9 Testimonial Video Examples to Accelerate Business Growth

ByMashkoor Alam


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Everyone in the ecommerce industry knows the power of video testimonials. They are considered to be more reliable than other types of testimonials. This is because the audience doesn’t just get to read other people’s experiences without being sure that they come from them, but actually sees them talk about their experiences firsthand.

However, very few are aware of the strategic and optimized usage of video testimonials, which eventually drives growth. We have explored various testimonial videos to find examples that can inspire you and help you build trust and credibility in the marketplace.

In this guide, we’ll discuss 9 testimonial video examples, along with the ideas that each video testimonial is created with and where each idea aims to build a personal connection with the viewer. Whether you're a B2B or B2C marketer, these strategies can be altered to suit your specific goals and target audience.

Table of contents

1. Starbucks

Starbucks is a multinational coffeehouse chain known for its brewed coffee blends and cozy ambiance. They refer to their employees as "partners" and place a strong emphasis on customer service.

This testimonial video shows their employees speaking about how they have connected with their customers on a personal level. This video shows unique employee-customer relationships and portrays the importance of connections over just coffee. Here, Starbucks comes forward and displays how they have built a positive community around their product, which builds credibility.

2. Apple

Apple is a technology giant synonymous with innovation, sleek design, and user-friendly devices that redefine modern lifestyles. Their testimonial videos on social media showcase customers sharing their experiences with various products like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, often highlighting the unboxing experience as part of their overall satisfaction in a great way.

This unboxing video idea works because it goes beyond portraying features and focuses more on the impact the product makes on the user's life. The video explains every single thing that any consumer would want to know before buying it. It also highlights the ease of use and seamless integration of its products.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is a leading multinational technology company known for its software products, including Windows OS, MS Office, and Azure, driving innovation and productivity worldwide. Microsoft portrays how their clients are using and finding their products useful, and how they’re able to solve their problems using the various products offered by the company.

In this video testimonial example, Leatherman Tool Group shares how they were in need of a technology that could provide automation and leverage AI, and how Dynamics 365 turned out to be the best choice for their firm. Similarly, the video also has representatives from Vitaldent, Northdrop, and Johnson talking about how Microsoft allowed them to make more sense of their data.

4. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a trusted name in the wellness industry, providing personalized weight loss solutions and support to different people on their journey to healthier living and focusing on healthy habits and sustainable weight management rather than quick fixes. This makes them stand out in the market among their competitors and successfully gain new customers.

This video takes the audience through a customer's everyday routine and their journey of weight loss, so they are able to connect with the person in the video better. This provides concrete evidence of the effectiveness of Weight Watchers as a product or service, addressing any doubts prospective customers may have.

5. American Express

American Express is a renowned financial services corporation offering premium credit cards and travel benefits, known for its exceptional customer service and global acceptance. American Express focuses the most on customer service and propogates the same via testimonials.

This testimonial video depicts Steven Marks, SVP at First Advantage, speaking about how American Express and Tradeshift have partnered to offer a simple and more secure way to make purchases within Tradeshift Go using American Express virtual cards and how the solution has empowered their employees to make the purchases they need while earning rewards that they can put right back into their business.

6. Hubspot

HubSpot is a leading marketing and sales platform that empowers businesses to grow better by attracting, engaging, and delighting customers.

The testimonial video features Will Curran, founder of Endless Events and a satisfied customer. He passionately shares how HubSpot was instrumental in his company's success story. His authentic emotion and genuine story are highly captivating and prove to be an effective way to gain loyal customers via video ads.

Will and his team use HubSpot's all-in-one marketing and sales platforms to drive new business and have become thought-leaders in the event space by practicing inbound marketing.

7. Udemy

Udemy, a leading online learning platform offering over 180,000 courses in a wide range of subjects taught by experts, empowers learners worldwide to acquire new skills and advance their careers at their own pace. By featuring customer video testimonials and real examples from learners across different countries, Udemy showcases the global effectiveness of their platform.

In this testimonial video, Angela Yu, an instructor at Udemy, shares her story about how the platform has empowered her career as a coder and her desire to make a positive impact on society. The international aspect of the video adds credibility and relevance, attracting prospective learners from various backgrounds.

8. Slack

Slack is a popular collaboration hub for teams, revolutionizing communication in the workplace with its intuitive messaging platform. It also offers integrations for seamless workflow management. Slack has perfectly utilized the hidden potential of customer testimonial video examples by putting forward the problems faced in efficient business communications and portraying Slack as the ultimate solution to them.

This testimonial video portrays the CEO and CCO of Sendle, an Australian-based courier company, discussing how Slack transformed its communication channel. Previously, Sendle struggled for efficient collaboration and sync among different time zones. Slack made communication feasible and seamlessly lucid among various teams of Sendle, even across four time zones. This customer review approach makes the videos more engaging and helps viewers connect with the challenges and solutions presented.

9. Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, renowned for its comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, and service solutions, empowering businesses to build stronger customer relationships and drive growth. Viewers are captivated by the authentic narratives shared by Salesforce customers, as they do a great job providing examples of the benefits and results achieved through Salesforce solutions.

This testimonial video shows Decathlon, an established sports brand, speaking about how their numbers went 1.5 times higher when they used Salesforce software. Decathlon incorporates data-driven results to quantify the impact of the platform, and by sharing authentic stories of success and satisfaction, Salesforce ultimately drives growth and success. Decathlon portrays how Salesforce helped them leverage the power of analytics for each of their employees, empowering their employee base.


Think of testimonial videos as windows into the firsthand experiences of your satisfied customers. These examples help humanize your brand, building a sense of trust that no other marketing tactic can come close to. By including different testimonial videos, you can effectively network with a broader audience and have someone assure them that you’re the right choice for them.

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A compelling testimonial video is one that creates an emotional connection with viewers and effectively communicates the benefits of a product or service. It features real customers sharing their experiences and providing social proof and brand awareness. The authenticity and relatability of the video make it compelling and impactful.

The ideal length for a testimonial video depends on various factors, including the audience's attention span, the complexity of the product or service, and the marketing strategy. Generally, testimonial videos should be concise and engaging, ranging from 1-3 minutes. However, longer testimonial videos can be effective if they provide valuable insights and manage to engage the audience throughout.

The frequency of updating testimonial videos depends on various factors, including the rate of customer feedback, changes in the product or service, and the marketing strategy. As a general guideline, it is recommended that the marketing team should update testimonial videos periodically to reflect the latest customer experiences and maintain the relevance of the brand image.

Professional production can greatly enhance the quality and impact of testimonial videos. It ensures high video quality, professional editing, and attention to detail. A production company can help create a polished and visually appealing video that aligns with your brand image and effectively promotes your product or service.

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