7 AI Email Responders for Faster and Better Email Replies

ByFalak Preet Kaur


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AI email responder is an AI tool that helps you generate email responses that are of high-quality and relevant to the messages you are receiving. You can easily automate your email responses using AI. Wondering how you can automate your email responses too? This guide covers some of the best AI email responders for high-quality and professional email responses.

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How does an AI email responder work?

An AI email responder will automatically generate a response relevant to the email received. It uses NLP and machine learning algorithms to quickly understand the context of the incoming message and generates a response that resonates well with the message. You can also give the tool prompts or instructions on how you want your message to be.

Many of these AI email responders will come with a Gmail integration, which is quite convenient and some do not provide an integration to Gmail or other email services, in that case, you need to copy the body of the email you want to respond to and paste in the AI email responder to generate a response. You can also give it some instructions and tone you want to respond in. For example, friendly, professional, bold, calm etc.

7 best AI email responders

This list of AI email responders will help you pick the best one to generate responses to incoming emails.

1. Superreply

Superreply is an easy-to-use chrome extension that will help you respond to emails quickly. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook to enhance productivity and professionalism in email communication. It also offers several features to improve email management and response efficiency,

Key features:

  • Flexibility to reply to emails with different tones according to the context

  • Can be easily set up in Gmail with just one click, allowing you to respond to emails using artificial intelligence conveniently.

  • Ensures that your emails are professional and well-crafted, enhancing your communication effectiveness.\_-AY6NP5firjCrxxGV80fHrk1yruNL3rXMjH0PiS_E1SCz9PX3NN-LZqfW78tVgGvkIFyyuzpG\_5GDPRczmOGnVBOYOhvyhfHkrn4Bx3fMEh4bWmsmfgzJ7WZmFpESDs9Jxxi4mQ24YQ_ZmHdWJvYaI

What I liked about this tool:

What I liked about this extension is how convenient it is to use. I could see the icon as soon as I was about to reply. Also, the tone feature is super useful for somebody having a diverse email to respond to.


Superreply is a free-to-use tool.

2. Nanonets AI Autoresponder

Nanonets email autoresponder is a free-to-use tool provided by Nanonets, which allows users to generate email responses based on provided inputs. It is super easy to use and provides high-quality and professional AI email response

Key features:

  • Utilizes advanced email analysis to comprehend the context and intent of incoming messages.

  • Generates personalized responses tailored to individual customer needs.

  • Continuously learns and improves to enhance the quality of automated email copies over time.\_e5GvMagxUrAcY2i2g6bxNV3Aks1iiFdy2\_MQURi_ouM0-aFnP-Ms_WY_LqW4wu1U2bLQsruGRNIAQuiG4jBAvM_t-5fkPYDECBzXmy2hnaKZABuGpYfcOPn6O6l9fvjbwo7A

What I liked about this tool:

Although this tool was quite effective and didn't require much effort to generate an email response, it isn't as convenient as other Gmail integration tools. I need to come back to this tool to generate another response. Might not be suitable for those who need to reply to several emails at a time.


Nanonets AI email autoresponder is free-to-use.

3. Hyperwrite AI

Hyperwrite AI is a top-notch ChatGPT Chrome extension for email writing, to create persuasive email copies that drive conversions. It crafts engaging blog posts, compelling marketing copy, and captivating social content with its versatile writing capabilities.

Key features:

  • Generate articulate and polished replies to the received emails.

  • Enhances the clarity, tone, and style of your messages by editing them.

  • Can reply in multiple languages.\_lsFS320gNQvUIuph5S3ZyrBh7xmWXfov92XzCPyd0OOCjYdjaVsvqf7ROJ0m59AeXmNUGdQ5A2TIzAbcL3Uf3gIQJOoAXlFPK00MKCC142Q2UfOI1j_M6lSkpo1TlnG4FiarPw-jtsFXSeQjaU3Y

What I liked about this tool:

Hyperwrite lets me choose the quality and length of the email response which is quite useful. Also, it generates multiple responses and I can easily edit the responses that are generated by Hyperwrite.


