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What is a product landing page?

What is the purpose of a product landing page?

What do the best product landing pages have in common?

10 Best product landing page Examples

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10 Best Product Landing Page Examples to Maximize Sales in 2024

Sneha Chatterjee
BySneha Chatterjee

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Is your landing page underperforming, and you're not sure why or how to change it? You're not by yourself. Many business owners have the same issue with their landing pages.

Mistakes such as using the same landing page for several social advertising, confusing the landing page design, or writing extensive material with weak headlines can all reduce conversion rates. Great landing pages do things a little differently, and that is the focus of this post.

So, how can you make an enticing landing page that converts? That is every retail owner's million-dollar question. Although we lack the sure-shot answer, we do have some effective landing page examples to assist you increase conversions in 2024.

But before we get into that, let’s first understand the purpose of a landing page and what do the best pages have in common.

What is a product landing page?

A product landing page in online marketing is a page designed to promote and sell your products. Unlike a website, they are not entirely concerned with conversions. Rather they focus on influencing the visitors' choice.

Consider a person who searches for a specific product, such as a 'spring mattress,' and then clicks on an ad that takes them to a dedicated landing page. This landing page corresponds with the ad's content and clearly states the product's benefits by removing distractions. The content concentrates on key product benefits in a visually appealing and interactive way.

What is the purpose of a product landing page?

Essentially, your product landing page serves three primary functions:

  • Gives a lot of information about your products and helps potential customers envision their life after buying it.

  • Using social proof and other credibility signals, entices visitors to click the call to action.

  • Defines the advantages and benefits of your product to potential customers.

What do the best product landing pages have in common?

These six elements have been observed in the best product landing page examples:

With a warm tone of voice, this text is inspiring and to the point.

  • The headline of a product needs to get people's attention right away.

  • High-quality pictures and videos of your product

  • A summary of your product's advantages

  • Reviews from other people, endorsements, and social proof

  • A strong call to action and details about prices

These components are common among the top product landing pages, yet businesses approach things differently. So, let's look at some of the best examples.

10 Best product landing page Examples

We don't have access to the data for each of these product landing pages, so we can't tell you how well they convert visitors, contacts, prospects, and customers. However, many of them adhere to standard principles while also doing a few unique experiments that may inspire you to create your.

Here are some of the best product landing page examples that you can take inspiration from to maximize sales in 2024:


Orangina breaks the mold by placing all the essential information above the fold. No scrolling required. Visitors are instantly greeted with a vibrant grid of their colorful fruit juice flavors, making it easy to browse and explore without unnecessary clicks. This efficient design respects the visitor's time and attention, creating a seamless user experience.

Moreover, Orangina proudly showcases their core values right on the landing page, prominently stating that every product contains real fruit juice. This transparency builds trust with potential customers and reinforces the brand's commitment to quality.

It reassures visitors that they're making a healthy and flavorful choice, setting Orangina apart from competitors who might use artificial ingredients.


  • They have prioritized efficiency and created a page that's simple and effective in converting visitors into customers.

  • They use interactive elements that add a touch of fun and engagement, inviting visitors to discover more about each flavor.

  • They showcase their brand's core values right in the front to build trust and transparency.


Forget static visuals – Plenaire's page comes alive with moving text and images that dance across the screen in violet and white hues. This 3D effect is not just visually stunning, it's also playful and engaging, grabbing your attention and inviting you to explore further.

Also, product costs are displayed prominently, ensuring transparency and building trust with potential buyers. This strategy works for both premium and budget products, as it allows customers to make informed decisions without surprises at checkout.

As you scroll further, a short video featuring a model applying Plenaire's ‘Tripler’ using ‘Chiffon’—Double Sided Exfoliating Face Flannel—while grooving to music adds a touch of unexpected delight. The catchy title, "Watch our superhero mask and zero waste cleansing flannel in action," highlights the product's unique selling points - its effectiveness and sustainability - in a fun and memorable way.


