The 10 Leading Email Copywriting Services for Boosting Your Revenue

ByAparna Seshadri


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It’s important to write emails that are short and engaging at the same time. So, if you want more people to open and click on your emails, it's good to hire experts who are good at crafting the best email copy for the emails.

You have the option of choosing to work with a freelancer or an agency. This guide will help you find the best email copywriting services that can help you make your emails more interesting and work on increasing customers and revenue as well.

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10 Best email copywriting services

Email remains a powerful tool for businesses to connect with the audience and promote products or services while driving conversions. However, crafting an email copy that resonates with readers and encourages action is a skill that not all businesses possess. That’s where professional email copywriting comes to play. Here we go!

1. Chris Orzechowski

Chris Orzechowski

Currently based in New Jersey, Chris has a decade of experience working with over 200+ clients and generating over $100 million in revenue. Not only this, he has helped 4000 students kick-starting their copywriting careers. He has an active blog on email marketing, copywriting, and freelancing.

You don’t own your Instagram following. Instagram owns it. You don’t own your Twitter account. Twitter owns it. You don’t own your YouTube channel. YouTube owns it. YOU own your email list. That database is where the money is. “ ~Chris Orzechowski, Forbes

You can find him at The email copy writer. He and his team help you create excellent converting copies for your email campaigns. We highly recommend working with Chris and his team as they have garnered the likes of Rich Dad, The Motley Fool, and The Hustle, among others.

To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

2. Mayple

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 10.58.35 PM.png

Mayple is an international ecosystem founded in 2017 when four entrepreneurs were tired of making lousy marketing hires. With the world changing, they needed a new model for today’s marketing landscape.

It is a central platform where businesses can effortlessly build and manage remote teams.

So, It's no longer a nightmare to hire an email copywriter based on reviews or fancy sales pitches when you use Mayple. With 600+ vetted experts in the Mayple ecosystems, they have grown to serve the likes of ASUS, Grubhub, and American Express, among others.

To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

3. Luciano Viterale

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 4.33.25 PM.png With his experience in buying, building, and marketing, Luciano is one of today's top copywriters and selling Internet businesses. Ticker Nerd, one of his recent startups, has been acquired by an Australian fin-tech company.

He works as a copywriter and growth marketing consultant for specific clients, such as Zapier and Trends. Clients find him because of his experience acquiring, scaling, and selling his sites and the product manager mindset that helps handle strategy and execution. His copywriting helps improve everything from capturing more subscribers from your landing page to converting them into paying customers.

To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

4. Lime Copywriting

lime Lime Copywriting has been creating first-class copy since 2011. Based in the UK, they cater to clients worldwide, from Europe to Australia, and this was possible as boundaries mean nothing to them.

James is the brain behind copywriting and sees to the day-to-day running of Lime, and they offer a vast array of services, with email copywriting being one among the many. With a team of expert copywriters, producing email copies that fetch results- target sales and increase in signups. Get in touchwith the team to get started on your email journey.

To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

5. Samar Owais

samr Samar Owais is an email conversion strategist and copywriter based out of UAE. Her specialty lies in curating email journeys that turn subscribers into customers and make them return repeatedly. Some of her clients include copyhackers, Paul Jarvis and Joanna Wiebe, Mailmodo, Longplay, Drip, and Hubspot.

Samar’s services have helped solve some tricky onboarding and retention issues people face, such as onboarding, shifting thousands of users to the new version, and how to reach a milestone. Doing so, she saw a 100% increase in retention. Saas Emails are her forte with a two-fold philosophy: she helps brands achieve sustainable retention, leading to massive wins. When she dons the hat of a copywriter, emails rule of one - One message, One reader, and One (type of CTA), if done right, can make huge changes to your list from turning subscribers into customers, free trials to paid subscriptions and existing customers into loyal fans.

To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

6. Ecommerce Boost

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 4.35.21 PM.png Ecommerce Boost is an email marketing agency founded by Jean-Pascal Charles.Their specialties include email and SMS marketing, Growth Hacking, and CRO. As to email copies, they specialize in writing for D2C brands and have gained the likes of brands such as Wine Journey, Beyli, Sugarlash, and BBounce Studio.

One thing that sets them apart from agencies is its impeccable results. Around 80+ brands have found ecommerce boost to be hands-on in helping clients. To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

7. Sara Frandina

sara Sara Frandina has been a full-time conversion writer since 2013. Since then, she had bundled her techniques and results, earning the coveted certified conversion copywriter designation from copy hackers while making a name working for around 75+ businesses.

Since email is a personal invitation to communicate with your prospects, Sara specializes in creating email copies for sequences from welcome, onboarding, nurturing, and everything in between. If you’re on the lookout for a conversion-based copywriter who can write effective emails then contact Sara for a quote. To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

8. Contra

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 4.37.43 PM.png Contra is on a mission to build and fuel an independent community and global team to transform the future of work. Independents build it to navigate the journey from taking on the first project to enjoying the freedom from the traditional 9-5. While building an independent community free from corporate control to strengthen the new global Economy.

Contra rides high with a rating of 4.9/5 and 5,000 votes on the product hunt, in addition to two Golden Kitty awards. Look no more and hire email copywriters from the contra community. To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

9. Mighty fine copy

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 4.38.20 PM.png Rachel is the face behind Mighty Find copy. She helps B2B and SaaS companies to find their authentic voices to differentiate themselves in the market. She is on a mission to add a human touch to brands through human-sounding, emotional and persuasive copy for their websites, landing pages, and emails.

Having trained with some of the best copywriting minds on the planet, she is one of the brightest when it comes to curating copies or devising strategies in the B2B domain.You can show your interest in working with rachel by submitting your interest via the website contact form.

To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.

10. Big Bang Copy

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 4.38.41 PM.png Based in the UK, Big Bang Copy is a copywriting agency on a journey to chalk out copies that grab the user's attention and urge them to take action. With bold and eye-catching writing, it’s turning out to be mostly effective.

Their email copywriting services help increase customer loyalty and grow the brand. Awareness by creating copies that cut through the clutter. They have three offerings on a per-word basis. Get in touch with them to discuss your expectations.

To know more about the service offerings , visit the website.


We live in a time where a battle to secure users’ attention is mightier than ever. Email copywriting services are indispensable for the success of a brand’s email campaigns. With these services, you're not just paying for them but investing in the big growth your email campaigns can achieve. Hiring the right people can make a big impact whether you're a pro marketer or a small business owner. Make the most of your emails!

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Frequently asked questions

An email copywriter is the one who has chosen to niche their work into a single email. Email is a unique media with where by creating email copies you can drive revenues and sales.

There are several ways to get clients for email copywriting. Here are a few ideas: 1.Networking 2.Cold emailing 3.Referrals 4.Freelance Platforms

There are several ways to find potential clients to cold email for your freelance copywriting service. Here are a few suggestions: 1.Research 2. Job Boards 3.Professional Networks 4. Cold emailing

Businesses hire email copywriters to help them create effective and persuasive email campaigns.Email copywriters also help businesses to create a consistent tone and style for their communications, and to ensure that their emails are optimized for deliverability and engagement.

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