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How does the Yahoo spam filter work?

How to pass through the Yahoo spam filter?

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How to Pass Through the Yahoo Spam Filter to Land in Customer’s Inbox

Suryanarayan Pal
BySuryanarayan Pal

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Yahoo mail’s spam filters actively look for spam emails and throw them into the spam folder. It might do the same to your emails. But, if you take some precautions, you can lower the probability of ending in the spam folder.

So, let’s dive in to learn how to safeguard your emails from Yahoo spam filters.

  • How does the Yahoo spam filter work?
  • How to pass through the Yahoo spam filter?
  • Wrapping up

How does the Yahoo spam filter work?

Yahoo mail’s spam filter looks for specific signals in emails such as a blacklisted IP, poor domain reputation, user complaints. If it finds any of these signals in emails, it’ll put them into recipients’ spam folders.

How to pass through the Yahoo spam filter?

You’re probably aware of the apparent things like maintaining a good domain reputation and getting your customers’ permission. So let’s learn about things you can do to improve Yahoo mail deliverability specifically.

1. Check if Yahoo blacklisted your sender IP

You won’t be able to send emails in the first place if Yahoo has blacklisted your sender IP. Instead, you’ll just receive an error message after sending your emails.

To resolve this issue, first, you must check if you are listed in The Spamhaus Block List and if you’re in their list, you must delist yourself. Since Yahoo uses Spamhaus to identify spam emails, it’ll treat you as spam as long as you’re on Spamhaus’s list. So you can avoid being backlisted by Yahoo if you delist yourself from Spamhaus.

2. Use Yahoo spam filter tools

You can use Glockapps’s spam checker to see where your emails are delivered in Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, and other email clients. It’ll show you whether your emails are delivered in the spam folder, inbox, updates, or other subfolders.

It’ll give your email an overall spam score after running it through Google Spam Filter, SpamAssassin, Barracuda, and Mimecast. The tool will also give you ways to change your content to improve your email deliverability.

3. Ask users to add you to their contact list

If someone makes an effort to add you to their contact list, it means you are important to them, right? That’s what Yahoo will think. So ask your users to add your email address to their contact list.

You can do this by sending an email specifically asking to add your email address to the safe sender's list or you can add a snippet of steps in your regular emails.

4. Send relevant content

Having an excellent domain reputation, a non-blacklisted IP is great. But your users will still mark you as spam or junk mail if you send them irrelevant content.

Users wouldn’t like to receive emails about political debates if they are not interested in politics. So if you still send political content to uninterested users, they’ll mark you as spam. This will signal to Yahoo that you’re not sending helpful content. Thus it’ll put your future emails in the spam folder.

So ask your audience about what they want and only send relevant content. You can do this by setting up preference centers. It will help you get insights into users preference and then you can send relevant content that they want.

5. Don’t mix up your sending frequency

Some users may choose to opt-in only to your weekly email list. You should respect that decision and only send them your weekly emails. If you send daily emails to your weekly list, you’re likely to be marked as spam. Send emails to your users when they want you to.

Wrapping up

Nobody wants to end up in the spam folder, and I’m sure you don’t want it too. You can safeguard many of your emails against Yahoo email spams by checking for a blacklisted IP, using spam checkers, sending relevant content, and following other tips mentioned in the guide.

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