  • They embrace dynamic visuals and unconventional design to stand out.

  • They are upfront about pricing to build trust.

  • They showcase products in action to highlight their functionality and appeal.


Hilma understands that not everyone wants to wade through pages of text. They offer a concise combination of a high-quality product image and a clear, informative summary. Also, the color scheme is a visual feast. Soothing violet and leafy green complement each other beautifully, while also subtly highlighting the natural ingredients at the heart of Hilma's products.

Beyond the basic information, Hilma cleverly weaves their brand values into the page. For example, interactive pop-ups showcasing the benefits of specific ingredients like fennel, caraway, and anise add a touch of playful interactivity and further connect with the brand's commitment to natural efficacy.


  • They use a complementary color palette that aligns with your brand identity and values.

  • They prioritize conciseness and clarity for effortless information accessibility.

  • They add interactive elements to enhance engagement and showcase product benefits.

Hey Kangaroo

Hey Kangaroo cuts through the clutter with a refreshingly straightforward approach. Their mission? To make top-notch security accessible and understandable for everyone. Their product landing page reflects this perfectly – no cutesy gimmicks, just clear language and value-driven messaging.

Moreover, the product names are clear with a short description about its usability. Also, the prices are mentioned right below the product, helping you make better and faster purchasing decisions.


  • They showcase the benefits and ROI of your product at every step, highlighting how it solves real-world problems.

  • They are upfront about what your product offers and avoid hidden fees or confusing terms.


Landing pages for world-renowned tech giants face immense pressure to impress. But Apple, ever the innovator, delivers a MacBook Air landing page that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.

Bold, attention-grabbing headings like "Strikingly thin and fast so you can work, play, or create anywhere." set the tone, while the accompanying copy is crafted with Apple's signature blend of conciseness and charm.

The minimalist design, with white text on a black background, is easy on the eyes and reflects Apple's user-centric approach. The uncluttered menu with only two options – "Learn More," and "Buy Now" – further reduces decision fatigue and guides users seamlessly towards purchase.

Unusually, Apple includes a section which compares different MAC models. By letting users compare models directly on the landing page, Apple demonstrates transparency and confidence in its product lineup. They're not afraid to show how each model stacks up against the others, encouraging potential buyers to make informed choices without pressure.


  • They capture attention with bold statements and craft engaging narratives.

  • They prioritize ease of navigation.

  • They prove that simplicity and elegance can be powerful tools in conversion.


Sundae's product landing page doesn't skimp on aesthetics. High-quality, vibrant images of the products dominate the page, showcasing the colorful body washes and playful packaging in all their glory. Plus, the landing page greets you with a tempting offer – "Create your own bundle and save up to 20%." This customizable option, front and center, acts as a clear call to action, inviting visitors to become the chefs of their own bath-time experience.

Exquisitely shot images showcasing the product packaging in all its glory add the final touch. The bottles' sleek design and color coordination with the body wash itself create a cohesive aesthetic that's equal parts playful and sophisticated. It's a feast for the eyes that reinforces the brand's playful yet premium positioning.


  • They delight visitors with high-quality visuals that showcase their product's beauty and personality.

  • They empower customers with personalization and choice.

  • They have a clear CTA.


The moment you arrive, you're greeted by a soothing symphony of pastel hues. The product shot, prominently displayed, sits within this serene landscape, its minimalist design blending seamlessly.

Then, the tagline hits you: "We canned a feeling." In three simple words, Recess encapsulates its essence – providing relaxation in a convenient package. This combination of visuals and messaging instantly sets the tone for a peaceful experience.

The "shop" link sits quietly but prominently at the top, ready when you're ready. A floating bundle of cans entices you to buy a 6 pack sampler with different flavors, encouraging purchase without feeling pushy. As you progress down the page, you'll find the expanded product line and curated reviews, all presented with the same minimalist elegance.


  • They use visuals and words to evoke a specific feeling and connect with your target audience.

  • They focus on minimalist copy and focus on product information.

