Product recommendation email flow

Product recommendation email flow

Product recommendation emails are typically sent to help lure customers back, drive more sales, and increase conversions. You can send these emails as a stand-alone sequence or with other email sequences (welcome + recommendations, win back + recommendations).

🎯 The goal of this sequence

  • Lure customers to visit your website or app

  • Get them to make a purchase or repeat a purchase

Recommended emails in this sequence: 2-3 emails

Optimum flow time: 1 week

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Product recommendation

📩 Why this email

Suggest products to new users to get people to visit your website and buy from you. The products you suggest can be your store's bestsellers or products your visitors were already looking at. What you suggest is subjective to your business.

Best practice

  • A/B test your product recommendation to see which one people like the most; it will help you send appropriate suggestions that get people to convert.

  • Also, read our guide on product recommendation emails to get more information on strategies, templates, and best practices.

Email # 2: Social proof

📩 Why this email

Show that your brand is credible to gain people's trust in your brand and get them to convert into customers. You can showcase customer reviews, user-generated content posted on social media, testimonials, etc. Provide an offer to get people to purchase and try the product themselves.

💼 Expert tip

"If you want to accelerate the decision-making process for visitors and turn them into new customers, nothing beats authentic and unbiased social proof. Combine the mentioned social proof elements (UGC, verified reviews, etc.) with a great offer, and you've got a winning combination."

-Dan Siepen, It's Fun Doing Marketing

Email # 3: Offer

📩 Why this email

If people have still not bought your product, it could be the pricing that's the issue. So, give an offer sitewide or on a few specific products you have recommended.

⛔ Sequence exit

Based on user actions, send them to the idle win-back, browse/cart abandonment, or feedback series.

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