What is Brand Kit?

Mailmodo's Brand Kit is a feature that allows you to save your brand's assets, such as logo, colors, fonts, social media links, etc, and automatically applies it to every new template you create. It also applies branding to the building blocks and premade layout templates to create a customized experience for you on Mailmodo.

Why use the Brand Kit?

Save time creating email templates

Speed up your template creation process and focus on the important things like strategy and automation.

Maintain your brand guidelines

All email templates get updated with your brand details, so it’s easy to maintain your brand identity and be recognizable.

Customizes Mailmodo for your brand

The brand kit customizes all templates, layouts, building blocks and pre-made blocks for your brand.

Less time creating, more time for strategizing

How to set up your Brand Kit?

Do nothing. Mailmodo imports your brand assets


Signup/Login to Mailmodo

When you sign up, Mailmodo curates the Brand Kit by automatically extracting your brand’s design elements from your website.


Check out the auto-curated assets

Navigate to the Templates tab and go to the Brand Kit section.


Access all elements in one place

Navigate through different assets like logo and footers, etc., to check out what Mailmodo was able to extract automatically for you.

Brand kit

Finalize your brand assets.



Review the pre-filled design details we have fetched from your website. Make sure to check all the elements like logo, typography, colors, buttons, etc.



If you want to change any of the elements, you can customize it to suit your brand’s guidelines.



After customizing all the elements, click on “Review and Publish.” Review all the elements one last time and click on “Publish and Next.” After publishing all the elements, you are good to go.

Brand kit

Start using the magic of Brand Kit


Create a new template

Whenever you click “Create a new template,” your branding will automatically be applied to the template.


Custom premade layouts

All of our premade layout templates will be customized with your brand elements.


Custom building blocks templates

Similarly when you create new templates using building blocks, your templates will automatically get customized.

One quick setup, endless time back

Save 20 mins on every template you create. Create 10 templates = saved 200 mins.


Elements of the Brand Kit

Here are the branding elements that can be customized in the brand kit.

Brand logo
Color palette
Social links
Footer text

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you click “Review and publish,” it’ll automatically apply the Brand Kit to all the building blocks, premade layout templates, and any new templates you create on the platform. If you want more information about setting up your Brand Kit, check out our help guide.

Yes, it is available on our free trial.

A brand kit will help you compile all your brand’s design guidelines and help maintain a consistent visual identity. This consistent image will eventually help your audience recognize your branding outside the inbox and identify your brand. Having your brand’s design elements together in one location is helpful as it allows you to quickly share information about brand components and standards with all employees at your company. They also can ensure your emails follow appropriate guidelines, even if the people creating the template work remotely.

The Brand Kit will be applied to all new templates created on Mailmodo. It will not impact existing templates. It will also not be applied to use case templates and uploaded templates.

Yes, you can disable this feature by scrolling to the bottom of the Brand Kit page in the platform and switching off the toggle that says “Automatically apply brand kit styling to layout blocks in the template editor.”