7 Best Shopify Google Adwords Apps

Are you looking for Shopify google adwords apps for your business? You have come to the right page. This guide will help you discover the best Shopify google adwords apps and along with a deep dive into their features, pricing, rating, etc.


What are Shopify google adwords apps?

Shopify Google AdWords app is a tool that helps Shopify store owners advertise their products on Google. It allows them to create and manage ad campaigns, choose keywords, and track their performance. This app helps increase visibility and drive more traffic to their online stores.

How do Shopify google adwords apps work or function?

The Shopify Google AdWords app enables users to create and manage Google AdWords campaigns directly from their Shopify store. It automates the process of generating ads, selecting keywords, and setting bids. The app also provides analytics and tracking tools to monitor campaign performance. Overall, it simplifies the process of advertising on Google and helps drive targeted traffic to the Shopify store.

Benefits of Shopify google adwords apps

  • The Shopify Google AdWords app allows you to easily create and manage your online advertising campaigns directly from your Shopify store. This saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.

  • With the app, you can target specific keywords and demographics to reach your desired audience, increasing the chances of attracting relevant traffic to your store. This helps maximize your advertising budget and improve your return on investment.

  • The app provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time. This data helps you make informed decisions and optimize your advertising strategy for better results.

  • Integration with Google AdWords ensures that your ads are displayed prominently on Google's search results and partner websites, increasing your store's visibility and driving more potential customers to your site.

How we curated this list

We conducted extensive research to identify a wide range of software options within each category. This involved exploring online resources, industry publications, software directories, and user reviews. Please note that the pricing and features mentioned here are subject to change. We recommend you to visit the product website for the latest information before making a decision.


Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Developer: AdNabu Global, Inc.

Product Description

AdWords Conversion Pixel is a Shopify app that tracks and optimizes Google AdWords campaigns, with customizable conversion tracking and real-time reporting.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy installation and setup process
  • Provides accurate tracking and reporting of AdWords conversions
  • Allows for advanced customization and optimization of conversion tracking
  • Helps improve ROI by optimizing ad campaigns based on conversion data
  • Limited functionality: The app lacks advanced features and customization options, limiting its usefulness for businesses with more complex advertising needs.
  • Compatibility issues: Some users have reported compatibility issues with certain themes or other apps, resulting in difficulties in properly implementing and tracking conversion pixels.
  • Lack of customer support: The app's customer support is reported to be slow and unresponsive, making it challenging for users to get timely assistance or resolve any issues they encounter.
  • Pricing structure: The app's pricing structure is considered to be on the higher side compared to similar alternatives, making it less cost-effective for small businesses or those on a tight budget.

Google Ads Retargeting Pixel

Developer: AdNabu Global, Inc.

Product Description

Boost sales with Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing by AdNabu, a Shopify app that targets potential customers who have visited your online store.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy setup and integration with Shopify store
  • Automatically creates and manages dynamic remarketing campaigns on Google AdWords
  • Helps to increase conversion rates by targeting previous website visitors with personalized ads
  • Provides detailed analytics and reporting to track the performance of remarketing campaigns
  • Limited customization options for ad templates.
  • Some users have reported difficulties in setting up and integrating the app with their Shopify store.
  • The app's pricing structure may not be suitable for small businesses with limited budgets.
  • The app's customer support response time can be slow at times.

Clever Google Ads

Developer: Clever Ads

Product Description

CleverPPC is a Shopify app that boosts sales and ROI by optimizing Google Ads campaigns with automated optimization, keyword suggestions, ad scheduling, and A/B testing.

Pros and Cons

  • CleverPPC is a powerful app that helps optimize Google Ads campaigns for maximum performance.
  • It offers advanced automation features, saving time and effort for advertisers.
  • The app provides detailed insights and analytics, allowing users to make data-driven decisions.
  • CleverPPC offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to navigate and use effectively.
  • Limited customization options for ad campaigns
  • Some users may find the interface overwhelming or difficult to navigate
  • The app may not be suitable for businesses with a small advertising budget
  • Integration with other marketing tools may be limited or require additional setup


Developer: AdScale

Product Description

AdScale is an AI-powered platform for Shopify stores that optimizes campaigns, increases sales, automates ads, and provides real-time analytics.

