8 Coupon Examples to Inspire You and Increase Sales

ByNitesh Chand


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A 2018 study found that 83% of people say coupons influence their shopping, leading 39% of customers to try brands they normally wouldn't and 38% to buy more than usual. Not only that, but 39% of customers bought more items than they normally would because of a coupon. So, if your customers are looking for great deals, why not satisfy them by offering those deals directly?

In this guide, we'll dive into 8 powerful coupon examples that you can follow to attract more customers, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty. Each example will show a different strategy and approach to using coupons effectively in your marketing efforts.

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The Road Raves Cyber Monday Sale at, which ran from November 28th to December 2nd, 2022, was a real game-changer for car owners. They offered an impressive 30% discount on key replacement parts like headlight bulbs and bumper guards with the code CYBER30.

And for those looking to buy a wider range of items, there was a 15% discount available on thousands of parts and accessories from trusted brands like Key Parts and Timken, just by using the discount code CYBER15.

What made this sale stand out was the sheer breadth of the offers. Beyond these special discounts, also featured massive reductions on their best-sellers, including headlights, fenders, and bumper covers, with some items up to 70% off.

2. EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect grabbed attention with their layered offer at the perfect time of the year. They had the whole "Buy 1, Get 1 Free + 20% Off Lenses +10% CASH BACK" with the code BOGOSUN, which was a big hit during early spring. But wait, there's more! For Focus Rewards members, they amped it up: "Buy 1, Get 1 Free + 35% off Lenses for Focus Rewards +10% CASH BACK" with SUNPERKSCOPY. This was more than just a special offer; it was like a festival for eyewear fans. Shoppers had a field day, choosing from stylish frames, and those codes, BOGOSUN or SUNPERKSCOPY, were like magic wands that unlocked all sorts of awesome deals. These offers wrapped up on March 10th and 3rd, 2024.

3. Carter’s

Carter's, a beloved name in children's apparel, offered a deal as sweet as an Easter basket: "50% Off Sitewide + Extra 20% Off Easter Styles" with the code BUNNY20. This sale was a fantastic opportunity for parents and guardians looking to dress their little ones in adorable Easter outfits without breaking the bank.

Customers easily took advantage of this unique coupon by visiting Carter's personalized website, where a wide range of charming and high-quality children's clothing awaited. By applying BUNNY20 at checkout, savvy shoppers reveled in substantial savings.

4. Mama Bird Box

Back in February 2023, Mama Bird Box had a special deal for their new subscribers. They celebrated Valentine's month in style by offering a special gift. New members who signed up using the code EXTRALOVE received a FREE Valentine’s gift in their first box. It was their effective way of sharing a bit of extra love and appreciation with the newest members of our community.

The response was incredible, and Mama Bird Box expressed their gratitude on social media to everyone who helped spread the word by liking and sharing their posts. Although this offer has ended, they continually plan new and exciting things for their subscribers.

5. IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics, a beauty favorite online store, created a buzz this past spring with a tempting offer: a 30% discount on select products, plus an extra 5% cashback on their new products using the code SPRING30. Customers flocked to grab their beloved cosmetics and skincare items. This savvy promotion, which ended on March 11, 2024, was a clever play by IT Cosmetics. It wasn’t just about the savings; it was about creating an air of exclusivity and urgency.

The limited-time deal made waves online, pulling in beauty enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike. By strategically crafting this offer, IT Cosmetics boosted engagement and sales and also reinforced its status in the competitive beauty market.

6. Bonobos

Bonobos, a popular men's clothing brand, really hit the mark on Cyber Monday using their Twitter account. They've got a big crowd following them online - we're talking over 42.5k fans. On Cyber Monday, they rolled out a bunch of cool deals on Twitter, one after the other, with coupon codes like CYBER30. They'd post something like, “Quick, the first 50 to respond get this deal!” or “We've only got a few of these left!” It was all about making these offers feel special and limited.

The result, they were snapping up deals left and right, and even more people started following Bonobos to get in on the action. By creating this buzz and urgency around their products, Bonobos turned their Twitter page into a real hotspot for sales on Cyber Monday.

7. H&M

Back in October 2020, H&M launched a spectacular coupon campaign, offering 30% off on their entire collection. This discount coupon was applicable on everything from trendy fashion items for men, women, and kids, to a diverse selection of shoes, bags, and accessories.

The excitement heightened when H&M introduced additional unique coupon codes, giving customers an extra 10% discount. Shoppers could use the promo code (D599) to help themselves with the additional discount.

To reach their target audience, H&M used Facebook, a powerful tool for connecting with shoppers. They set up a Facebook Business Page and managed their sales promotion through Facebook Ads Manager, targeting consumers who appreciate high-quality fashion at affordable prices. H&M also leveraged third-party coupon apps like Woobox and AgoraPulse, ensuring a broader reach.

8. Airbnb

In February 2024, Airbnb launched a targeted email campaign to re-engage customers who had shown interest but did not complete their bookings. This campaign featured a compelling offer: "30% Off Your Order – Limited Time Offer!" Accompanied by the coupon code "LIVE10" the email list and the email itself were designed to remind customers of their unfinished transactions and incentivize them to finalize their bookings.

To add a sense of urgency, the email highlighted the offer's expiration date: “Ends 03/08/2024,” motivating customers to act quickly. By indicating that the offer was valid online only, Airbnb skillfully directed potential guests back to their digital carts. This strategic approach not only aimed to decrease the incidence of abandoned carts but also sought to deepen the customer's connection with Airbnb, illustrating the effectiveness of well-planned, targeted email marketing campaigns.


These eight diverse coupon examples showcase the power of strategic discounts in driving customer engagement and sales. From's broad range of discounts to Airbnb's targeted re-engagement campaign, each example offers valuable insights into how coupons can be effectively utilized in marketing. Whether it's creating urgency, encouraging brand switching, or rewarding loyal customers, these tactics demonstrate how well-planned coupon strategies can lead to increased sales and a more devoted customer base.


Effective coupon types such as percentage discounts, BOGO deals, and free shipping can boost sales. Creating urgency with limited-time offers and personalized coupons tailored to customer preferences enhances engagement. Exclusive deals for loyal customers nurture brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases.

Different coupon types cater to diverse customer segments. From percentage discounts, BOGO offers, to free shipping and loyalty rewards, each targets specific audiences. Adapting coupons to different segments can boost sales and loyalty. Experimenting helps identify the most effective options for your target market.

Businesses can evaluate the effectiveness of coupon promotions by utilizing unique codes, measuring redemption rates, scrutinizing sales data pre, during, and post-promotion, and collecting customer feedback. This comprehensive approach provides insights into the impact of coupon strategies.

Enhance your coupons with vibrant colors and high-quality images. Simplify the design for a clear offer presentation. Incorporate a compelling call-to-action to drive customer engagement. Ensure readability at a glance with clear and concise text.

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