7 Best Email Accessibility Checkers to Use in 2024

Falak Preet Kaur
ByFalak Preet Kaur

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Email accessibility, often ignored, is actually necessary to make your emails understandable and accessible to all. When designing your emails, you must consider accessibility issues that may hinder the user from reading or understanding your email. This guide covers the best email accessibility checkers you need to use to design better emails.

What is an email accessibility checker?

An email accessibility checker is a tool or software that helps assess and improve the accessibility of emails for people with disabilities. Accessibility in emails involves ensuring that the content can be easily understood and navigated by individuals with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments.

These checkers typically analyze various elements within an email, such as text, images, links, color contrast, and overall layout. They identify potential issues that could create barriers for people with disabilities and provide recommendations or guidelines to make the email content more accessible.

7 Email accessibility checkers to use in 2024

Using an email accessibility checker can help you identify many issues you might not be able to access yourself. These email accessibility checkers can help you design and send better emails that all your readers can easily read and comprehend:

1. Litmus accessibility checker

Litmus offers an email marketing platform that includes an email accessibility checker as a feature. This tool empowers users to examine their email campaigns for accessibility issues and provides actionable guidance to rectify them effectively.

Source: Litmus

Pricing: This accessibility checker is an in-built feature of Litmus. Check their pricing, plans, and trials here.

2. Accessibility Insights

The accessibility testing tool from Microsoft primarily concentrates on evaluating web accessibility; however, it extends its functionality to assess HTML emails. Users can access browser extensions and desktop applications that facilitate the analysis of accessibility issues in both web content and HTML emails.

Source: Accessibility Insights

Pricing: Free

3. Email on Acid

Email on Acid is an email testing and quality assurance platform with an accessibility testing feature. This functionality allows for comprehensive checks on emails, identifying diverse issues, including accessibility problems, and offers guidance on resolving them effectively.

Source: Email On Acid

Pricing: This tool is an in-built feature of Email Acid. The pricing starts at $74 per month with a 7-day free trial. Check their full pricing plan here.

4. WAVE Web Accessibility Tool

WAVE is a commonly utilized tool for evaluating web accessibility and extends its capabilities to assess the accessibility of HTML emails. Available as a browser extension, it provides comprehensive reports detailing accessibility issues for users to address.

Pricing: Free

5. Outlook Accessibility Feature

The accessibility checker in Outlook is a tool that reviews your content and flags accessibility issues. It explains why each issue might be a potential problem for someone with a disability. The Accessibility Checker also suggests how you can resolve the issues that appear.

Source: Microsoft

Pricing: This feature comes along with the Microsoft Outlook account.

6. AChecker

AChecker is a straightforward accessibility testing tool that allows users to paste a web page URL, upload a design file, or input HTML directly for evaluation. It simplifies assessing accessibility issues on web pages or HTML content by identifying potential concerns and providing feedback to improve compliance with accessibility standards. You can use HTML emails and check the comprehensive accessibility report and issues to fix.

Pricing: AChecker's basic pricing starts at $99. Check their full pricing plan here.

7. Accessible Email

Accessible Email makes it easier for you to improve the accessibility of your emails. You can use this tool for HTML emails and get the accessibility report with issues and solutions. When using this accessibility tool, you can:

  • Input HTML code directly for editing.

  • Analyze an existing campaign via its URL.

Source: Mailjet

Pro tip: Create a checklist for yourself to make sure that you have everything in order. You can also use premade checklists like the one by Mailmodo. This Email QA checklist contains different aspects of your email marketing campaigns to help you do better email marketing.

Wrap up

Accessibility matters a lot when you are sending email campaigns to the users. You need to be inclusive, and your emails must be understandable. These email accessibility checkers will make your emails more accessible and help you engage with more people. This will automatically enhance the engagement rates and boost your metrics.

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