15 Seasonal Email Campaign Statistics to Know in 2023

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Written by:Falak Preet Kaur


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Seasonal email campaigns leverage timely themes to engage audiences, offering tailored content and promotions. This guide covers some interesting seasonal email campaign statistics to unravel the world of seasonal email marketing and how they can be a booster to not just your open rates or click rates but also sales.

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How did we collect this data?

We compiled these statistics from credible sources, including reputable platforms like Statista, as well as comprehensive marketing reports from various renowned email marketing platforms. Our commitment to data accuracy ensures the reliability of the information we provide.

15 seasonal email campaign statistics

Seasonal or holiday emails at the right time and place can do all the magic. In this list, you will find the effectiveness and examples of businesses leveraging seasonal email campaigns to boost their conversions.

  1. During the 2017 holiday season, Adobe reported a significant increase in online sales, reaching $108.2 billion, reflecting a growth of 14.7%. (Source: Martech)

  2. Email marketing accounted for 20% of holiday website visits. (Source: Techcrunch)

  3. On Black Friday, 116.5 million emails were sent, surpassing any other day in email volume. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

  4. Cyber Monday saw the sending of 106 million emails. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

  5. Thanksgiving witnessed the delivery of 95 million emails. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

  6. Black Friday emails generated the highest engagement, with the highest number of opens and clicks. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

  7. Thanksgiving ranked second for email engagement, with many opens and clicks. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

  8. Adobe's projections suggest a 2.5% increase in holiday online sales in the United States alone. (Source: Adobe)

  9. The top categories for holiday spending are accessories and clothing (21%), gift cards and other items (19%), and food and beverages (14%). (Source: Deloitte)

  10. In 2019, nearly 68% of holiday shoppers paid increased attention to emails from companies during the Christmas season. (Source: Salesforce)

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  1. In 2020, Americans set a new record for digital shopping on Cyber Monday, spending $10.8 billion, a 15.1% increase from the previous year's $9.4 billion. (Source: Mailmodo)

  2. In 2020, consumers spent $9 billion online the day after Thanksgiving, reflecting a remarkable yearly increase of 21.6%. (Source: Mailmodo)

  3. A study showed that 27% of respondents were influenced by additional discounts on clearance sales when purchasing. (Source: Statista)

  4. 76% of revenue generated through email campaigns during the July 4th holiday came from campaigns sent a week before. (Source: Whatcounts)

  5. Since 2010, the per capita spending on Easter shopping by Americans has surged from $118.60 to $179.70, and it is expected to reach a record high of $20.8 billion. (Source: NRF)

Wrap up

These seasonal email campaigns show how crafting and sending seasonal emails can pump up your email marketing numbers and help you boost conversion rates. If you think any of these statistics are inaccurate or irrelevant in any form, or if you want to submit any relevant statistics, please email us at

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