Achieve higher RoI with Influencer Marketing

Join Abhinav, co-founder and a restless monk of Influencerbit, and Surya, Mailmodo’s friendly email marketing nerd, to talk about how influencer marketing with emails can bump up your ROI.


Thursday, Feb 17, 2022


01.30 PM -

02.30 PM

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About the episode

Influencer marketing as a marketing channel has been there for a long time. But with the rise of the new normal, consumers are moving completely digital.

In 2022, micro-influencers are expected to play a bigger role. While they may have fewer followers than macro-influencers, their audiences tend to be more engaged and more likely to take action.

Micro-influencers can help reduce a campaign’s advertising cost per action while still widening a brand’s reach.

But it’s challenging to find the right influencers for your product.

In this episode of Mailmodo's Growth Chat, Abhinav, Founder @ Influencerbit, spills his influencer marketing tactics and how email marketing can help you get more influencers on board. Join us where we discuss:

  • ✅ The micro-influencer marketing strategies - what works and what doesn’t
  • ✅ The underexploited role of email as a channel in the influencer marketing game
  • ✅ Generating higher RoI with influencer marketing
  • ✅ How can you effectively work with an influencer
  • ✅ The future of influencer marketing - will it be where we want it to be or will it just be another kind of advertising?

    This is a freewheeling chat with limited RSVPs. Grab yours and we will see you there.

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