builder

A seamless platform is essential to allow you to create and schedule emails and release them on time easily.

2. Personalization

Your drip campaign software should have tools to help you create personalized emails using the recipient's first name.

3. Segmentation

The software should help you segment your database so that groups of relevant subscribers are created for these personalized emails to be sent to.

4. Report assessment

Your software should provide you with data to improve your campaigns over time and optimize your database.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Many software is priced according to the number of subscribers your database reaches out to. Choose a plan according to both affordability and requirement.

Now that you know the key points to keep an eye out for when choosing the best drip campaign email software let's look at some of the best email drip campaign software to build an ideal email drip campaign strategy.

Best drip campaign email software

1. Mailmodo

Mailmodo ensures your conversions get top priority. It is one of the best drip campaign email software. It simplifies email marketing and helps businesses create drip campaigns with ease with the AMP email framework.


Mailmodo provides users with easy and coding-free AMP emails. With features including high email deliverability and automation, it also helps in triggering transactional emails based on user actions.


The reporting in Mailmodo is interactive and displayed visually and easily. The capability includes open clicks, subscribers and submission-related data, and A/B testing features. Users can also export their reports in CSV formats to third-party tools.


Mailmod offers complete integrations priced at an affordable $39/month. This makes it one of the most cost-effective drip campaign tools to use.

2. AWeber

AWeber, well known in the digital marketing sphere, helps businesses grow their subscribers by enabling sharing email marketing campaigns.


AWeber offers high functionality drip campaigns with tools such as its campaign builder and smart builder. It helps you add new leads easily.


Starting free for up to 500 subscribers, AWeber's plans are priced at $14.95/ month.

3. helps users build messaging workflows through an automated messaging platform. It helps users control the messages they communicate.


Whether you start from scratch or utilize the host of existing templates, has an interactive platform where you can drag and drop blocks to build a sequential workflow. These components include emails, branching, delays, segments, etc. If you're a beginner, this is a great software to use if you only focus on sending and tracking your drip campaigns.


The reporting in this software is highly interactive. Each sequence in your created workflow has real-time metrics attached to it.

Cost: is slightly expensive, priced at plans starting from $150.

4. GetResponse

An easy tool to automate marketing, GetResponse helps businesses with inbound marketing solutions.


Easy to create campaigns, GetResponse is an excellent tool for first-timers as it has many pre-existing templates. Users can use the workflow builder and utilize tags to track behavior, enabling better communication workflow.


The dashboard provides information on open rates, click rates, goals, etc., which can also be delivered directly to the user's inbox.


With a 30-day free trial, paid plans start at $49/month.

5. Drip

Known as an e-commerce revenue engine, Drip enables users to undertake more innovative marketing and generate revenue from marketing.


Known as an e-commerce revenue-generating engine, Drip helps users market smart. It provides easy-to-use tools to create simple, automated drip campaigns with a focus on increasing brand loyalty.


With a visually intuitive dashboard, Drip allows users to optimize their lists and organize data efficiently.


Drip provides users a free 14-day trial, post which is priced at $19/month.

Wrapping up

Drip campaigns are essentially helpful for businesses in terms of lead generation, conversions, and customer engagement. Now you have a fair idea of which software would be the right to start putting your email sequence flow in place.

If you are looking for an email drip campaign KPI to improve your marketing presence, Mailmodo is an excellent choice. With comprehensive in-built features, Mailmodo offers an impressive drip campaign process to boost your digital marketing strategy.

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