Why Are ActiveCampaign Deliverability Rates Low and How to Improve It

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One feature that makes any ESP attractive to an email marketer is its functionality to maintain high inbox placement by following the right practices.

But, still, the spam rate creeps in, impacting your overall deliverability. So, we have the solution if you face email deliverability issues with ActiveCampaign.

This guide will cover the reasons behind ActiveCampaign's lower deliverability email and talk about how Mailmodo can help you improve that.

What is email deliverability rate?

ActiveCampaign deliverability issues

How to improve your ActiveCampaign deliverability rates?

Boost your email deliverability rates with Mailmodo


What is the email deliverability rate?

Email deliverability rate is the percentage of emails delivered to users' inboxes from the total number of emails sent. The deliverability rate differs from the delivery rate as it consists of emails that weren't bounced no matter where they were landed - inbox, promotions tab, or spam folder.

But, the deliverability rate gives a better performance picture of your email, and you can calculate it using the following formula:

Email deliverability rate = (Number of emails received in users' inboxes / Total number of emails sent) x 100

ActiveCampaign deliverability issues

Email Deliverability Report analyzed ActiveCampaign's deliverability rate, and the finding is as follows:

A total of 6.902 emails were sent with ActiveCampaign. Out of these, 86.38% of emails landed in the inbox while 10.68% landed in the junk folder and 2.94% of emails were lost.

Now, around 11% of emails were not delivered, which can be concerning depending upon the industry email type. But, still, it reflects that a lot of your effort is going down the drain, and it might be due to the following reasons:

1. Not using email authentication protocols

Email is the single channel prone to phishing and spoofing activities by spammers, and they're always on the lookout to land one more attack successfully.

Email authentication: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are used to prevent such attacks.

  • SPF: Ensures the legitimacy of the sender domain

  • DKIM: ensure that email content hasn't been tampered with

  • DMARC: Take the authoritative action if SPF or DKIM fails.

If your emails fail on any of these protocols, ISPs will take it as a negative signal questioning the sender and domain reputation.

2. Using a shared IP address

A shared IP address means multiple senders use the same IP to send emails. Even though you follow all the best email deliverability practices, the bad practices of those sharing IP with you will impact your IP reputation negatively, ultimately decreasing your deliverability rate.

So, if you have the resources, always opt for a dedicated IP address, as you'll be the sole owner of how your emails perform.

3. Buying an email list

Many newbie email marketers think that buying an email list is the quickest way to succeed in email marketing. They can't be more wrong.

Buying an email list is against the email laws such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act 2003. The people whose email addresses are in that purchased email list didn't give you the consent to send commercial emails.

So, when you send emails to them, they will come across as unsolicited, which is nothing but spam in email marketing. Besides, the email might not be relevant to the recipient, so either they will unsubscribe or mark the email as spam. All of these will seriously impact your ActiveCampaign deliverability rates for future campaigns.

4. Not warming up the domain

Before you use a new domain, if it's not warmed up properly, your emails will land in spam instead of inbox. This happens because ISPs couldn't identify a new domain in their database, and they might find it suspicious.

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How to improve your ActiveCampaign deliverability rates?

Here are a few simple ways to solve the problems outlined in the above sections.

1. Organically build your email list

Build your email list organically, and here are 3 easy steps you can follow.

  • Create a lead magnet that provides an incentive your target audience would want.

  • Build forms attached to this lead magnet.

  • Distribute this form and market your incentives.

2. Ensure your domain is authenticated

Ensure that your domain is authenticated with all three protocols: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. It will put your emails in the good book of ISPs, improving email deliverability.

Besides, you can also set up BIMI - Brand Identification Message Indicator. This emerging protocol allows email senders to put a picture to ensure brand recognition. This protofeather strengthens your credibility as a sender.

3. Send relevant email content with the right frequency

Have a thorough understanding of your subscribers and send segmented and personalized emails to them. If their content is relevant to them, the more they'll engage, boosting your email click-through rate.

Besides, master the frequency of your emails and send emails only at a frequency opted by your audience. You should also test out different timings and days to send emails. It will help you assess your recipient's behavior to cater to them with the right email at the right time.

4. Make the switch to a dedicated IP

A shared IP does you little to no good. If you're serious about your email marketing and can't afford to lose a big chunk of your audience due to spammers, switch to a dedicated IP. The dedicated IP will ensure that only you are responsible for the performance of your emails, not other senders.

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Continuous improvement is the answer to developing great email deliverability rates. And when you switch to Mailmodo, it is like wearing a jetpack and making the improvement rate much faster.

Want to know more about improving your deliverability? Check out our guide on email deliverability tips to make you an email deliverability pro.

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