How to Lower Your Sendinblue Spam Rate

Suryanarayan Pal
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Are you seeing a recent spike in your Sendinblue spam rate and your emails being redirected to the spam folder? Does that high spam rate make you feel like a spammer who sends deceptive emails without caring about users?

Inbox providers may be treating you as a spammer but we know you’re not one. We know you’re one of the good gems who adds value and always helps their customers. So why are your emails still ending up in spam? Is it due to issues caused by Sendinblue?

The answer may be that you're unknowingly following spam practices. Or your ESP has got issues that are hindering your deliverability.

Keep reading as this guide will answer your questions and will help you lower your Sendinblue spam rate.

  • What are spam emails?

  • What is spam rate?

  • Reasons for high Sendinblue spam rate

  • How do you reduce the Sendinblue spam?

  • Go spam-free with Mailmodo

  • Takeaways

What are spam emails?

Emails that are sent in bulk without taking consent from users are called spam emails. These emails are sent with the intention of reaching as many people as possible with as little effort as possible.

Sending high-quality emails takes time and effort. You’ve to personalize the content, follow an email cadence, remove unengaged users, etc. Spam emails don’t follow any of these practices. Spammers just write

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What is spam rate?

Spam rate is the number of people who marked your email as spam out of the total number of people who received that email. So if 200 people received your email and two of them mark you spam, your spam rate is 1%. You've to maintain the spam rate below 1% which is the industry standard.

But as you check your email tracking tool, you may notice your spam rate to be more than 1% or moving in an upward trend. But why?

So let's discuss a few major reasons for your high Sendinblue spam rate and how to fix them.

Reasons for high Sendinblue spam rate

Here’re a few common reasons why your Sendinblue emails may end up in spam.

• Poor deliverability rates

Email Deliverability Report has done a recent test to find out the deliverability rates of different ESPs. In this report, it was found that Sendinblue had successfully delivered 79.71% of emails to the inbox, 16.24% of emails to the spam folder, and the remaining 4.05% of emails got lost.

These aren’t the ideal stats a serious email marketer would desire from their ESP as that 16.24% of emails could bring significant business if they ended up in users’ inboxes.

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• Using blacklisted IPs

Inbox providers use third-party blacklist databases to find spammers. Even if you're not a spammer but use a spammer's blacklisted IP, you'll not get any good treatment from inbox providers. And in the free plan of Sendinblue, your emails will be sent from a shared IP that may be hijacked by a spammer.

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• Not warming up new IPs

Inbox providers don't really like new IPs since spammers often set up new IPs just to send junk emails. So if you start sending high-volume emails without warming up your IP address, there is a high chance that email will land in the junk folder. So you're unknowingly acting like a spammer and seeing your Sendinblue spam rate spike.

• Using spam trigger words

Apart from sending bulk emails, spammers also use certain types of content and words in their emails to deceive people. So if you unknowingly use similar types of content these spammers use, guess what will happen? Your emails will end up in spam. So this may be the hidden reason why your Sendinblue spam rate is high.

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How to reduce the Sendinblue spam rate

Here are the steps you can take to reduce your Sendinblue spam rate:

1. Switch to a dedicated IP address

A dedicated IP address lets you have complete control over its reputation and other spammers won’t hurt your IP since you’re the only owner. But the requirement is that you must follow good email etiquette and practices, otherwise, inbox providers will also blacklist your dedicated IP address.

2. Warm up your domain

Warming up is the practice of making your new domain familiar with inbox providers so they won’t send your emails to spam when you start high-volume emailing. You do this by sending emails to a small number of users who will open your emails. Then after some time and initial engagement, you can eventually start sending your high-volume marketing campaigns.

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3. Be aware of spam-like content

“Lottery” “Jackpot” and “$$$” are some of the words and symbols spammers commonly use in their emails. So if you unknowingly use such words in your subject line and email body, you’ll likely end up in spam. Besides that, try adding links instead of attachments since inbox providers can consider attachments as potential viruses.

Go spam-free with Mailmodo

We at Mailmodo do everything to maintain a very low spam rate for our customers by banning spammers, maintaining high-security standards, and more. Here is what you’ll get when you work with Mailmodo.

✅ Expert consultation for deliverability

We have a dedicated email deliverability expert team that will help you figure out the reasons behind low deliverability and come up with a solution to help you land in the user's inbox. Read how SBNRI improved their email deliverability with Mailmodo, leading to a 16% increase in open rates.

✅ Help with domain warmup

Domain warmup is a practice of warming up your new domain by sending a small volume of emails. This helps inbox providers get to know your domain and won’t assume you as a spammer who has set up a new domain just to send a high volume of spam emails.

But domain warmup can be tricky to execute if you haven’t done it before. That’s where our experts will help you guide you through the process to ensure that you have a good head start with your new domain.

✅ We don’t tolerate spammers

We want only genuine email marketers to use our product. So if we find any user who receives consistent spam complaints or consistently follows any spam practices, we’ll block them from using our shared IP address so genuine users like you don’t have to suffer as a result.

✅ Abundant resources on email deliverability

It can be difficult to grasp email deliverability concepts and put them into action. That’s why we have developed resources for email marketers of every level to upgrade their knowledge and skills with our email deliverability resources. We also have a hub of email marketing resources that you can access for free.

✅ Our customer success team is always here to help

Finally, just shoot them at our customer success team if you have any issues. You can contact us for help via customer chat or by email at, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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If you fear a high spam rate and spam folder and want to avoid them at any cost, then you’ve to stop acting like one. Be aware of mechanisms inbox providers have put in place, such as spam filters, to block these scammers, and do the opposite. Overall, if you respect your users’ privacy and only send valuable and targeted emails, you got a few things to worry about.

If you want a complete ESP well optimized to reduce spam and a team that’ll always be there throughout your journey, Mailmodo should be your tool of choice. Sign up today or book a demo with us to enjoy all the benefits.

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