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Using email marketing tools enables recruitment success. These tools can help you find qualified leads and receive responses on job application forms. Traditionally, a job application form made on HTML was popularly circulated in the relevant market. However, the lack of their interaction, leading to a lack of adequate response rates, paved the way for better technology.

Almost 74% of professionals opt for responding to emails as their preferred mode of communication. This is where Mailmodo steps in. With its interactive AMP mails that offer an increase by up to ~3x more job applications, preparing and circulating a purposeful job application form has never been easier.

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What are the pain points of using HTML emails for recruitment?

HTML job application emails are plain vanilla in terms of their functionality.

1. Lesser applicants, more redirects

Using HTML forms to fill job applications makes users lose interest quickly as HTML forms are difficult to navigate and often inconvenient as they have many redirects. Increased redirects lead to losing out on candidates.

2. Not uniformly suited to all email clients

HTML forms need to be specifically designed to suit different email clients. When sending out job application forms to several users at once, this can become difficult since recipients may be using various email clients to receive the forms.

3. Low functionality

The less functional the job application form, the lesser the number of applicants. HTML forms are challenging to use as they do not permit user interaction within an email. It also lacks a certain visual appeal due to low functionality, thereby making a not so “wow” impression on users.

This is why automated and user-friendly automated email marketing tools are fast becoming popular.

Why should you rethink job application forms?

Let’s look at a real-world example of using HTML forms vs. automated email marketing tools and how they affect job application forms.


Recruiter 1: Jim is well versed with traditional forms of marketing and skilled at creating HTML pages. He creates an excellent HTML job application form and sends it out to his organization’s database via email and other channels.

Recruiter 2: Kate’s organization believes in using adept automated tools to track growth and success rates in the hiring process. Kate has previously experienced a not-so-beneficial output using HTML forms, so she is looking for a seamless email marketing tool.

Outreach & Impact

Recruiter 1: While Jim’s HTML form has been shared with over 500 candidates, he receives only about 35 responses. He tries running a test run with the HTML form by sharing it internally and realizes that recipients using different email clients were receiving the email distortedly; thus, they were not interested in filling the form. Some other users complained that the form buttons were not clickable, thereby increasing their disinterest in filling the form.

Recruiter 2: Kate finds an email marketing solution (AMP emails) which allows her to build a job application form conveniently. In a few simple steps, she can customize the dropdown preferences within the body of the email she is sending out, so users do not have to visit a different site to input details.


When concluding this exercise of whether Jim’s methods or Kate’s garnered better results, it was found that Kate’s database had received more job applications using AMP email method as users found this process easy and quick to fill information.

Mailmodo is one of the best email marketing tools which can provide AMP solutions

What is the solution that Mailmodo has to offer?

1. Generate more responses

Mailmodo offers AMP email experiences straight to a user’s inbox. This is highly beneficial for hiring managers, recruiters, and HR teams. Using Mailmodo’s AMP emails to create and send job applications facilitates higher growth, up to ~3x more responses.

2. Dynamic functionality

Mailmodo’s AMP email offers dynamic functionalities within an email through which you can make your job application form interactive, content-rich, and personalized as you want. It offers pre-designed templates according to your use case, has an easy drag and drop editor to customize your emails easily, enables you to embed actionable items like interactive job application forms within an email.

3. Zero redirects

Mailmodo’s AMP forms allow users to input custom questions into the email so that recipients can fill out a job application form within the email body and send it back to the recruiter. They don’t have to go through multiple redirects.

Steps to get ~3x more applications using Mailmodo

1. Register with Mailmodo

Signing up on Mailmodo is a simple and free (no requirement of credit cards) process.

2. Choose an interactive email template

Once signed in, choose from pre-existing interactive templates such as this one:

3. Customize the template

Input questions into the template according to your organizational requirements.

4. Add and customize your AMP form

You can customize your AMP form using the Mailmodo dashboard tools to make your job application form as interactive as you want.

5. Send your campaign

Once done, send out the AMP form straight to the user’s inbox and wait for responses.

Wrapping up

Move aside HTML. Automate your job application forms using Mailmodo. The best part is, it’s free to sign up, so recruiters can send out test emails to understand how well Mailmodo works. Eliminate slow website loading and transferring users to other pages to fill forms and hasten the job application process with Mailmodo today!

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