13 Latest Email Client Statistics You Should Know

ByFalak Preet Kaur


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Email clients including Gmail and Apple are considered one of the most popular. What is the percentage of these email clients market shares and where do each one of them stand? This guide explores the latest email client statistics you should know if you are interested in various email clients.

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How do we collect this data?

We compiled these statistics from credible sources, including reputable platforms like Statista, as well as comprehensive marketing reports from various renowned email marketing platforms. Our commitment to data accuracy ensures the reliability of the information we provide.

13 Email client statistics to know

This list includes statistics for email clients like Apple, Gmail and Outlook etc., their email opens, webmail, popularity, preferences and other key insights on email clients.

  1. Apple dominates the email client market with a substantial 58.67% share. (Source: Oberlo)

  2. Gmail follows closely behind with a 28.72% market share in the email client industry. (Source: Litmus)

  3. Email opens are divided primarily among mobile clients at 41.6%, webmail at 40.6%, and desktop clients at 16.2%. (Source: Litmus)

  4. The number of email accounts surpasses the combined total of Twitter and Facebook accounts by 3X. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

  5. In addition to Apple iPhone and Gmail, Apple Mail holds a 10.4% share, while Outlook accounts for 6% of the email client market. (Source: Litmus)

  6. In 2022, devices utilizing Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) accounted for an impressive 53.7% of email opens globally. (Source: Statista)

  7. Following Apple, Gmail secured the 2nd position in email opens in 2022, with approximately 28% of the market share. (Source: Statista)

  8. Outlook captured a modest 4.4% of the total global email opens.(Source: Statista)

  9. A survey revealed that 83.5% of respondents between 14 and 18 preferred Gmail as their primary email providers. (Source: Statista)

  10. Gmail is the chosen email server provider for 18.0% of all websites. (Source: W3techs)

  11. Among webmail opens, Gmail has an 85.8% share, while Yahoo Mail accounts for 10.9%. (Source: Litmus)

  12. Apple iPhone is the dominant mobile email client with an impressive 90.5% market share. (Source: Litmus)

  13. Apple Mail Privacy Protection's market share is a substantial 56.44%. (Source: Litmus)

Wrap up

This list of email client statistics uncovers how Apple dominates the email client market, while Gmail is a close second. Mobile opens lead the way, and Apple's Mail Privacy Protection had a significant impact in 2022. If you think any of these statistics are inaccurate or irrelevant in any form or if you want to submit any relevant statistics, please email us at

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