Best AWeber Alternatives for 2024

ByDevashish Bariko


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Finding the right alternative of AWeberAWeber is not at all a simple task. You’ve to compare all the tools and find the one that fits both - your needs and your budget.

But don’t worry, we have done the homework for you. We have researched and compared AWeber with more than 20 of its best alternatives and selected the top 9 that might suit your needs.

You might think we may be biased because we are from Mailmodo. So why share this? We are of course, proud of our product and would love to share it with you. But we also know that we might not be the right fit for everyone and for every use case. So, we have made sure that this list of alternatives is helpful to every marketer who reads it. That’s why, if you find that any data is incorrect or missing, please write to us at

Disclaimer: Pricing, features, and service details are subject to change. Please visit each platform's website for the latest information.

Don't settle for the ordinary. Go beyond AWeber and explore AWeber alternatives.




Free 21-days trial available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $49/month (20% off on Annual Plan)

Best for Industries

Ecommerce EdTech FinTech SaaS

Best for Use case

Surveys Automation Events

Mailmodo is a first-of-its-kind email marketing platform that brings interactive experience via Google’s AMP framework to emails. The tool, suitable for all market sizes, leverages its WYSIWYG drag-and-drop email editor to create webpage-like interactivity inside users’ inboxes. Mailmodo was founded 2020 by Aquibur Rahman and Apurv Gupta and backed by Y Combinator, Sequoia, and Surge. With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, Mailmodo deems fit as a great Aweber alternative.

Mailmodo landing page

Why is Mailmodo a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email Editor: Mailmodo has a no-code drag & drop editor for both HTML and AMP emails. Its AI capabities can help you write email copies faster.
  • Interactive widgets: Mailmodo has 30+ interactive email widgets, which allows one-click registration, survyes, etc. within emails.
  • Pre-built automations: Mailmodo has advanced email flow templates like welcome series, cart recovery, customer review, etc. segmented by various industries.
  • Customer support: Mailmodo offers dedicated chat, email, and human support. Their delivery experts also create a email health reports for your domains.
  • Deliverability: Mailmodo has Google postmaster integration, which shows deliverability data in the product. It also provides pre and post recommendations for better deliverability.
  • Template library: Mailmodo offers you 200+ editable templates for both HTML and AMP emails.

Anirudh S.

Small Business


"Mailmodo is a reliable and efficient bulk email service"

We were facing problems in conduction polls in the email and collection data from the users. Now with Mailmodo we have a lot of analytics of our users, we do polls in the emails and the clickmap feature is the best, we get the exact data of users clicking on the links.


  • Free trial: 21 days free trial for 1000 email subscribers
  • Lite: Starts with $49/month for 500 email subscribers
  • Pro: Starts with $99/month for 500 email subscribers
  • Max: Starts with $199/month for 500 email subscribers

3X growth with interactive emails by Mailmodo


Save time with AI-powered email creation


Automate marketing ops with pre-built journeys




Free plan available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $45/month

Best for Industries

Ecommerce Tech

Best for Use case

Newsletters Surveys

Mailchimp is one of the most prominent email marketing and automation platforms. It was built to include several features for email marketing, content marketing, website building, and audience management. The American company was launched in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, with Dan Kurzius joining; later was sold to Intuit in 2021. Mailchimp has increased its pricing and is no longer cheap for small businesses. Although with a steep learning curve, it is a good Aweber alternative and suitable for SMBs.

Mailchimp landing page

Why is Mailchimp a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email editor: Mailchimp offers a no-code WYSIWYG editor to create HTML emails.
  • Pre-built templates: Mailchimp provides 100+ customizable email templates focused on different industries.
  • Automations: Mailchimp has automated journeys which can have up to 200 journey points.
  • Integrations: Mailchimp integrates with over 300 tools including Shopify, WordPress, and Canva.
  • Deliverability: Mailchimp offers features like send time optimization and A/B testing for better open rates.

Estefany P.

Digital Marketing Manager


"With Mailchimp we improve audience auditing via email"

Mailchimp is extraordinary due to its ability to generate marketing campaigns and marketing management that are more extensive than in any other platform.


