How to Reduce Your Mailerlite Spam Rate?

Suryanarayan Pal
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Are you frustrated with your high Mailerlite spam rate even when you did nothing spammy? Well, you might be following spam practices unknowingly. Or your ESP may be to blame here.

To help you lower your Mailerlite spam rate, this guide has detailed the likely reasons and actionable strategies you can follow to see noticeable results.

  • What are spam emails?

  • What is the spam rate?

  • Why do Mailerlite emails go to spam?

  • How do you stop Mailerlite spam?

  • Go spam-free with Mailmodo

  • Takeaways

What are spam emails?

Spam emails are emails sent in bulk without having the prior consent of users. If marketers keep sending such emails, they can expect a hike in their spam rate since users will hate your decision and mark you as spam.

We know you aren’t one of those. You have taken prior consent, added valuable content, and followed an email cadence. So why is your Mailerlite spam rate still high?

It may be due to inherent issues caused by your ESP. Or it may be due to unknowingly following spam practices. To resolve your issue, you’ve to study both.

But before that, let’s discuss what the spam rate is.

What is spam rate?

The percentage of users who mark you spam out of the total number of people who received your email is your spam rate. Here is how you calculate it.

Spam complain rate = ( No. of users who marked you spam / Total no. of emails delivered ) x 100

The higher the spam rate, the more problems it will cause. Here is how you calculate it. But how high is too high?

For context, an acceptable rate for spam in email marketing is less than 1%, and the ideal rate is less than 0.1%. So if your rates are any higher than 1%, you should look into the root cause and fix it.

Fortunately, we have already done some research for you and compiled three likely reasons why your Mailerlite spam rate is high. Let’s discuss what they are and how to tackle them.

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Why do Mailerlite emails go to spam?

Here are a few possible reasons why your Mailerlite emails are going to spam.

Poor deliverability rates

Mailerlite deliverability report

Source: Email Deliverability Report

As you can see from the above image, Mailerlite has delivered 16.33% of emails to spam folders and 4.61% of emails to nowhere (probably got lost). This test was done by Email Deliverability Report, in which they test different ESPs to find their average deliverability rates.

So these not-so-good deliverability rates may be the reason for your high spam rates even if you didn’t do much wrong.

Using blacklisted IPs

Mailerlite user expressing concerns about Mailerlite's blacklisting issue

The above image is a review that a Mailerlite user left on Software Device. As you can see, they were not very happy with open rates and blacklisted servers (i.e., IPs from Mailerlite servers getting blacklisted).

ESPs can tackle this issue by maintaining strict rules around spam practices, but if you still find a shared IP in any blacklists, that may indicate that strict rules haven’t been established and followed thoroughly yet. As a result, Mailerlite’s IPs are getting blacklisted, and emails sent from them are going to spam. Read how SBNRI maintained their email list hygiene with Mailmodo, leading to a 16% increase in open rates.

Sending generic emails

“Hi, Madam/Sir” was acceptable at the inception of email marketing but not anymore. With so many tools available for email personalization, users expect to receive personalized emails. If you keep sending generic emails consistently, surely they’ll mark you as spam.

So if you were following this practice, you know one more reason for your high Mailerlite spam rate.

How do you stop Mailerlite spam?

Here is how you can stop or noticeably reduce your Mailerlite spam rate:

1. Improve deliverability rates

There are many ways to do this, but you can start with forming a Sunset Policy (i.e., removing unengaged users after a certain duration of inactivity). Then improve your IP reputation to make it more user-friendly.

If you want an in-depth guide on improving email deliverability rates, check out our email deliverability, that’ll teach you everything you need to know.

2. Switch to a dedicated IP address

Shared IPs have a bad reputation for having a bad reputation. How surprising?

But seriously, a few bad apples (email marketers) can take a shared IP’s reputation downhill. But with dedicated IPs, you’re the only owner, and if you’re a good one, nobody can harm your IP’s reputation.

Related guide: Dedicated IP Address vs. Shared IP Address - Which One Should You Use?

3. Send personalized emails

Look at your platform data to see what each user is interested in and use that data to target those users. If some users like a feature, send emails with tips on using it better. If some users didn’t complete their purchase, send emails offering discounts. It is up to you how you want to use that data to personalize your emails.

Go spam-free with Mailmodo

We, at Mailmodo, take significant measures to maintain a very low spam rate for our customers. We ensure you go spam-free with us by banning spammers and maintaining high-security standards. Here is what you’ll get when we work together.

âś… Expert consultation for deliverability

Suppose you’re not seeing your desired email deliverability rates and don’t have in-depth knowledge about email deliverability. In that case, our experts will help you figure out your situation and will assist you in bettering your rates as quickly as possible.

âś… Help with domain warmup

Domain warmup is a practice of warming up your new domain by sending a small volume of emails. This helps inbox providers get to know your domain and won’t assume you as a spammer who has set up a new domain just to send a high volume of spam emails.

But domain warmup can be tricky to execute if you haven’t done it before. That’s where our experts will help you guide you through the process to ensure that you have a good head start with your new domain.

✅ We don’t tolerate spammers

We want only genuine email marketers to use our product. If we find any user who receives consistent spam complaints or consistently follows any spam practices, we block them from using our shared IP address so genuine users like you don’t have to suffer.

âś… Abundant resources on email deliverability

It can be difficult to grasp email deliverability concepts and put them into action. That’s why we have developed resources for email marketers of every level to upgrade their knowledge and skills with our email deliverability resources. We also have a hub of email marketing resources that you can access for free.

âś… Our customer success team is always here to help

Finally, just reach out to our customer success team if you have any persistent issues. You can contact us for help via customer chat or by emailing at, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Read why Mailmodo is the better alternative to MailerLite.

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So these were the reasons for your high Mailerlite spam rate. If you would like to explore more, check out our guide 9 reasons why your emails land in spam, where we share many more reasons for spam and strategies to deal with them.

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