Property Recommendations

Property recommendations email flow

Send this email series to your prospects throughout their customer journey to inform them about the real estate properties available. Automating this sequence based on the buyer preferences keeps them engaged and browsing when they are a part of the sales process.

🎯 The goal of this sequence

  • Inform your prospects about the available properties

  • Get them to connect with you or your agent

  • Provide updates on the market

Recommended emails in this sequence: 3-4 emails or more emails depending on user actions

Optimum flow time: Spans across the customer journey

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Property listings

📩 Why this email

Show people any new listings that have become available. You can show 3-5 listings in an email. Customize the listing recommendations based on your prospect’s preferences.

💡 Recommendation

Send them a form in the email to allow them to book a visit within the email itself to get more bookings. Check out how you can do that.

Email # 2: Follow up

📩 Why this email

Send them a follow-up email based on their activity or inactivity, asking for their feedback or preferences.

Email # 3: Updates

📩 Why this email

Share some market updates, helpful tips, blogs, etc., to help people learn about the market and what they should look out for when buying a house.

⛔ Sequence exit

Based on the prospect's actions or inactions, move them to the open house, meeting booked, or post-purchase flow.

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