12 Social Proof Examples for Better Marketing in 2024

ByMashkoor Alam


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Remember those days in school when a friend would get a new pencil case and could not stop talking about how cool it was? And the next time you would go to get a pencil case for yourself, you would want to get the same one over all the other options available. This is a classic example of social proof in action where you decide to buy something because you see that other people approve of it. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people look at the experiences of others to decide what they should do themselves. Different types of social proofs can be effectively used in marketing to increase customers’ trust in your brand.

Here is our selection of some unique and interesting examples of social proof being used by renowned brands to help their customers make the right choice and increase their conversions:

Table of Contents

12 Social proof examples

1. Mailmodo

image 905.png image 906.png

Forms of social proof used: Expert ratings, statistics, user testimonials

Why we think it’s effective: Mailmodo is an e-mail marketing platform that makes use of the AMP framework. On this page, they effectively use statistics such as industry expert ratings such as the G2 Rating and the number of countries, companies and emails. The user testimonials are also arranged in an interesting manner. One review is attached to each key feature of the platform. The reviews also have images of the reviewer attached to them, which makes them appear more genuine.

2. HRX

image 915.png

image 891.png

Forms of social proof used: Celebrity endorsement, statistics, client logos

Why we think it’s effective: HRX sells fitness and lifestyle products. The website effectively uses pictures of Hritik Roshan who is known for his fitness. Fans of the movie star are immediately reminded of his iconic characters.

The website asks users to be a part of his “tribe” and associate with him. Additionally, the number of community members and affiliate partners increases trust in the brand.

3. Duolingo

image 892.png image 893.png

Forms of social proof used: Statistics, video case studies

Why we think it’s effective: Duolingo is a language learning platform. On this page, they use various statistics from their platform in the form of top results. They also provide links to various types of research-based evidence.

Apart from data, they also make an emotional appeal by asking users to “meet real Duolingo learners”. All the video testimonials in the section are about people being able to feel closer to other people. By including the faces, names and designations of their current customers, they increase the authenticity of the social proof they are using.

4. Topicals

image 894.png image 895.png

Forms of social proof used: Bestseller/top-rated tags, user testimonials, media mentions, certifications and awards

Why we think it’s effective: Topicals is a brand of beauty and skin-care products. Their page is an excellent example of the subtle incorporation of different types of social proof into their catalogue. The products have award badges on them and achievements appear as moving text underneath. They also mention the media sources that have featured them.

The customer review, too, is very detailed. They contain attribution information like the customer name, product and rating. The before-after pictures are also fine examples that use social proof through which potential customers can clearly see the difference the product makes.

5. Mindvalley

image 896.png image 897.png

Forms of social proof used: Media mentions, case studies

Why we think it’s effective: Mindvalley, a personal growth platform is effective in building trust. Their landing page highlights the media attention they have received to increase legitimacy. The beautifully organised page on case studies is also highly effective. They have a large number of customer testimonials and also provide pictures of the customers.

6. Spotify

image 900.png

Forms of social proof used: Influencer endorsement, statistics

Why we think it’s effective: Spotify is one of the most popular music and podcast streaming platforms. Their “Spotify Wrapped” is a much-popularised social media phenomenon.

Social media influencers, as seen in this Instagram reel, share their Spotify Wrapped pages as a way to share their music tastes. It has also become a popular personality test in a sense and lets users bond with each other. This is also a great way by which the company increases their share of user-generated content.

7. Dark Fantasy

image 901.png image 902.png

Forms of social proof used: Celebrity endorsement, user-generated content

Why we think it’s effective: Dark Fantasy markets a range of cookies. Their home page is a great example of the usage of celebrity social proof. The page uses the picture of Shah Rukh Khan who is considered the “King of Romance” in India. It invites the consumer to step into a “world of fantasy” with him. The website visitor is also asked to participate via social media posts by posting images, increasing their inbound user-generated content.

8. Headspace

image 904.png image 903.png

Forms of social proof used: User testimonials, statistics

Why we think it’s effective: Headspace provides guided meditations to users of its app. The reviews from happy customers are placed in an overall calming page design. These reviews also have the names of the customers along with the context of what they’re talking about. The appeal is also made to join the “millions” of people who are already using Headspace along with information on their rating, number of downloads and the number of ratings they got.

9. Paperboat

image 908.png image 907.png

Form of social proof used: User testimonials

Why we think it’s effective: Paperboat is known for its juices and snacks. The use of social proof is very interesting here. Not only are product reviews used, but there is also an appeal to tradition in their branding. This gives the message to potential customers that Paperboat is approved by people we trust- for instance, a teacher. It also displays the variety in their customers by displaying the profession of the customers and the creative photons also seem attractive.

10. Blendjet

image 909.png image 910.png

Forms of social proof used: Media mentions, user testimonials

Why we think it’s effective: Blendjet is a company that sells portable blenders. The page contains a list of logos of the platforms that have featured their products. The online reviews that are displayed are also carefully chosen according to their target audience. One of the reviews is by a mother buying the blender for her athlete daughter. The reviews are also easy to cycle through allowing for easy viewing of many reviews on the same page.

11. Soulfull

image 911.png image 913.png

Forms of social proof used: Media mentions, awards and certifications

Why we think it’s effective: Soulfull markets millet-based cereals and snacks. This particular page is a good case study in increasing legitimacy through social proof. The page prominently displays all the awards that they have received. Scrolling further, we find links to multiple articles where the brand has appeared, along with the dates and direct links to read the article.

12. Fempower Beauty

image 914.png

Forms of social proof used: Media mentions, user testimonials, influencer marketing

Why we think it’s effective: Fempower Beauty, a makeup brand provides an eye-catching way to display reviews. There is a banner showing media mentions above the review. The photo of the reviewer is also very striking and directly asks the user to try the lipstick in the review that comes with the name of the reviewer and also a star rating. You can also scroll through the testimonials by clicking on the arrows. They also partner with the famous Instagram influencer Blair Imani to build brand awareness, as can be seen in this Instagram post.


Social proof can be used in different ways to increase engagement and boost your conversion rate. User testimonials, expert ratings, celebrity endorsements and media mentions are among the best ways to do this. These methods can be used in a wide variety of creative ways, as seen above. You can take inspiration from these well-known brands to display social proof on your website and make sure that your social proofs create a maximum affect on your potential customers. Using them in the right way will also give you an edge over your competitors and help you generate even more user-generated content.

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Small businesses can start by incorporating user reviews and testimonials on their websites. They can also reach out to their social media followers and influencers to help promote their business on their social media platforms such as Instagram stories.

New customers are most likely to buy from a brand when they feel that they can trust it. More social proof increases the perceived value of the brand and reduces customers' decision-making anxiety.

Yes, there are certain concerns such as false and exaggerated reviews that are unethical. There are also concerns about social proof encouraging biases and stereotypes. Brands should be mindful of these concerns while using social proof strategies for marketing

Social proof widgets are tools or plugins that businesses can add to their websites. They display real-time notifications of various customer actions. These widgets show recent interactions or purchases made by other customers and create a sense of credibility.

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