19 Online Shopping Trends Statistics for 2024

Sakshi Chandwani
BySakshi Chandwani

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With the convenience of browsing and purchasing products from the comfort of our homes, it's no wonder that online shopping continues to grow year after year. As we look ahead, businesses and consumers must stay informed about the latest online shopping trends statistics. In this blog, we will explore 19 key statistics that highlight the current landscape of online shopping and offer insights into what we can expect in the coming years.

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How do we collect these statistics?

A valuable source of data comes from the Ecommerce platforms themselves. This insider data allows us to dig deeper into online shopping statistics, identify emerging trends, and make predictions about future growth. Our sources include: Tidio and Optinmonster.

The rise of smartphones has fueled the growth of mobile shopping, with consumers increasingly using their mobile devices to make online purchases. Mobile commerce, has seen significant growth in recent years, accounting for a large portion of total retail sales. Let's have a look:

  1. The global digital commerce retail sales value is estimated to be $6.3 trillion in 2024, projected to cross $8.1 trillion by 2026 [Source: Meetanshi]
  2. The number of online shoppers in 2024 is estimated to be 2.64 billion. [Source: Meetanshi]
  3. In 2015, the average customer spent about $1,060 on online purchases globally—in 2021, the average online purchase value increased to $2,310. [Source: Tidio]
  4. There are currently between 12 and 24 million online retailers in the world. [Source: Tidio]
  5. 47% of consumers are open to using a chatbot to make an online purchase, and a study by Juniper estimates that chatbots will account for $112 billion in retail Ecommerce sales by 2023. [Source: Meetanshi]
  6. 40% of U.S. shoppers are influenced by social media to purchase a product, with clothing or accessories being the most influential product category on social media. [Source: Meetanshi]
  7. Right now, 70% of Americans are shopping online. In 2022 alone, there were a total of 268 million digital buyers in the United States and by 2025, this number is likely to reach 285 million. [Source: Tidio]
  8. 79% of digital shoppers purchase a product at least once a month. [Source: Meetanshi]
  9. As recently as 2017, online sales accounted for just 1/10th of all worldwide sales. [Source: Tidio]
  10. Britons spend the most on online shopping, with a per capita Ecommerce spend of $4,201. [Source: Meetanshi]
  11. Mobile devices account for 74% of the total traffic on online retail sites. [Source: Meetanshi]
  12. 49% of internet shopping customers pay using digital and mobile wallets. [Source: Meetanshi]
  13. Female online shoppers buy more often per year—on average, 7 times per year, compared to men making online purchases about 5 times. [Source: Tidio]
  14. Men spend, on average, $220 per transaction compared to only $151 per transaction for women shoppers. [Source: Tidio]
  15. Women make purchase decisions 7% faster than men, and many online retailers target women on social media with marketing campaigns that stimulate impulsive buying. [Source: Tidio]
  16. Mobile devices, Apple or Android, smartphones and tablets, are increasingly used for online shopping, with mobile Ecommerce revenue projected to reach $728.28 billion in 2025. [Source: Optinmonster]
  17. A staggering 70% of online shoppers prefer using their cards due to the convenience, security features, and widespread acceptance they offer. [Source: Optinmonster]
  18. 60% of millennials and Gen Z shoppers prefer digital wallets for online purchases due to their speed and convenience. [Source: Optinmonster]
  19. QR code payments dominate countries like China and India, with 55% of online transactions in these regions using this method. [Source: Optinmonster]


As we look towards the future, it's important to stay updated on the latest trends in online shopping. Based on the statistics we have collected, we can see that the online shopping landscape is continuously evolving. From the rise of mobile shopping to the increasing popularity of social commerce, these trends are shaping how consumers shop online. As an Ecommerce business, adapting and staying ahead of these trends is crucial to remain competitive.

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