Pros and Cons

  • AdScale offers advanced AI technology to optimize and automate advertising campaigns, saving time and effort for businesses.
  • The app provides personalized recommendations and insights to improve ad performance and increase ROI.
  • AdScale integrates with multiple advertising platforms, allowing businesses to manage and track their campaigns in one place.
  • The app offers a user-friendly interface and easy setup process, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Limited customization options for ad campaigns.
  • Some users may find the pricing structure to be expensive for their budget.
  • The app may not be suitable for businesses with a small product catalog.
  • Integration with other marketing tools may be limited.

Google Ads & Google Shopping

Developer: StoreYa

Product Description

Boost website traffic and conversions with Traffic Booster, a Shopify app offering automated advertising campaigns and targeted ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Pros and Cons

  • Increases website traffic and visibility through targeted advertising campaigns
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for managing and optimizing ad campaigns
  • Offers advanced targeting options to reach specific audiences and maximize conversion rates
  • Provides detailed analytics and reporting to track the success of ad campaigns
  • Limited targeting options: The app lacks advanced targeting features, making it difficult to reach specific audiences or demographics.
  • High cost: The pricing of the app may be considered expensive for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.
  • Limited customization: The app offers limited customization options, restricting the ability to tailor campaigns to match the brand's unique style or messaging.
  • Limited analytics: The app provides basic analytics, but lacks in-depth insights and reporting features for tracking campaign performance and optimizing strategies.


Developer: AdRoll

Product Description

AdRoll Retargeting is a Shopify app designed to help businesses convert website visitors by delivering personalized ads and dynamic product recommendations.

Pros and Cons

  • AdRoll Retargeting allows users to easily create and manage retargeting campaigns on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and the web.
  • The app provides advanced targeting options, allowing users to reach specific audiences based on their browsing behavior, demographics, and interests.
  • AdRoll Retargeting offers dynamic ads that can be personalized based on the user's previous interactions with the website, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • The app provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing users to track the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize their retargeting efforts.
  • Limited customization options for ad design and targeting.
  • Some users have reported difficulties with the app's integration and setup process.
  • The app's pricing structure may not be suitable for small businesses with limited budgets.
  • The reporting and analytics features could be more comprehensive and user-friendly.


Developer: OptiMonk

Product Description

OptiMonk is a conversion optimization tool for Shopify stores that helps boost sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Offers a wide range of customizable templates and designs
  • Provides advanced targeting and segmentation options for personalized campaigns
  • Offers real-time analytics and A/B testing for optimizing conversion rates
  • Limited customization options for pop-ups and templates.
  • Some users may find the pricing plans to be on the higher side.
  • The app may not be suitable for businesses with complex targeting requirements.
  • Integration with certain email marketing platforms may be limited.

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Frequently asked

Yes, the Shopify Google AdWords app allows you to track conversions by integrating with your Google Analytics account. This helps you measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and optimize your marketing strategies.

Yes, the Shopify Google AdWords app supports remarketing. It allows you to create custom audiences based on user behavior on your website and target them with personalized ads, increasing the chances of conversion.

Yes, the Shopify Google AdWords app allows you to set a budget for your campaigns. You can specify a daily or monthly budget to control your ad spend and ensure that you stay within your desired limits.

Yes, the Shopify Google AdWords app provides keyword suggestions based on your product or service. It helps you discover relevant keywords that can improve the visibility of your ads and drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Yes, the Shopify Google AdWords app allows you to track the return on investment (ROI) of your campaigns. It provides detailed reports on ad performance, including metrics like clicks, conversions, and revenue, helping you measure the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

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