4 Best AMP Email Software to Amplify Your Email Campaign in 2024

ByAquibur Rahman


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We see many technology updates in the email marketing industry every now and then, Google's AMP is one such latest trend adopted in email marketing. AMP is one of the efficient ways to develop rapid-loading web pages for different mobile devices, and presently, there are more than 31 million people making use of the AMP. Let's see what AMP is and the best AMP email software you can use to drive the best results.

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What is an AMP email?

AMP for email is developed using JS, CSS, and HTML with the primary goal of creating user-first experiences. The AMP framework works for emails, ads, and websites. It allows interactivity within an email. The email recipient can easily interact with the email component directly without leaving the email like booking a reservation, browsing products, filling out a form, pinning an item to a Pinterest board, scheduling a call, etc.

How do AMP for Emails work?

AMP for email allows users to embed actionable elements like images, forms, carousels, calenders, etc within an email.

For example, Doodle, one of the famous companies known for simplifying the scheduling process, uses the AMP email format for creating a meeting schedule and sending out a list of times for every customer to choose from. The format recipients to submit their form or reply from inside the email.

What are the benefits of AMP emails?

Here are some of the advantages of sending AMP-enabled emails

1. Emails become engaging

By including AMP components in the emails, your emails become rich, engaging, making them dynamic and interactive.

2. Excellent customer experience

With the improved user experience with carousels and accordions inside emails, users will be able to take actions like fill forms and questionnaires inside the emails. Such a user experience will have a positive impact on your brand.

3. Enhanced security of user data

It limits the use of data from 3rd party services to make AMP emails secure. Users will feel more protected and safe as ad components are not allowed in AMP email functionality.

Create and send AMP emails without coding in minutes


How to send AMP emails?

Here are some of the steps you need to follow while sending AMP emails using email marketing software or tools.

1. Validating sender address

Before you begin sending AMP emails, you need to validate your sender address. You can send the request directly from your email marketing within a few steps. You will receive a confirmation email to the sender email address you specified while going through the process. Once you confirm, you are all set!

2. Writing the email code

Now it's time to start creating AMP emails. Before you begin, you need to thoroughly study the specification of AMP emails to understand how it works and how to apply the HTML code in your AMP email.

  • Before sending an AMP email to your subscribers, ensure to test them twice. You can do this by making use of the Gmail AMP for emails. It offers different components that can be used for writing your AMP email code.

  • You can click on the "Preview" button to check out how the AMP email you created looks like.

  • Test the elements like "carousel," "accordion," and more.

  • From the component catalog of AMP, you can take active components.

  • Make use of the {{unsubscribe link}} and other similar standard service variables to add links to the AMP email.

  • If you are using custom variables to add links to AMP emails, the links are considered invalid, and the email recipients will not find the AMP versions. Instead, they see the Email's HTML versions.

3. Adding email code to the campaign

The next step is to add the email code to your template.

  • Pick a favorite email template and look for the "Add AMP Email" check box from the "Message Content" window.
  • Now, add the email AMP code in the input field. The "Next" button will remain active if your AMP code is correct, and you will be able to send your campaign to your audience.

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Factors to consider while choosing an email marketing software for AMP emails

Here are some of the aspects you need to look for while selecting an email marketing software for AMP emails.

1. Ready to use templates & easy to use email editor

Email marketing software offers an excellent way to develop branded emails beautifully. Look for email marketing software that provides mobile-ready and pre-built templates so that you can save a lot of time. Apart from that, drag and drop email template builder also helps in tweaking your AMP emails.

2. User journey builder & email automation

Look for software that will help you build email automation cadence without any complexities. The best email marketing software will have the option for building your customer journey workflow along with email automation sequences.

3. Integration with CRMs and other tools

Your email marketing software should be capable of integrating with the tools you use on an everyday basis. Most importantly, it should integrate with your CRMs and other marketing tools. This way, you can gain valuable customer insights, including preferences, demographics, purchase history, and use them to personalize your emails and track KPIs all in one place.

4. Reports and dashboards

A good AMP email software should include dashboards and reporting options as influential email marketers are developed to be strategic and analyze data to understand the overall engagement metrics. Look for software that can translate the data into actionable insights and visualize them on dashboards.

5. Flexible pricing

Good email software will provide quality features at an affordable price. Ensure you pick an email software that offers flexible pricing options for your business.

Top 4 AMP email softwares

Here are the top 5 AMP email software that is most preferred and trusted by users across the globe.

1. Mailmodo


Mailmodo's AMP for email is a one-stop destination for every email marketing requirement. With Mailmodo interactive AMP emails, you get 3X more sales, leads, customers, responses, and purchases. You can also add APIs, cart, calendar, and web forms in your marketing emails, making the users take necessary actions directly from the inbox itself.

Key features

  • Create emails without the need for coding skills

  • Send triggered and bulk emails easily

  • Track every metric all in one place

  • Integration with different platforms

  • Upload any code snippets or HTML files

  • Design emails within AMP emails using drag & drop AMP blocks

  • Supports email automation, high email deliverability, auto-trigger transaction emails, and more


Simple and affordable pricing. You can pick the right one based on your business requirements. Check it out.

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Description offers an easy Drag-and-Drop email template editor that helps users build dynamic and highly responsive emails. With, you can embed custom HTML code with interactive features, personalize your emails, add sender details before running email campaigns, and track conversions.

Key features

  • Drag and Drop Editor

  • No coding required

  • Pre Designed Email Templates

  • Click-through Tracking

  • List segmentation and Management

  • A/B Testing

  • Click Map

Pricing has both freemium and paid versions. You can check it out here.

3. MailGun


MailGun supports Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages and helps marketers develop actionable and dynamic emails for the recipients.

Key features

  • Validate every AMP template even as a registered sender

  • Integration with different tools

  • Create AMP emails for different actions like customer surveys in which the users need not go to a new tab to complete the action


MailGun provides both freemium and paid versions. You can check it out here.

4. Dyspatch


Redefine everything when it comes to email marketing with Dyspatch. It shortens the conversion funnels by providing the recipient the capability to engage with the content directly in the inbox, just like a webpage. Dispatch enables their audiences to develop a healthier relationship through a frictionless and engaging email experience.

Key features

  • Drag and drop email builder to develop AMP emails in minutes

  • No coding skills are required

  • Approval workflows and annotated comments to save time

  • Superior testing capabilities make you confident to send AMP emails

  • Integration with different marketing tools


There is no freemium available in Dyspatch. If you want to check out the pricing, you need to go on a demo with their sales team.

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Wrapping up

We hope you understand what AMP email software does and have picked the correct AMP email software based on your requirements. We suggest you go with Mailmodo as it supports different features and is suitable for every AMP email. Mailmodo AMP provides you with a website-like experience and therefore makes your job easier. Mailmodo gives you a seamless and interactive experience, real-time personalization, better results & conversion rate, and is completely secure and safe for every AMP email template.

Do you have any other recommendations or queries on the usage of AMP email software? Let us know in the comments.

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