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Aishwarya Ganji Pal


Content Marketing Experts

Aishwarya helps early-stage startups scale their GTM strategy through content-led marketing. Her expertise was honed as an early hire at the intersection of growth and content for and

Currently, she runs her own boutique agency overseeing growth initiatives for early-stage SaaS startups such as,, (YC S22), (YC S21),, and

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My Expertise

Aishwarya's niche lies in services like lead generation through Account Based Marketing via Email and LinkedIn, brand awareness via thought leadership for Founders on Linkedin, and increased organic search traffic with full-stack SEO services; as well as one-off services like high-quality ebooks and whitepapers.

If you are an early-stage founder with a great product and need help with one or more parts of your GTM strategy, Aishwarya is your go-to.

  • Content Strategy - A comprehensive content strategy which is in line with the client's business goals and product roadmap.

  • Blogs - Meticulously researched, long-form blogs or SEO-driven blogs that facilitate Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) discovery.

  • Website Copy - Strategic copy that provides direct value to the customer instead of feature-centric descriptions.

  • Lead Generation - Craft compelling lead magnets, including eBooks, Whitepapers, Webinars, and specialized landing pages, designed to attract high-quality leads.

  • Thought Leadership - Transform your vision and authentic insights into compelling content, including viral Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts, and insightful blogs.

  • Account Based Marketing for Lead Generation - Targeted outreach programs via Email and LinkedIn to secure qualified demos and scale lead-generation efforts.

  • Full-stack SEO - Keyword research, website audit + site structure, technical support, editorial execution (writing, research and editing services)

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Strategy + Execution of SEO Blogs for

One of the articles is already ranking on the first page of search results for high intent long-tail keyword.


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Email Newsletter Management for Toplyne

Widely popular newsletter, often talked about across social media channels and communities


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Thought leadership for

Consistently high engagement on all the posts penned by me got 200+ likes in average, and a Twitter thread went viral with my efforts.


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I highly recommend Aishwarya's services to any business looking to boost its online presence through content marketing. Aishwarya's vast experience in SaaS and content marketing sets her apart from others in the market. Her ability to understand our brand's target audience and deliver tailored content has been truly impressive. Aishwarya's high-quality SEO blogs and keyword research have been instrumental in driving traffic and engagement on our website.

Massimo Chieruzzi, Cofounder and CPO at

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