5 End-Of-The-Season August Newsletter Ideas You Need to Try

ByFalak Preet Kaur


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August marks the season of going back to school after a long summer break, a fresh and lively environment and the end of the summer. This is your chance to freshen up your email campaigns to grab the attention of your subscribers. This guide will help you discover the best August newsletter ideas to try out.

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Special days in August

There are several special days you need to note down in case you want to send a newsletter on a particular day for your niche/ industry. Here’s a list:

Event Date
International Beer Day First Friday of August
International Youth Day 12 August
Independence Day in India 15 August
World Photography Day 19 August
World Humanitarian Day 19 August
Women's Equality Day 26 August
International Dog Day 26 August

August newsletter ideas

In this list, we will explore some august newsletter ideas for back-to-school, fun and engaging contests and games and summer end sales with some free email templates to use for the similar idea.

1. Send offers on school essentials

Type: Newsletter

Best for: B2C, D2C

Since schools are up and running after break, it's the perfect time for you to promote products or services that are required for school or for parents and students ease. This includes stationery, bags, home essentials, study related materials etc. You can choose to offer heavy discounts or offers for parents and students to boost your sales.

Source: Email Uplers

Here’s a sample discount offer email template by Mailmodo you can try for this type of newsletter.

2. Send a back-to-school checklist

Type: Newsletter Best for: B2C, D2C

After a long break, it's not easy for both students and parents to keep track of school materials. It’s your chance to help them out! You can create a useful school essentials checklist or guide that will help the parents check everything out that is essential so they don't have a hard time finding materials at the end time.

Source: Freshmail

3. Hogwarts/ Nevermore themed campaigns

Type: Newsletter Best for: B2C, D2C

As Harry Potter and Wednesday are quite popular among kids and teenagers, you can leverage this interest to engage with your young audience. You can launch special products resonating with Hogwarts or Nevermore for your audience to buy or you can create Harry Potter themed campaigns and newsletters that will help you interact with your audience. For example, a trivia or game related to the topic would be extremely engaging.

Here’s a free Harry Potter Quiz email template to try out this idea.

4. Share your dog story

Type: Newsletter Best for: B2C, D2C

Since International Dog Day falls on 26 August, you can send some fun and interactive newsletters about people with dogs. Since dogs are the most common pets, you can easily get the attention of your audience. For this, you can either celebrate this day by organizing a contest where your audience talks about their favorite pet dog story with a picture and you offer a reward for it.

Or, you can use this free interactive opinion poll email template to create a trivia about common things that dogs do and grab your audiences’ attention.

Another idea will include something for pet shops like this where you can ask people to buy from you and half or some of it will go to a dog shelter.

Source: Adobe Express

5. Announce an end-of-summer season sale

Type: Campaign Best for: B2C, D2C, B2B

Since summer is at its peak during August. This can be a super amazing chance for you to put up a clearance sale for the end of the summer. This includes clearance sales, discounts, buy one get one free offer etc.

Source: Designmodo

Here's a free seasonal offer email template to use if you want to try this idea out.


This was a list of some engaging August newsletter ideas that includes newsletter inspiration for school season, end of the season sale, fun contests and quizzes and helpful guides. You can check out this Marketing Calendar 2023 by Mailmodo to plan your marketing throughout the year. Happy emailing!

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For summer newsletter, you can include things like summer sales, summer season essentials checklist, guides, 4th of July newsletters, etc.

To write a catchy newsletter, you need to align with your goals and brand voice. You can also craft an engaging subject line that makes the user open the email and an open line that captivates the reader.

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