  • They add subtle interactivity to keep visitors engaged and curious.


Onewheel's Pint product landing page isn't just a pretty face; it's a carefully crafted masterpiece designed to turn casual scrollers into eager Pint riders. The product page speaks directly to the target audience: adventure junkies and board enthusiasts.

The landing page explodes with a vibrant video showcasing real riders carving through diverse terrains, smiles plastered on their faces. This visual storytelling paints a thousand words, instantly conveying the joy and freedom the Pint offers. The high-impact music adds to the energetic atmosphere, further fueling the desire to join the ride.

That’s not it! Pint’s product page doesn't just list features; it highlights the benefits each feature brings. "Handlier" paired with a shot of a person holding the Pint effortlessly speaks volumes about its accessibility. This benefit-focused approach resonates with potential buyers, making them envision the Pint enhancing their lives.


  • Craft a narrative that connects with your audience's emotions and desires.

  • Make your product's value proposition and benefits crystal clear, even for newbies.

  • Engage all senses with captivating visuals, music, and user stories.

Helix Sleep

Helix's product landing page isn't just about selling mattresses; it's about finding the perfect sleep partner for everybody. The headline, "Mattresses for everybody," is more than just a catchy phrase. It's a promise that instantly resonates with visitors seeking personalized sleep solutions.

This empathetic approach sets Helix apart from generic "one-size-fits-all" brands, reassuring potential customers that their unique needs will be met.

Instead of overwhelming visitors with an endless list of products, Helix brilliantly categorizes their mattresses by firmness. This allows potential customers to quickly navigate the options and focus on finding the feel that best suits their sleep preferences. It reduces decision fatigue and makes the selection process smooth and efficient.


  • They lead with a strong, inclusive message that resonates with your target audience.

  • They cater to specific needs and niches to broaden their market appeal.

  • They organize their products strategically to streamline the decision-making process.


From the moment you arrive on Beardbrand's fragrance landing page, the rich, earthy color palette evokes a sense of sophisticated masculinity. This visual branding isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it subtly communicates the product's desired image and target audience.

Selling cologne online presents a unique challenge – how do you entice customers without letting them smell the product? Beardbrand tackles this head-on by providing detailed descriptions of each fragrance's primary notes and fragrance family. This descriptive language paints a vivid olfactory picture, allowing visitors to imagine the scent and conjure up their own associations.

Also, each Beardbrand fragrance has a story behind it, woven into the product descriptions with wit and intrigue. These narratives breathe life into the scents, transforming them from mere products into objects of desire and personal significance.


  • They craft a cohesive visual identity that reflects your brand and product image.

  • They bridge the sensory gap with descriptive language and evocative imagery.

  • They weave storytelling into your product descriptions to engage visitors emotionally.

Wrapping up

Product landing pages are an excellent strategy for expanding your business. They can assist you in presenting your product, while also assisting your customers to understand the benefits of having it.

Use this list as a starting point and inspiration for your product landing pages. However, keep in mind that every business is unique. What works well for one brand may not work well for another. And what appears to be unsuitable for your brand may turn out to be an excellent strategy for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Interactive elements, such as pop-ups and videos, can enhance engagement and convey information in a dynamic way. While not mandatory, they add a layer of interactivity that can capture visitor attention and effectively communicate key product benefits.

The choice of colors and visuals on a product landing page is crucial. It not only influences the overall aesthetic but also plays a psychological role in conveying brand identity. Colors can evoke emotions, and visuals should align with your brand's personality, creating a memorable and cohesive user experience.

Storytelling on a product landing page creates an emotional connection with the audience. Craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience, emphasizing the product's benefits and value proposition. Engaging storytelling can make your brand memorable and encourage visitors to explore further.

A clear call to action is vital for guiding visitors toward the next steps. Whether it's making a purchase, signing up for a trial, or exploring more details, a well-crafted CTA should stand out, be concise, and compel visitors to take the desired action, maximizing conversion opportunities.

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