What is an Email Click-Through Rate? (Average CTR by Industry)

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Unlocking the secrets behind successful email campaigns requires delving into the metrics that truly matter. Among these, the email click-through rate stands as a sentinel of engagement and a catalyst for conversions. Imagine a window into your audience's interest, a measure of their curiosity ignited by your subject lines and content.

In the realm of digital communication, where attention is scarce and competition fierce, understanding the nuances of the email click-through rate unveils the alchemy of turning recipients into active participants. Delve deeper to discover how this metric paints a vivid canvas of recipient interaction, guiding marketers to craft messages that beckon, compel, and resonate.

What is email click-through rate?

Email click-through rate is the proportion of people or subscribers who click on a particular link out of the total emails delivered.

When it comes to the click-through rate it’s not general like the email open rate but the click-through rate can be further specified into two types.

TCTR - Total click-through rate

TCTR means Total Click-Through Rate. In email marketing TCTR represents the percentage of recipients who click on any link within your email, considering all the clicks across the entire campaign. This metric provides valuable insights into the engagement level of your audience and helps you gauge the overall effectiveness of your email communication.

UCTR - Unique click-through rate

UCTR means Unique Click-Through Rate, a pivotal metric that provides invaluable insights into your email's performance. UCTR measures the percentage of unique recipients who click on at least one link within your email, disregarding duplicate clicks from the same individual. By focusing on unique interactions, UCTR offers a more precise perspective on your audience's engagement and the effectiveness of your content.

Most formulas and email marketing platforms count UCTR and final CTR and limit data analysis for better results On the other hand you can track and use these important metrics UCTR and TCTR in mailmodo email analytics software in click maps.

How to calculate the email click-through rate:

Click-through rate formula = ( Number of people who have clicked on a link / Number of emails delivered) X 100

If out of 4000 delivered emails total clicks, you got are 800, the click-through rate would be 10%.

Here we would like to distinguish click-through rate (CTR) from click-to-open rate (CTOR). Both these metrics are often confused, but there is a subtle difference.

While click-through rate measures the clicks out of total emails delivered, click-to-open measures the clicks out of total emails opened.

Why should you track email click-through rates?

  • Tracking email click-through rates helps measure the actual engagement and interest of your audience in the content, beyond just opening the email.
  • Monitoring click-through rates allows you to identify high-performing content and optimize future emails to generate more clicks and conversions.
  • Understanding click-through rates enables you to assess the effectiveness of your call-to-action (CTA) and refine it for better response rates.
  • Email click-through rate data aids in segmenting your audience based on their interests and behaviors, enabling more targeted and relevant email campaigns.
  • By tracking click-through rates, you can gain insights into the performance of different links and elements in your emails, guiding you to improve overall email design and content placement.

What is a good email click-through rate?

The average click-through rates vary depending on the industry, email campaign type, geographical location, and related factors.

But, some research offers insights into the average click-through rate. Here's a summary of some of the reliable data:

Companies Average email CTR
Mailchimp 2.62%
DMA 2021 3.80%
Netcore 2020 0.50%
CampaignMonitor 2021 2.60%

As per the above data, a good email click-through rate is approximately 2.5%.

Email marketing average email click-through rate by industries

In 2022, Mailerlite embarked on an extensive data analysis endeavor, delving into the information of over 40,000 approved accounts belonging to their valued customers in the USA, Canada, and the UK. And based on that here’s a detailed average email click-through rate by different industries.

Construction 14.50%
Architecture 14.30%
Telecommunications 13.60%
Manufacturing 9.60%
Other 8.70%
Real Estate 8.70%
Educational Institutions 8.30%
Retail 7.70%
Marketing and Advertising 7.50%
Consulting 7.40%
Online Courses and Coaching 7.20%
Health and Fitness 6.90%
Beauty and Personal Care 6.90%
Information Technology (IT) 6.30%
Legal 6.20%
Business and Finance 5.90%
Computers and Electronics 5.50%
Insurance 5.50%
Finance 4.90%
Software and Web App 2.90%

Data Source: MailerLite

The average email click-through rate for all industries is 8.29%.

How to improve email click-through rates

Here are a few effective ways to skyrocket your email click-through rate.

1. Make your CTA buttons distinguishable

To compel users to click on your CTA links or buttons, you need to give them a reason to do so. Users should know what they can expect when they click on that link to your email copy needs to be descriptive, clear, and targeted.

Besides, there are other best practices you should follow:

  • Adding enough white space around CTA elements will make it for recipients to click.
  • Make your CTA button or links bigger
  • Underline or bold them to make them stand out
  • Use visual cues like arches, arrows, or emojis to direct users toward that button.

2. Use personalization in email copy to engage users

Along with the subject line, you should also make the copy of email personalized to make it more personal and relevant to the recipient. There are different parameters to add personalization apart from the first name, including:

  • Past purchasing behavior
  • Geographical location
  • Use personalized images

3. Use relevant and engaging visuals

Visuals like images, GIFs, or illustrations make email more engaging by giving users something to look at rather than read. A text-heavy email might bore readers and increase the mental load to process the information. Visuals can help reduce that mental load and create a more engaging experience by giving something different.

Here's an example of engaging visuals + interactive gamified elements in an email 👇🏼

Source: Spin the wheel email

4. A/B test your emails

Without testing, you can guess what's working and not, and it might be nothing less than gambling your investment away. To make reliable decisions, you should A/B test your subject line and elements of email copy such as CTA buttons, images, layout, etc.

By showing variations of your subject line or email CTA button, you can get insights into what your audience likes the most instead of implying what you think they'll like. The more you test, the more data you'll have to make changes and optimize different email elements for higher opens and clicks.


The email click-through rate emerges as a pivotal metric. Reflecting the effectiveness of your email campaigns, it offers insights into recipient engagement and content resonance. By gauging user interaction and guiding optimization strategies, a higher click-through rate signifies not only successful communication but also a pathway to fostering lasting connections and achieving desired outcomes.

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