The Ultimate Free-to-Paid Conversion Playbook

Discover the secrets of 20+ PLG experts on what makes users hit upgrade and boost their free-to-paid conversion strategy.

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👋 Introduction
⚖️ Freemium VS free trial
📝 Segmentation for better conversion
💡 The AHA moment
💌 Interactive emails for the win
🤫 The secret cheatsheet
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Boost your free-to-paid conversions with emails

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Enabling users to sign up for free is great for acquiring customers and building brand awareness for your product. Revenue, however, depends on how many free users turn into paying customers.

We wanted to know what strategies product-led companies are implementing to boost their free-to-paid conversion rate and conducted a survey with 25+ PLG experts to dive deep into their practices.

All our insights and learnings have been compiled into this playbook, so put on your reading glasses to find out.

✅ Freemium Vs. Free Trial - What should be your pick?
✅ How to segment users when they sign up
✅ What makes the users hit upgrade? - The Golden Spot

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⚖️ Freemium VS free trial

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