How to Use amp-mustache in Your AMP Emails

BySuryanarayan Pal


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Assume that you’ve got a gigantic list of email subscribers and you want to address each of them by their name whenever sending an email.

Now you can’t type out each subscriber’s name individually since you’ve got a big list. That’s where the amp-mustache comes in handy.

This guide will discuss what amp-mustache is, its features, and some effective ways to use it in your AMP emails.

Table of contents

What is amp-mustache?

The amp-mustache is an AMP email component that allows you to add dynamic content to your AMP emails. To add dynamic content, you’ve to use mustache templates that reference and replace the information stored in the back end. This opens up the opportunity to create personalized emails and hence, increase your conversion rates.

Features of amp-mustache

Here are the notable features of amp-mustache:

âś… Reference and replace information

You can replace a large amount of information in a mustache template with amp-mustache. First, you need to create an email template with mustache tags and define the values for those tags.

For example, you may have the tag {{name}} and its value as John. Now the word John will be displayed wherever you reference the {{name}} tag. Similarly, you can create other tags such as {{age}}, {{gender}}, {{location}} and whenever applicable, use them in your AMP emails.

âś… Show conditional values

The {{#tag}} and {{/tag}} are used to show conditional statements. If the tag value equates to not false, then the text between both tags will be displayed. This can be helpful when you're showing something that is conditional.

For example, assume that you're offering discounts for your products but everyone isn't eligible. So you can create a mustache template where you may add something like {{#isEligible}} You’re eligible for the discount {{/isEligible}}. If you set the value of isElegible to be true, then only it will be displayed or else it won’t. You can use this to notify your users if they qualify for one of your offers.

Applications of amp-mustache

Here are some useful applications of amp-mustache:

1. Send cart recovery emails

If your customers have abandoned their carts, you can send them a reminder email where you inform them about the incomplete purchase and provide the details with the help of amp-mustache. You can also recommend them a list of similar products they can choose if they don’t like their abandoned product.

If you want an easy way to this type of email, then check out our Cart Recovery Email Template.

2. Create personalized scratch cards

The anticipation of winning extra rewards makes scratch cards really exciting. So you may use this to your advantage and send personalized scratch cards in your AMP emails. With the amp-mustache, you may configure different reward amounts, types, frequencies for different users. So whenever users win the rewards, it makes them happy, and they’ll keep using your product more and more in the hopes of getting more scratch cards.

3. Display room availability

Hotels don’t always have rooms available for all incoming customers. So if you’re a hotel owner, you may send a room booking system in your AMP email, where you display the availability using the amp-mustache. You can keep a record of the available rooms in the backend and display them in your AMP emails with mustache templates.

4. Inform about the product updates

A product goes through many iterations after getting feedback from its customers. So if your product had a recent update, you can inform your customers about this update and how it can help them. You can store the newly added features and their benefits in the backend, then display them nicely in your AMP emails with mustache templates.

5. Create games

You may have seen “Spin the Wheel” games where if you spin the wheel, the pointer lands on one of the options. If you want to send such a game within email to your subscribers, the amp-mustache will help you. You have to store results in the backend and display them using the mustache templates. This makes your emails fun and entice users to engage.

Wrapping up

The amp-mustache has many applications and we've discussed some of them in this guide.

Check out our guides amp-form, amp-accordion, amp-autocomplete which are also AMP email components and allow you to add more functionality to your AMP emails.

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