Plan Features Price
Free Plan Limited access to basic AI tools Free
Premium Plan Unlimited access to advanced AI features $19.99 per month
Ultra Plan Additional features beyond Premium plan $54.99 per month

4. Flowrite

Flowrite is my personal favourite AI email responder as it can instantly help me write and respond to emails in a personalized and appropriate way. IIt helps you write concise and clear email response while ensuring that the right tone is achieved.

Key features:

  • Will give you access to pre-designed templates for the most common email messages.

  • Help you pick the appropriate tone for their messages, ranging from casual to formal, and friendly to polite.

  • Best part? It comes with a chrome extension so you can seamlessly use it anytime.


Pricing Plan Messages per Year Monthly Price (EUR)
Light 200 $4.38
Premium 2000 $13.15
Unlimited Unlimited $26.30

5. Email Tree

Email Tree is another AI email responder which helps you respond to the email messages with their Smart Reply feature and AI-powered suggestions.

Key features:

  • Get real-time responses, so you can have timely conversations.

  • Generate personalized messages in an instance.

  • You can edit and train its AI to better understand and respond to complex questions by your clients.


Plan Conversations per Month Price per Month
Starter 300 $76.69
Essential 1000 $241
Growth 2000 $427
Scale 5000 $986
Enterprise Custom Contact for Pricing

6. Ellie

Ellie is an AI email writing assistant but the interesting part is that it adapts to your unique writing style and composes emails that align with your tone of voice. Your incoming messages are in a different language? No worries, because Ellie can write in multiple languages and create customized responses.

Key features:

  • It recognizes your writing style and tone and generates email response that resonates with it so you never have to worry if your email message seems very "AI-generated".

  • Will make sure that your email message has a courteous tone.

  • Identifies the language of incoming emails and generates replies in that particular language.

What I liked about this tool:

Ellie is great if you want to give instant replies with customized tone and in multiple languages. It provides comprehensive and high-quality AI response for better communication.


Plan Number of replies Price
Casual 100/day $15.86
Pro Unlimited $29.16
Team Unlimited Quote for pricing

7. Remail

Remail is a ChatGPT Chrome extension designed for email composition. It enhances the email writing process by providing faster and improved responses. You need to click a button and select the response as positive or negative, and it composes a good email response for you to send.

Key features:

  • Comprehends the sentiment and context of an email thread, allowing it to generate appropriate reply options.

  • Offers pre-generated positive or negative responses that can be selected with a single click, saving time and effort.

  • Create custom responses, incorporate scheduling links into emails, and tailor the tone of their replies based on personal preferences.\_3xDHIL3Jbv87yiFXfBERWBJrWrJOGBGLhSPS8p5idyGvdr9VjbW7LoprTrSJisBbSAyFIHQ1RR4kTX37yeGMlpR98r36W9SrqetBaOGdPXaws

What I liked about this tool:

Remail is super convenient and just the right AI email responder if you want to quickly reply to the emails with either negative or positive response. The accessebility is what I personally liked the most.


Plan Email Limit Monthly Price
Free 5 emails $0
Starter 100 emails/month $5
Pro 500 emails/month $19
Pro+ Unlimited emails $49

Here is a short summary table of all the AI email responders:

Tool Free trial Gmail integration Pricing
Superreply - βœ” Free
Nanonets AI Autoresponder - ❌ Free
Hyperwrite AI βœ” ❌ Paid
Flowrite βœ” βœ” Paid
Email Tree βœ” ❌ Paid
Ellie βœ” βœ” Paid
Remail βœ” βœ” Paid


These AI email responders will help you generate email replies faster and streamline your workflow, increasing your productivity, efficiency and communication. They are super easy to use and most of them can be integrated into Gmail for a better user experience.

Frequently asked questions

AI can respond to your emails effectively and quickly by understanding the context of the message and drafting a compelling response to send.

There are several AI email responders and writers that will help you quickly respond to an email. For example, Hyperwrite, Flowrite, Remail, NanoNets AI email Autoresponder etc.

Yes! You can use AI to send emails or respond to the emails in a certain tone or language that you like in seconds. AI email responders help you generate email content instantly and respond to people without the need to craft emails.

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