  • Free: $0/month for 250 email subscribers
  • Essentials: Starts with $4.63/month for 500 email subscribers
  • Standard: Starts with $6.91/month for 500 email subscribers
  • Premium: Starts with $138.09/month for 500 email subscribers

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)


Free plan available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $37/month

Best for Industries

SMBs Ecommerce

Best for Use case

Transactional Automation

Brevo, formerly called SendinBlue, is a great relationship marketing and sales automation platform that offers email marketing and a customer relationship management suite for small—to medium-sized businesses. Armand Thiberge founded the platform in 2012 that focuses on reducing marketing efforts, making it a strong contender as Aweber alternative in the market.

Brevo landing page

Why is Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email editor: Brevo offers an intuitive drag & drop editor for creating HTML emails.
  • Automations: Brevo provides a visual email journey builder to send automated campaigns that can be triggered via APIs and webhooks.
  • Integrations: Brevo has 50+ integrations available on their paid plans including WordPress, Intercom, Salesforce.
  • Customer support: Brevo provides 24/7 email and chat support. With human support available in their premium plans.
  • Landing page: Brevo has the ability to create and host landing pages.
  • Multi-channel: Brevo also has the ability to send SMS and WhatsApp notifications.

Przemysław G.

Marketing Manager


"Sendinblue - A Powerful Email Marketing Solution"

The CRM and automation features are intuitive and easy to use, making it simple to set up drip campaigns and other automated workflows.


  • Free: $0/month for upto 300 email/day
  • Starter: $25/month with 20k emails credits/month
  • Business: $65/month with 20k emails credits/month



Free 14-days trial available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $49/month

Best for Industries

SMBs Ecommerce

Best for Use case

CRM Email Automation

ActiveCampaign is a package of marketing and sales platforms with inbuilt email marketing, omnichannel marketing, sales CRM, and engagement solutions. This tool features a multichannel customer experience possible right within a single tool. Jason VandeBoom founded ActiveCampaign in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois. ActiveCampaign is a strong Aweber alternative, offering a comprehensive solution for all your marketing needs, and is majorly suitable for enterprises.

ActiveCampaign landing page

Why is ActiveCampaign a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email editor: ActiveCampaign has an intuitive drag & drop editor to create HTML emails.

  • Integrations: ActiveCampaign integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Facebook, and 870+ other apps.

  • Automations: ActiveCampaign's automation capabilities rivals those of Zapier and Mailchimp, offering powerful omni-sending abilities for efficient marketing.

  • Template library: ActiveCampaign has 250+ email templates which are ready for use. All templates are B2B and B2C friendly, responsive, and work with HTML.

  • Multi-channel: ActiveCampaign is also offers services to capture leads from landing pages, SMS, and social media.


Sally L.

Small Business Owner / Digital Marketer


"The best tool for automations and reasonably priced"

They help me send more relevant content to my subscribers and keep track of their engagement.


  • Lite: Starts with $39/month for 1,000 email subscribers
  • Plus: Starts with $70/month for 1,000 email subscribers
  • Professional: Starts with $187/month for 2,500 email subscribers
  • Enterprise: Starts with $323/month for 2,500 email subscribers



Free plan available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $25/month

Best for Industries

Small Business Non-profits

Best for Use case

Newsletters Landing Pages

MailerLite is a simple, easy-to-use marketing solution for conducting email campaigns, building landing pages, and running paid newsletters. The marketing platform, suited for mid-sized buinesses, also provides its users with collecting leads and selling products. The platform started as a marketing agency by Ignas RubeĹľius in 2010 to help businesses with email solutions. Packing such a variety range of features, MailerLite is an affordable Aweber alternative.

MailerLite landing page

Why is MailerLite a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email editor: MailerLite provides a drag & drop editor to create custom HTML emails.
  • Automations: MailerLite can send automated email sequences based on user activity like any update in contact field.
  • Pre-built templates: MailerLite offers free templates for newsletters, websites, landing pages, and forms.
  • AI capabilites: MailerLite offers AI features for writing subject lines, smart email sending, and A/B testing.
  • Paid newsletter subscriptions: With MailerLite you can collect leads & payments automatically and deliver paid subscription emails.

Liz C.

Music Artist, Award-Winning Composer, Producer, Mentor


"Excellent customer service"

The system itself is super easy to use, is packed full of great features and is easy to integrate, even with a free account.


