16 Testimonial Questions To Ask Your Customers

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Customer testimonials are endorsements, positive feedback, or accounts of positive experiences shared by happy customers of a product or service. They can prove to be an important marketing tool for you. They provide you with social proof to instill trust and credibility in your brand, add value to your brand image, and give your potential customers something to relate to, persuading them to make a purchase.

However, gathering quality testimonials can be challenging if you don’t know the right questions to ask them. You must ask questions such that the answers to them are in your favor and relevant for the rest of your customers.

In this article, we will discuss 16 testimonial questions that you can ask your customers to get high-quality customer testimonials.

Why is asking the right questions for testimonials important?

Asking the right questions for testimonials is important because it helps you get a targeted response that resonates with your audience and potential clients, making them believe that you deliver customer satisfaction with your products or services.

The right questions for testimonials allow customers to express their experiences in their own way making them more human and personal and yet make these responses be in your favor.

16 Questions to ask your customers for compelling testimonials

These questions for testimonials will help you gather the right customer feedback and create powerful testimonials. You can prepare questionnaires using the combinations of these questions and target them to your customers using email marketing, social media, or other marketing channels.

You can use an ESP like Mailmodo to automate your email marketing campaigns and create AMP-powered interactive emails so that your customers can answer your questionnaire within the emails.

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1. Where do you live and what do you do?

This can be one of the first questions you ask your customer. It helps the customer be comfortable in their natural presence and gives you a slow start to ensure that customers don’t feel intimidated. This question lets you have a deeper understanding of your customer’s background and establish yourself with more authenticity in front of your target audience.

2. How did you first find out about our product or service?

This question helps you understand which channels were successful in reaching your target audience and persuading them to make a purchase. This helps your marketing team to optimize the campaigns for the future, execute the right strategies, create effective marketing content, and choose the right media to increase the efficiency of your communications.

3. When did you first hear about us?

While the previous question delves into how your customers came to know about your product or service, this question helps you know what was the timeline between your first interaction with them and the purchase they made. It also lets you know how much time it took for you to convert your prospect into a customer. It helps you build your customer journey more effectively. It can give you details about how they formed their purchase decisions.

4. What were the problems you faced that led you to purchase our product or service?

This question helps you find the pain points your products are proving to be an effective solution for. It provides information on the challenges your customers and the industry face. It gives potential customers relatable stories and helps them decide if your offerings can solve the challenges they are facing. This question also helps you to know if your product is serving its purpose.

5. What qualities did you expect in our product or service?

This will help you understand what expectations customers hold from your brand and your product or service. It can also give you insights into people's perceptions of your brand. It also helps you understand how your product or service is performing in the market.

6. What other brands or providers did you explore before choosing us?

This will help you know about different companies that share almost the same popularity as you among your customers and can be an alternative option for them. It helps you track and efficiently execute competitor analysis and plan your offerings in a better way. You can identify new niches for and acquire new customers by showing the edge you hold over your competitors and helping you boost sales.

7. What made you choose us over other providers?

It helps you identify the features or services that you are better at as compared to your competitors. This question helps your customers shed light on the strong areas that made you their preferred choice and helps you strategize to promote your strengths more vigorously.

8. What are your favorite features of our product or service?

It helps you know what are the most favorite features and functionalities of your products/services that are liked by your customers. You can use these insights to enhance your features and provide your customers with even better experiences. It shows your potential customers the unique features you offer.

9. How did your life change after purchasing our product or service?

This is an important question to understand the customer's story and how your product or service affected them. It provides a good idea to your potential customers about the multiple benefits of your products/service. Ask your customers about the experiences they had while using the product or service and let them narrate their stories of how your product or service is proving to be useful for them.

10. How was your experience while purchasing the product?

This question will let you delve deeper into how your business process is working with your customers. It helps you answer if your customers are satisfied with your service. It reflects on your customer service and provides evidence to your potential customers that you are able to deliver a smooth customer experience while onboarding and serving new clients. It also lets you identify and improve the overall purchasing experience.

11. Is there any feature that you would like to get added/removed?

This question helps you identify the features that proved to be more useful as compared to the other features or functionalities. It helps you design your products/services according to the demands of your customers and enhance user experience.

12. What is your favorite part about our brand?

This question helps you encourage your customers to narrate what the most unique part about your brand is for them. It assists you in enforcing your desired brand perception in the minds of your target audience and potential buyers.

13. Were there any hurdles while using the product or service?

This question encourages your customers to share their honest feedback about your services. It also helps you identify the areas where your customers face difficulty in using your products and helps you figure out how you can make necessary amendments to match their expectations, enhance customer experience, and make things easy.

14. What are the areas where you think our customer service can improve?

It gets you the most necessary thing to grow as a brand, which is feedback. It lets your customers help you become a better brand. Let them feel that you are dedicated to serving them with utmost seriousness and you are ready to go the extra mile to serve them with the best service. It provides you with a plan for future developments.

15. Did you get value for money?

This helps you define your pricing strategies as well as tell your potential customers if your product is worthy to be chosen against your competitors. It also helps you define if there should be more offerings from your end to match the existing pricing of your products or services.

16. Are you going to recommend our product or service to other people?

This will help you create instances of positive quotes or examples where your satisfied customers explain the reasons they would want others to try your products and services giving your potential customers personal recommendations. It creates a word of mouth for your brand, creating opportunities to engage with your future clients. It also instills in them the idea of promoting your brand even if they didn’t have it in mind in the first place.


All these questions are important and will help you extract and gather valuable, authentic, and compelling customer testimonials and insights and instill trust in your target audience for your brand. It helps you generate more leads by reflecting on the specific areas where you stand strong. This also creates a channel for you to address your potential customers with strong pieces of evidence and cement your presence in their minds.


Questions are testimonials are those questions that you ask your satisfied customers to know more about the customer experience they received while dealing with your brand and while purchasing your product or services. These questions help you gather real, authentic, and compelling testimonials that instill your audience's minds with trust in your brand.

The right questions for testimonials help you gather authentic, compelling, and engaging testimonials by persuading your customers to express how you delivered them a satisfying experience and help you show your potential clients that your product or service is capable of solving real-life problems.

The right questions for testimonials are the ones that help your customers answer naturally and comfortably. They help you create testimonials that are conversational and easy to comprehend for your target audience. These questions help you extract specific details about the aspects that are liked by your customers.

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