10 Email Icon Resources to Create Compelling Email Campaigns

ByJyothiikaa Moorthy


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It is natural to constantly be on the hunt for good icons to include in your email campaigns. They help you replace heavy images, organize content, and express ideas, so why not. But, finding stunning email icons that are relevant to the content can be challenging.

We want to make it easier by providing you a list of the top websites that contain a plethora of email icons for you to choose from.

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Benefits of icons in email

In these evolving times, using icons in emails has multiple benefits. We’ve listed a few below.

  • Organize content: Icons are used by email marketers to enhance the messaging, make an email shorter, and elicit curiosity. Traditional methods of content organization, such as paragraphs, underlined links, and bold headers, do not have the same aesthetic appeal as columns with icons on top.

  • Highlight positive features and offers: Icons help you to display special features of your product or service to emphasize their benefits. You can also spotlight exclusive deals and offers by using interactive icons together with copy in CTAs to reinforce the action the button wants you to take.

  • Make content visually appealing: Icons are employed to make the content more scannable and visually diverse. Because users are no longer reading emails in depth, an email should be written in a way that can be scanned easily and fast using visuals.

  • Improve brand design: Emails don't live in a vacuum; they're part of a larger design and branding strategy. The more consistent you are with iconography in emails, the more loyal your customers and prospects will be.

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10 best email icon resources

We are pretty confident that you will find the email icons you are looking for in these resources.

1. Icon Finder

Icon finder

Icon Finder has more than 6,000,000 icons in its library and constantly adds new icons every week. They have every type of icon, from minimalistic black ones to intricate and colorful ones. In addition, they have a separate section called Free that sorts out all the free icons, making it simple for you to search for free options.

Icon Finder plans You can choose from free and premium plans:

  • Free plan:

You have access to nearly 200,000+ icons and illustrations in the free plan. But, you have to credit the designer when you use their icons.

  • Premium plan:

They have a Pay-as-you-go plan for $2/icon so that you don't have to subscribe and make a full-time commitment.

They also have a Pro subscription plan for $9/month to invite team members and roll over unused credits to the next month. It's a better plan for cost peruse if you constantly send emails and work with multiple design team members.

2. The Noun Project

the noun project

The Noun Project has 3 million icons to help you communicate any idea you need. They are available in PNG as well as SVG format. They also have many unique icon collections like their "On Wheelchair" collection.

The Noun Project plans You can choose from free and premium plans:

  • Free plan:

You get access to all the icons available in their library, but you will have to credit the creator. Also, there are certain restrictions on where and how you can use it, so check it out before you dive in.

  • Premium plan:

They have three different premium plans (monthly and yearly) for your convenience, and you can choose what's best for your needs. They also have a pay-as-you-go plan for $2.99/icon, slightly more expensive than the IconFinder plan.

3. Roundicons


Roundicons gives you access to over 45,000 icons like flat icons, glyph icons, doodle icons, and more. They all come in a vector format, and you will get an editable file to change the color, size, or design effortlessly.

Like IconFinder, they have a separate section for free icons so you can view them all in one spot instead of searching for them. They also provide custom icons they create specifically for you according to your project's needs and requirements.

Roundicons plans

You can choose from free and premium plans:

  • Free plan:

They have a section of icons to choose from that you can download for free. However, the collection available for free is small and insufficient.

  • Premium plan:

Unlike the previous two examples we have seen so far, they don't have a subscription or pay-as-you-go plan. Rather, they provide icons in bundles that you can purchase according to your needs. They even provide a plan where you can buy nearly all of their icons (44,000) for $99.

4. Iconmonstr


iconmonster icons

Iconmonstr is unique as it only contains icons designed by a single designer called Alexander Kahlkopf, unlike other portals that are just a curated collection of cons from varied sources. Furthermore, the icons are available in multiple formats like SVG, EPS, PSD, and PNG.

Iconmonstr plans

All icons are free to use for commercial purposes, and you don't have to attribute the creator.

5. Icons8


Icons8 has a massive collection of ions, and the best part is that they provide several plugin options with assets like Google docs, macOS, Figma, adobe apps like photoshop and illustrator.

Icons8 plans

You can choose from free and premium plans:

  • Free plan:

They provide a massive collection of 633,100 icons for free. However, they are available in a limited number of formats and lower pixel resolution. And, they require you to link to their website when you use their icons.

  • Premium plan:

They have a package for icons where you have 100 downloads per month for $13, after which you'll have to pay $0.20/icon if you exceed the 100 download limit.

6. Dryicons


Dryicons provides more than 6,7000 different icons with different colors and styles. They provide various formats like PNG, ICO, ICNS, and sizes like 16x16px; 24x24px; 32x32px; 48x48px, and 128x128px.

Dryicons plans

All icons are free to use, and they require that you either backlink to their website or credit them in return. However, read their terms and conditions for more information on usage rights.

7. Flaticon


Flaticon provides you access to more than 6.3 million vector icons and stickers. The icons are available in PNG, PSD, SVG, EPS, and BASE 64 formats. They have arranged their icons into different packs and categorized them based on their subject matter like media, finance, graphs, travel, management, fashion & more.

Flaticon plans You can choose from free and premium plans:

  • Free plan:

You can access all icons in the free plan but only get the PNG format. In the free plan, you have a limit of 10 icons/day for non-registered users and 100 icons/day for registered users. Attribution is required.

  • Premium plan:

They have two options in the paid plan. One is for €7.50/month, and the other is for €9.99/month, which will provide you with 2000 icons/day.

8. Iconshock


Iconshock has a library of 2 million professional icons with more than 30 different styles like Flat, Glyph, Colorful, 3D trendy, Isometric, and so on. They have neatly organized their icons into sets, and you can search for what you want based on the style and the subject matter.

Iconshock plans

You can choose from free and premium plans:

  • Free plan:

You can get the PNG format of the icons up to 128px size in the free plan. They require you to attribute them by backlinking to their website. You can, however, only use it for personal purposes.

  • Premium plan:

You can use the icons for commercial purposes with the premium plan of $79/year. They also have a life plan with a single payment of $99.

9. Material Design Icons

material design icons

Material Design Icons gives you access to more than 26,000 free icons to choose from. You can use this resource if you are starting and need a few basic email icons to use in your campaigns.

10. IconScout

With IconScout, you can design great icons and 3D assets faster. IconScout

IconScout allows you to identify design assets that are most relevant to your search phrase, most popular among users, or assets that have been posted. You can also search by Featured, which will show you high-quality assets that the IconScout staff has hand-picked.

Filter design assets to reveal free options if you're on a budget or haven't yet subscribed to IconScout's All Access subscription yet. You can choose between flat, line, coloured outline, glyph, isometric, doodle, gradient, and rounded icon styles.

IconScout plans

You can choose from the free or premium plan:

  • Free plan

You get access to limited downloads of the icon packs.

  • Premium plan

You are billed annually for all-exclusive access to the complete icons library. Additionally, you get free icons plugins and an advanced color editor to customize your icons with no attributions for $12.99.

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Wrap up

You can find and download a variety of email icons, symbols, fonts, and illustrations from these 10 email icon resources to make your emails more creative. Wondering how to use these icons to accentuate the design of your emails? We have created an article that tells you everything you need to know about email design to make icons a crucial part of your product experience.

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