  • Free: $0 for up to 1,000 contacts with 12,000 monthly email sends
  • Growing Business: Starts with $10/month for upto 500 contacts
  • Advanced: Starts with $20/month for 500 contacts
  • Enterprise: Custom Plan for businesses with over 100k contacts

Elastic Email


Free plan available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $24/month

Best for Industries

SMBs Freelancers Developers

Best for Use case

Bulk Email Transactional

Elastic Email is a cost-effective email marketing platform designed to streamline the process of sending bulk emails and managing email campaigns. Additionally, Elastic email provides Email Verification that flags unreachable and invalid email addresses. Joshua Perina, Michael Findlater, and Michał Bochnak founded Elastic Email in 2010 with a common goal of making email delivery efficient. Elastic Email is suitable for enterprises. Recently launching a new email designer in 2024, Elastic Email is a better Aweber alternative.

Elastic Email landing page

Why is Elastic Email a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email editor: Elastic Email provides a basic email editor to create HTML emails.
  • Template library: Elastic Email has a range of 100+ HTML email templates to choose from.
  • Automations: Elastic Email has basic email automation cababilities which can also be triggered via APIs.
  • AMP Email Support: Elastic Email supports the latest tech in emails - AMP. This can make emails interactive & dynamic. To use this feature you might need a developer to code.

Sujith B.

Marketing Specialist


"Shared IP's are good for bulk email sending"

Experienced the best email marketing solution for eCommerce.


  • Free: $0/month for 1,000 email subscribers
  • Starter: Starts with $9/month for 2,000 email subscribers
  • Pro: Starts with $60/month for 10,000 email subscribers



Free plan available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $18/month

Best for Industries

Solopreneur Startups Non-profits

Best for Use case

Campaigns Newsletters

EmailOctopus is a simple, user-friendly email marketing tool that enables enterprise businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns effortlessly. The company was established by Gareth Bull and Jonathan Bull in 2015 to offer simple yet powerful tools for growing and engaging an audience. EmailOctopus is a simple yet reliable email marketing tool for Aweber Alternative.

EmailOctopus landing page

Why is EmailOctopus a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email editor: EmailOctopus provides a drag & drop HTML email editor which is user-friendly.

  • Customer support: EmailOctopus offers email, chat, and human support. Along with video tutorials, and a detailed knowledge base.

  • Automations: EmailOctopus offers easy to setup automation with basic triggers - conditional logic, user actions, and APIs.

  • Template library: EmailOctopus provides 30+ HTML templates, with 11 free editable options.


Mukul C.



"EmailOctopus is Wonderful Solution for email marketing"

The email campaigns created within this application are easy to make and track.


  • Free: $0/month with 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month
  • Pro: Starts at $8/month for 500 subscribers and 10,000 emails



Free plan available

Price (2.5k contacts) : $25/month

Best for Industries

SMBs Ecommerce

Best for Use case

Multi-channel Marketing

SendPulse is a versatile, all-in-one automation platform that combines email, SMS, web push notifications, and chatbots to help businesses effectively engage with their audience. The company, suitable for SMBs, was founded in 2015 by Eugene Medvednikov and Konstantin Makarov and later acquired Mailto in 2017. This Aweber alternative alternative software tool helps accelerate your sales and grow your business on a single platform.

SendPulse landing page

Why is SendPulse a better Aweber Alternative

  • Email editor: SendPulse provides a drag & drop HTML email text editor. It allows to send coded AMP mails.
  • Automations: SendPulse offers automations which can be triggered for all basic use cases using webhooks.
  • Customer support: Unlike most other tools, SendPulse offers telephonic support along with live chat, email, and video tutorials.
  • Pre-built templates: SendPulse offers free 60+ editable HTML email templates.
  • Multi-channel: With SendPulse you can reach your users via emails, SMS, Chatbots, and Web Push.

Aquif S.

Blogger And Founder


"Awesome Product And Quick Customer Support"

They have a free plan for Email Marketing for up to 2500 subscribers. This is, as far as I remember, the highest among all the other companies.


  • Free: $0/month for 500 email subscribers
  • Standard: Starts with $6.4/month for 500 email subscribers
  • Pro: Starts with $7.68/month for 500 email subscribers
  • Enterprise: Starts with $10.75/month for 500 email subscribers

Frequently asked questions

No, AWeber and Mailchimp are not the same. They are separate companies offering email marketing services, each with its features, pricing plans, and user interfaces.
Yes, AWeber is an ESP (Email Service Provider). It provides email marketing services, allowing businesses and individuals to create, send, and track email campaigns to their subscribers.
AWeber is best suited for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking for a reliable and user-friendly email marketing solution.
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