Why Are Your ActiveCampaign Deliverability Rates Low and How to Improve It

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You spend hours creating an email, designing a great email layout, and following the right email cadence. But even after following these decisions, when you check your ActiveCampaign deliverability rates, you're shocked with the disappointingly low numbers.

How did this happen?

There could be two probable causes. One is you, and the other is your ESP.

Let's discuss in deeper detail what (or who) is causing your low ActiveCampaign deliverability rates.

Table of contents

What is email deliverability rate?

Email deliverability rate is defined as the percentage of emails delivered to users out of the total number of emails you sent. To get the maximum out of your email marketing campaigns, try maintaining this rate above 90%. You can also use this formula to calculate your deliverability rates.

Email deliverability rate = ( Number of emails received in users’ inboxes / Total number of emails sent ) x 100

ActiveCampaign deliverability issues

Here are five common reasons for your low ActiveCampaign deliverability rates.

1. Poor deliverability performance

Email Deliverability Report runs tests on different ESPs to find their deliverability rates. And when they tested ActiveCampaign, it was found to have an ~ 86% inbox placement rate, and ~ 11% of emails went to spam. If you're a newbie email marketer dealing with a few subscribers, that 11% spam rate may not make much difference. But as you grow your subscriber numbers, the 11% spam rate causes you to lose a sizable amount of business. So, not having 90% average deliverability rate may be the reason for your poor deliverability numbers.

2. Not setting up authentication systems

Gone are the days when kings used to send letters with stamps to verify their authenticity. In today's digital world, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) are used to check your emails' authenticity. If you haven't set up these things properly, email clients will assume you to be a spammer without proof of ownership and will either reject your emails or direct you to the spam folders.

3. Using a shared IP address

Sharing territory with spammers is one of the quickest ways to make your way to the spam folder. We are talking about using shared IPs. That's because shared IPs are shared with multiple users, and even if one of them turns out to be a spammer, all marketers using that IP will get affected negatively. So if you have the resources, spending money on buying a dedicated IP will be one of the best decisions in your email marketing journey.

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4. Buying an email list

Many newbie email marketers think that the quickest way to succeed in email marketing is by buying an email list. They can't be more wrong. Buying an email list is against the email laws since the people on that list have not permitted you to send them commercial emails. So if you send emails to people on that list, they'll probably think, "I don't remember subscribing to this list. Maybe it's a spammer." And guess what happens next? They'll mark you as spam which will affect all parts of your email marketing, including your ActiveCampaign deliverability rates.

How to improve your ActiveCampaign deliverability rates?

Here are a few simple ways to solve the problems outlined in the above sections.

1. Organically build your email list

As you saw in the previous section, buying an email list is illegal, and users won't really engage with your email since they don't recognize you. So if you decide to build your email list organically, here are 3 easy steps you can follow.

  • Build a lead magnet that provides an incentive your target audience would want.

  • Build forms attached to this lead magnet.

  • Distribute this form and market your incentives.

Easier said than done. Check out our guide for a complete explanation.

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2. Make the switch to a dedicated IP

A shared IP does you little to no good. If you're serious about your email marketing and can't afford to lose a big chunk of your audience due to spammers, switching to a dedicated IP is the way to go forward.

3. Set up authentication systems

There are different authentication systems, but you must set up two important ones to one on the safer side of email clients.

  • SPF: This method helps you stop spammers who try spoofing your emails.

  • DKIM: This method helps email clients identify whether the email has been tampered with during its transmission.

So set up these systems and see an increase in your ActiveCampaign deliverability rates.

4. Follow the right email etiquette

Change is the only constant. So things have changed in email marketing since its inception. What was considered acceptable in the past may not be anymore. So please educate yourself about modern email etiquette and be aware of outdated methods to avoid them.

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Continuous improvement is the answer to developing great email deliverability rates. And when you switch to Mailmodo, it is like wearing a jetpack and making the improvement rate much faster.

Want to know more about improving your deliverability? Check out our guide on email deliverability tips to make you an email deliverability pro.

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