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Hillel Berg


Email Marketing Experts




United States

Hillel became an emailgeek working at a small ecommerce company that exploded. He then went from there to help other ecommerce brands grow with email marketing. He now proudly helps many brands through his agency, Hillel Berg Email Marketing.

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My Expertise

The main service we provide is excellent email marketing services that engaged customers and gets them coming back to maximize their potential.

  • Email Auditing
  • Full Service Ecommerce Email Marketing + SMS
  • Consulting
  • Webinars

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Price Busters Case Study

Hilel Berg Email marketing drives revenue growth and email engagement for price busters discount furniture


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His extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of email marketing, social media, and overall website user engagement helped to provide a huge lift in site visits and an increase of almost 50% in lead generation.

Brad Shulman, Olim Advisors

Hillel really understands how to construct and technically get your emails out in a consistent manner. He reviews the data for issues and is always purging the lists to avoid waste and spam. He is creative and is always looking for opportunities to offer value for your customers.

Esther Ohayon, Green Smoke

If you need an all-around Email Marketing expert or a Digital Marketing expert, Hillel Berg is definitely your guy. He can code mind-blowing email templates from scratch (according to best practices of course), building automated life cycle journies, IP warming strategy and basically can handle everything in the Email Marketing Space.

Tomer Maor, Marketer

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Quotation markWe saw a massive 250% increase in responses to our NPS survey emails.

Subhash Dash, Razorpay

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