How to Reduce Your Constant Contact Spam Rate?

Suryanarayan Pal
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If you've been observing a spike in your Constant Contact spam recently, you're not alone. High spam rates are discouraging because they stop you from reaching your users' inboxes and adding value.

So to help you improve your Constant Contact spam rate, this guide has laid out the likely reasons for it and steps you can take to reduce it.

  • What are spam emails?

  • What is the spam rate?

  • Why do Constant Contact emails go to spam?

  • How do you stop Constant Contact spam?

  • Go spam-free with Mailmodo

  • Takeaways

What are spam emails?

When marketers send unhelpful emails in bulk without the prior consent of users, they're categorized as spam emails.

You may be thinking, "I always send helpful emails promptly and have taken users' consent in the signup form. So why are my emails still ending in spam?"

This question can be answered in two parts: Your mistakes and your ESP's mistakes. You may be unknowingly committing spam practices that alert spam filters. And maybe, there are a few inherent problems with your ESP that lower your email deliverability.

So we have to discuss these two factors and reverse engineer to lower the Constant Contact spam rate. But before that, you've to understand the concept of spam rate.

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What is spam rate?

Spam rate is the percentage of people who mark your emails as spam out of the total number of people who received your email. And it is a standard to maintain your spam rate below 1% and ideally 0.1%, so you don't get banned from any email providers and continue reaching your users.

But if your Constant Contact spam rate is higher than 1% or moving in an upward trend, you should try reducing it so as not to suffer any consequences.

So let's discuss a few likely reasons for it and how to fix them.

Why do Constant Contact emails go to spam?

Here are a few possible reasons why your Constant Contact emails are going to spam.

Blacklisted IPs

Constant Contact user discussing Constant Contact's backlisted IP issue

Source: Constant Contact Community

The above image shows a Constant Contact user expressing their concern about the blacklisted IPs of Constant Contact. They found the IPs from Constant Contact to be in many blacklist databases such as Mxtoolbox. So, if you're seeing a high Constant Contact spam rate even if everything seems right, shared blacklisted IPs may be the hidden reasons.

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Poor deliverability rates

Constant Contact deliverability report

Source: Email Deliverabilty Report

Email Deliverability Report has tested different ESPs to find their average deliverability rates. This test found that Constant Contact's 17.19% of emails were going to spam, and 4.40% of emails got lost. So 21.59% of emails didn't reach users, which isn't good news for email marketers. If this happened in a high-volume email campaign, those 21.59%% of emails could've brought significant money if they reached users' inboxes.

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Not cleaning up your email list

You may also be unknowingly following practicing spam practices, including having a generic email list. So you should clean your email list by removing people who aren't engaged with your emails. If you still send emails to unengaged users, they'll mark you spam, resulting in higher spam rates. Read how SBNRI maintained their email list hygiene with Mailmodo, leading to a 16% increase in open rates.

How do you stop Constant Contact spam?

Follow these steps to stop Constant Contact spam:

1. Switch to a dedicated IP address

Shared IPs are the ones that suffer the most from blacklisting. This issue is less likely in dedicated IPs (which only a single user or business uses) where a single owner's action will determine its reputation. So if you follow good email practices and become a responsible email marketer, dedicated IP is one of the best investments you can make.

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2. Improve deliverability rates

You can't do much about the ESP issues. However, there are a few things in your control that can improve your deliverability. Setting up SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is important because inbox providers use these mechanisms to identify how legitimate an email is. If you set up these, you're basically telling inbox providers, "I'm the real deal."

You should also stop sending email blasts (i.e., sending a generic email to everyone on your email list). Sending email blasts is what scammers generally do and if you follow this strategy, you'll also make yourself look like a scammer.

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3. Clear up your email list

You want to generate the maximum ROI for your campaigns, right? Then cutting your ties with uninterested users is a smart decision since these people won't buy from you. So in your ESP, look for people who haven't engaged in a while and remove them from your email list.

πŸ’‘If you want an in-depth analysis, check out our comprehensive review of Constant Contact.

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But domain warmup can be tricky to execute if you haven't done it before. That's where our experts will help you guide you through the process to ensure that you have a good head start with your new domain.

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Stay strong, and don't discourage yourself from a temporary hike in your Constant Contact spam rate. If you follow the strategies laid out in this guide, you can expect a noticeable improvement in your spam rate.

Interested in exploring more information on why your emails go to spam and how to fix them? Then read our guide 9 reasons why your emails land in spam that'll expose you to many more reasons for email spam and strategies to deal with them.

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