7 Product Bundling Examples To Follow in 2024



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Businesses are constantly seeking innovative strategies to not only boost sales but also offer value to their customers and stay ahead of the curve. One such strategy that has been making waves across industries is product bundling.

Think of instances where businesses seamlessly combine products and services, creating irresistible bundles that drive sales and foster customer loyalty. In this blog, we explore 7 captivating examples of product bundling, showcasing how businesses are leveraging this strategy, including the kind of products they’re bundling together, the discounts they’re offering, why it’s working for them, and so on.

Table of contents

1. Shark - Amazon

Type of bundle: Pure bundle

Link to bundle: Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Bundle

image 874.png

Shark, the renowned home appliance company, understands the struggle of keeping up with cleaning. This Self-Empty Vacuum Cleaner Bundle isn't just a product; it's a cleaning solution. This is a pure product bundling, meaning you cannot purchase the self-empty base station separately. Imagine the convenience of a powerful vacuum cleaner that empties itself into a dust bin that holds months of dirt! This pure bundling strategy caters to busy professionals and families who value their time and a clean home.

2. Samsung - Walmart

Type of bundle: Mixed bundle

Link to bundle: Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with Earbuds and watch Bundle

image 873.png

Samsung, a leader in mobile technology, frequently offers mixed bundles. Here, they've grouped their latest Galaxy smartphone with their watch 6 and Buds Pro 2 at a discounted price (40% and 56% respectively.) This bundle offer caters to the modern, on-the-go user. Customers can choose from selecting, providing some customization within the bundle as well. By offering these bundle discounts, Samsung entices customers with a perceived increase in value and the convenience of having essential phone accessories readily available.

3. Sony - Walmart

Type of bundle: New product bundle

Link to bundle: Sony PlayStation 5 with Spiderman 2 game

image 876.png

The video game industry thrives on new product bundles. Sony often bundles their latest Playstation console with a highly anticipated game. This strategy leverages the excitement of a new release to drive sales of both the console and the game. This effectively incentivizes purchases, fuels initial sales momentum, and creates a perception of great deal/value for the customer, making the bundle a must-purchase.

4. Amazon

Type of bundle: Cross-sell bundles

Link to bundle: Amazon phone case - frequently bought together

image 875.png

Imagine a customer who is buying a fancy new phone case. They might not realize the additional products they need to keep their phone safe. Amazon capitalizes on this by offering to create a bundle that includes a screen protector. This is a classic example of a cross-sell bundle, where a complementary product (screen protector) is bundled with the main product (phone case) to increase the average order value. It also makes the customers appreciate the mindfulness of Amazon reminding them of the things that they might need if they’re buying a particular product.

5. The Body Shop

Type of bundle: Gift bundle

Link to bundle: Fresh & Festive Edelweiss Skincare Gift.

image 877.png

The Body Shop's elegantly packaged gift set features an Edelweiss Eye Concentrate, Edelweiss Cleansing Concentrate, and Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate, showcasing a prime illustration of bundled gifts. This type of bundling strategy enhances the perceived value beyond the individual product costs, rendering them excellent choices for gifts and driving holiday season sales. Moreover, the body shop has a product page dedicated to bundle discounts to streamline the shopping experience by presenting a complete skincare regimen, simplifying the purchase process for customers who would otherwise need to select multiple products for a comprehensive routine.

6. Neonmello

Type of bundle: Inventory clearance bundle

Link to the bundle: Neonmellow clearance bundle deal

image 878.png

Neonmello is a trendy fashion brand known for its chic and comfortable clothing. To clear out their inventory and make space for new arrivals, they've created a clearance sale and product bundles with their best sellers and popular items. This curated bundle includes a cozy lounge top and matching bottoms at a significant discount, encouraging customers to buy the set instead of the top or bottom individually. This strategic bundling enhances the customer experience by bundling together items that go well together and also boosts revenue by enticing customers to add these irresistible deals to their shopping carts. It is an effective strategy for businesses looking to optimize inventory and boost revenue.

7. Cotton On

Type of bundle: BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Bundle

Link to bundle: Cotton on BOGO bundles

image 879.png

Cotton On is a master of the BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) strategy. They frequently offer a promotion where customers can buy one item at an already reduced price and get another piece of clothing of equal or lesser value for free. This entices customers to purchase more than they initially intended, boosting overall sales. BOGO bundles are a particularly effective and efficient way to drive sales of specific items or encourage the exploration of new product lines. They’re also particularly useful for clearing inventories and dead stock.


Product bundling is a versatile marketing strategy that can be used to achieve various business goals. By understanding the different types of bundling and how to implement them strategically, you can create enticing offers that boost sales and profit margins, clear out inventory, and customer satisfaction. Now that you have had a closer look at how businesses implement product bundling, think creatively about how you can use this strategy to benefit your business and watch your sales soar!


Businesses should bundle products that complement each other or fulfill a common need for customers. This could include related items, accessories, or products that enhance the overall experience when used together. For example, a tech company might bundle a laptop with accessories like a mouse and laptop bag.

Businesses use product bundling as a strategy to increase sales, improve customer experience, and optimize inventory. Bundling allows companies to offer value-packed deals, increase average order value, and differentiate themselves in the market.

To sell bundled products effectively, businesses should clearly communicate the added value of the bundle, offer a discount compared to individual purchases, showcase the benefits of using the products together, and create compelling marketing campaigns highlighting the bundle's advantages.

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