Why Are Your Mailchimp Deliverability Rates Low and How to Improve It

BySuryanarayan Pal


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Are you suffering from low Mailchimp deliverability rates? Following the right email practices but still not seeing any significant improvements in deliverability can be crushing for any marketer.

We know how it feels to put hours into creating high-quality emails only to end up with poor deliverability rates. This guide will discuss what may be causing this and how you can improve your Mailchimp deliverability rates.

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What is email deliverability rate?

The percentage of emails that land in your users’ inboxes from the total number of emails you have sent is the deliverability rate of that email. Suppose if 90 out of 100 emails get delivered to your users' inboxes, your inbox deliverability rate would be 90%. Here is a simple formula to calculate the email deliverability rate.

📭 Email deliverability rate = (Number of emails received in users’ inboxes / Total number of emails sent) x 100

Mailchimp deliverability issues

Mailchimp deliverability issues infographic

Here are common issues causing your Mailchimp deliverability rates to slip.

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1. Poor deliverability performance

The Email Deliverability Report of 2022 revealed that Mailchimp has a 14% spam rate and an 81% inbox placement rate. While the inbox placement rate is acceptable, the spam rate is high enough to cause a noticeable dent in conversion rates and take business away from high-volume email campaigns.

2. Emails ending up in the Promotions tab

Email Tool Tester confirms that Mailchimp’s emails often end up in the promotions tab, which users check the least. It is because the promotions tab is considered to be filled with salesy emails and people generally want to avoid them. So ending up in the promotions tab hurts your deliverability rates but for now, Mailchimp's mechanics don't really help in solving this problem.

3. Email authentication systems not set up

SPF and DKIM are, technically speaking, mechanisms to verify how authentic your email is. In the digital world where more spam emails are shared than genuine emails, SPF and DKIM are every email clients' ways of combating spammers. Not setting up one will signify that you're a potential spammer.

4. Using spam trigger words

Using spam trigger words alerts spam filters, and they’re highly likely to send your email to either the spam folder or promotions folder.

How to improve your Mailchimp deliverability rates?

Here are easy ways to improve your Mailchimp deliverability rates.

1. Set up email authentication systems

Set up SPF to prevent your emails from getting spoofed and DKIM to add digital signature as a trust factor for your email clients. These two authentication systems signal email clients that your email is safe, and they'll allow them to reach users' inboxes.

2. Don’t use spam trigger words

Avoid using these 284 spam words in your email content. Spam filters are constantly looking for spam emails. And even if you aren't a spammer, if you’re using spam words like "lottery" in your subject line, your emails will be directed straight to the spam folders.

3. Run deliverability tests

Run a Mailchimp spam test to monitor your performance and test your mailbox for spam. Tools like Folderly let you see the state of your campaigns and detect any hidden issues before internet service providers take measures. The test also shows whether your CNAME record was updated correctly.

3. Expand your engaged segment

Email segmentation is a powerful method to increase engagement and deliverability. Observe your audience's activity and categorize them into different segments. Send emails frequently to the actively engaged segment to maximize deliverability rates.

4. Remove unengaged segments

No matter how good your emails are, you'll find people who won't be interested. So it's best to cut your communications with this segment of your list. After all, it doesn't make sense to send emails to people who haven't engaged with you in ages, right?

5. Switch to Mailmodo

It is good that you're putting in efforts to follow the right email etiquette. But if that isn't complemented by an all-in-one ESP that continuously strives to improve the overall deliverability rates of its platform, you won't achieve great deliverability rates.

Meet Mailmodo. The one-stop solution you need to accelerate your email deliverability rates.

Boost your email deliverability rates with Mailmodo

Here are the amazing benefits you get when you switch to Mailmodo.

✅ Expert consultation for deliverability

Whether you're new to email deliverability or an experienced marketer with a problem to troubleshoot, our experts are ready to educate you and help you troubleshoot problems may it be related to the ESP (Mailmodo) or marketing. One thing for sure is that we won't leave your guessing alone.

✅ Help with domain warmup

Domain warm-up is the act of sending test emails to a known group of people before using it to send emails to actual customers. This may sound easy but domain warmup is a tricky thing to get. If you've never done it before, you'll face obstacles while executing it. That’s where our experts will help you guide you through the process to ensure that you have a good head start.

✅ We don’t tolerate spammers

If our subscribers use our platform for spam purposes, we'll remove them, so genuine email marketers don't have to suffer the consequences.

✅ Abundant resources on email deliverability

There is tremendous information available on email deliverability to the point where it has become difficult to sort the good from the bad ones. The good news is that we have built abundant resources you can consume in a properly organized manner. Check out our hub of email marketing resources to access them for free.

✅ Our customer success team is always here to help

Don't hesitate to shoot an email at with your doubts about email deliverability, AMP emails, email marketing, etc. And we’ll get back to you in no time. Our customer success team takes pride in its excellent guidance skills.

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Your email deliverability won't improve overnight. But with the help of an all-in-one ESP like Mailmodo, you can jetpack your way to your end goal.

If you want an in-depth guide on more strategies to improve your email deliverability, check out our guide on email deliverability tips that will introduce you to the challenges and the best practices for improving your email deliverability.

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