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Is SendPulse pricing worth it?

Let's examine SendPulse's features and services more closely to determine whether its pricing is worth it.

One of SendPulse's standout features is its email automation capabilities. With this service, businesses can create a sequence of automated emails that are triggered by specific actions or events. This feature saves businesses time and ensures that customers receive timely and relevant information, justifying the platform’s pricing.

Other features that make SendPulse worth the investment are its A/B testing capabilities, AI-integrated features like predictive analytics, and easy-to-use drag-and-drop email design tools. These features allow businesses to optimize email campaigns and improve their open and click-through rates.

However, some features and services may not be worth the investment for all businesses. For example, SendPulse's web push notifications feature may not be useful for businesses that do not have an active website or do not rely on website traffic for their customer outreach. Similarly, the SMS marketing feature may not be relevant for businesses primarily communicating with customers through email or social media. Moreover, the platform’s limited customer support options and limited customization options in email designing may also make SendPulse users question its value.

Additionally, SendPulse's different email plans are priced according to the users’ contact list size. As the users’ businesses grow, the plan becomes increasingly expensive, making it a less attractive option.

We have been raising issue on your customer support since past 3 months. There is a bug in sendpulse were Telegram bot pauses on Button click. It has been so frustrating experience that we had to post it on your public handle.

Mohit Joshi, Twitter user

Updates in SendPulse pricing

This is the recent revised pricing plans of SendPulse as of May 2024.

No. of contacts Free Standard Pro Enterprise
500 $0/month $8/month $9.6/month $13.44/month
1k NA $12/month $14.40/month $20.16/month
2.5k NA $25/month $30/month $42/month
5k NA $35/month $42/month $58.80/month
10k NA $53/month $63.60/month $89.04/month
20k NA $90/month $108/month $151.20/month
25k NA $108/month $129.6/month $181.44/month
50k NA $191/month $229.20/month $320.88/month
100k NA $322/month $386.40/month $540.96/month
150k NA $436/month $523.20/month $732.48/month
200k NA $524/month $628.80/month $880.32/month
250k NA $570/month $684/month $957.60/month
500k NA $840/month $1008/month $1411.20/month
1M NA $1630/month $1956/month $27338.40/month
2M NA $3080/month $3696/month $5174.40/month
5M NA $7000/month $8400/month $11,760/month

The most recent pricing update for SendPulse occurred in June 2021. The update included changes to the pricing plans and features offered by the platform.

SendPulse's pricing plans now include a free plan with limited features and paid plans starting at $6.40 per month for up to 500 contacts. The pricing of the paid plans varies based on the size of the contact list and the features selected, with higher-tier plans offering more advanced features such as automation workflows and web push notifications. This was a significant jump from their older pricing structure which offered one paid plan whose pricing increased with increasing subscribers for all users, with fewer options for picking features and plans based on users’ needs.

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Overall, the value of SendPulse pricing depends on a business's specific needs and priorities. For businesses that rely heavily on email marketing, automation, and A/B testing features make SendPulse a valuable investment. However, businesses that do not need these features may find SendPulse's pricing less attractive.

In conclusion, SendPulse offers a range of features and services that can be valuable for businesses looking to improve their email marketing efforts. While some features may not be relevant for all businesses, the automation and A/B testing capabilities make SendPulse a competitive option for businesses looking to invest in an email marketing service provider.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, SendPulse offers a free plan for users. The free plan allows you to send a limited number of monthly emails to a maximum number of subscribers. While the free plan has certain limitations, it provides an opportunity to explore SendPulse's features and capabilities without any cost. If you require more advanced features or have a larger subscriber base, SendPulse offers paid plans with increased sending limits and additional features.

Mailmodo is preferred to SendPulse for several reasons. It offers advanced features like interactive emails and deep personalization, which can significantly enhance engagement and user experience. Additionally, Mailmodo provides seamless integrations with popular platforms, robust automation capabilities, and excellent customer support. Focusing on delivering high deliverability rates and optimizing email performance further contributes to Mailmodo's preference over SendPulse.

While SendPulse provides email templates, the customization options may be limited compared to other platforms. Customizing the design extensively might have certain limitations.

Yes, SendPulse offers automation workflows to set up triggered campaigns, autoresponders, and behavioral-based journeys based on subscriber actions and segmentation. However, some users have reported that they find the automation builder difficult to navigate and that creating automation flows and campaigns is a complex process.

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