11 Benefits of Marketing Automation to Scale Your Business

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Written by:Neelabja Adkuloo


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Every business is in the rat race to get new customers and increase revenue. And the key to your future success lies with automation. According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation lowers marketing overheads by 12.2% while boosting sales by 14.5%. If your business hasn’t adopted marketing automation yet, chances are that it will become obsolete soon.

As a marketer, you’ll never want your marketing efforts to go to waste, especially when you invest so much time, effort and money. Below you’ll find the benefits of marketing automation that will motivate you to implement it in your business right away.

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Proven benefits of marketing automation

Marketing automation is a great tool to use to boost your business' marketing campaigns and increase ROI. Scroll down to read 11 amazing benefits of marketing automation.

1. Lead scoring and nurturing

Why waste your time on unqualified leads when you can take the guesswork out of it with automated lead scoring?

All you need to do is set up criteria that automatically score leads and categorize them as either marketing qualified leads (MQLs) or sales qualified leads (SQLs). An MQL remains in a nurturing campaign until it converts into an SQL. This means that your sales team is only concerned with converting pre-qualified SQLs. You can then guide them through the sales pipeline by sending them our customized welcome emails.

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Optimize the right email metrics for higher ROI

That’s not all, you can also keep your pipeline active by automating lead nurture emails. This way you don’t have to keep tabs on leads. Let automation do that for you.

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2. Advanced user segmentation

Advanced user segmentation

Every marketer is familiar with the fear of putting together a promotional email for a segmented audience only to send it to the entire prospect list mistakenly. You can’t undo that.

However, using marketing automation tools, you can automate the segmentation of cold and warm leads. This process involves data attributes such as survey answers and demographics such as age, customer preferences, etc. Act-On confirms that automated segmentation boosts email open rates by 300%.

Upon creating a segment, you can automate sending trigger emails when customers enter that segment. You require the data of groups of people based on different conditions like page visits, actions performed by users on your app or email activity, etc. You can then use it to send automated messages to that group. It eliminates the need to maintain a database of customers and filter them manually.

3. Personalized user experience

Personalized user experience

The odds of your customer opening your message and making a purchase are low if your messaging is not personalized, timely, and effective. But as your company grows, providing a personalized customer experience becomes difficult.

A common misconception about automated systems is that they’re mechanical. They’re anything but that.

  • They use artificial intelligence to reach your customers on different channels, understand their actions and add value to their lives with targeted product recommendations.

  • You can increase your average order value by upselling and cross-selling products using personalization. According to Econsultancy, 93% of companies see an increase in conversions from personalization.

You can set up an automated email workflow with Mailmodo that sends personalized mails to your users when they sign up for a newsletter, download an ebook, or request a free trial.

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4. Boost conversions

When a prospect reaches out to you with queries, it means they're considering purchasing from you. But today's customers are impatient, and they want quick answers. They will move on to your competitor in a blink of an eye if they don't get a response from you right away.

With marketing automation tools, you can easily get more intelligence on your prospects which your sales department can access through the CRM system. Salespeople can then close more sales faster without unnecessary conversations or emails, boosting macro and micro conversions.

Are you a marketer who wants to do more with less but is confused about which marketing automation software to pitch to your boss? Read our guide on the best marketing automation softwares to declutter your marketing efforts and focus more on strategizing.

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5. Import and export data with ease

Import and export data with ease marketing automation benefit

Creating comprehensive prospect profiles and offering a multichannel view of their behavior can be daunting for a newbie marketer. It involves way too many data points. With marketing automation though, that’s one thing less to worry about.

Integration with CRM systems, social profiles, API, etc. has become an important automation feature in the current times. A majority of marketing automation vendors provide native or out-of-the-box integrations with them. That is to avoid loss of data due to importing and exporting from system to system. Automation helps maintain data integrity in the process.

You can also consider automating your lead generation operations with Mailmodo by integrating with your CRM, webhooks, Zapier, or API integrations hassle-free.

6. Save time, effort, and money

Save time, effort, and money with automated emails

Running a campaign on a grand scale takes time and a big team who will have to comb through a lot of data and mails. Reuters showed a 72% reduction in lead time conversion after implementing marketing automation. This allows your sales team to spend more time building customer relationships. You can automate the lead conversion process by sending follow-up emails using Mailmodo as shown above.

With the time you save, you can also lower staffing costs. All you need to make sure is you have enough people to leverage automation tools well. Reallocate more bandwidth to high-impact sales and marketing goals.

7. Accurate analytics reporting

Accurate analytics reporting

Every marketer who manages multiple marketing channels faces the same challenge: how to aggregate and analyze data. You’ll be surprised to know that on average, a marketer spends 10-40 hours weekly collecting data to analyze it and build reports. This undertaking, if performed manually, can be daunting. Imagine creating a dashboard to track every campaign you run and updating it using data coming from paid ads, customer data, site traffic, and where not.

Won’t it be a big relief to aggregate your data without the help of developers? By simply connecting to the Mailmodo platform, you can map email metrics instantly and see your data, like click rate, open rate, submissions received on forms, etc. in one centralized place. You can also customize your dashboards and reports to help you spot friction points, such as:

  • Why are you not able to convert MQLs into SQLs?

  • Is your lead nurturing email campaign working?

  • Are leads dropping off during your sales process?

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8. Maximize cart recovery

Shoppers who add things to their basket but abandon them at checkout are a recurring nightmare for eCommerce organizations. However, this isn't breaking news; almost 80% of customers abandon their carts at checkout.

Using marketing automation tools to send cart abandonment campaigns helps push users to complete their purchases and recover lost sales.

Mailmodo integrates with most eCommerce stores to redesign your customer’s abandoned cart journey. The best part is that your customer can complete the purchase inside the email without being redirected elsewhere.

9. Improve campaign performance

Improve campaign performance

Tests are difficult and exhausting, but they are also quite beneficial. For example, you can assess several factors relating to campaign performance using A/B testing like:

Pro tip: Control your testing with marketing automation softwares so that you aren't evaluating too many things at once. Restrict the number of constants and variables to evaluate what will help you improve your campaign.

You can run successful marketing campaigns by leveraging Mailmodo’s end-to-end performance tracking feature.

10. Launch campaigns from anywhere

You can launch and measure campaigns from anywhere globally without being under the same roof with automation. This type of workflow can be very useful for remote companies. You can rest assured that everyone in your company follows the right steps and processes run just like you designed.

Luckily, you can send both triggered and transactional campaigns from a single plan (with no extra charges) using Mailmodo.

Hop on a discovery call to enable automated emails with minimum setup time.

11. Get more demo bookings

get more demo bookings

Demo bookings are an important step in the marketing process, but they are time-consuming, repeatable, and not scalable. That is where marketing automation comes into the picture.

With marketing automation, you can track individual data on how each prospect interacts with the demo. The salesperson can determine what is significant and what is not and the prospect's reaction to the product. You can also gather data from all demos to evaluate how client interest and engagement change.

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You'll likely see a boost in your customer lifetime value if you automate your customer follow-ups, upsells, and cross-sells. When you combine this with superior lead management and prioritization, your return on investment will skyrocket. Feeling inspired? Read our guide on how to build a successful marketing automation strategy to accelerate your company's growth.

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