Michael Greene

    Email Marketing Manager, ACEC Life/Health Trust

Don’t just look at it as “sending emails”- look at it as a blueprint for the success of your company.


My journey into emails

In 2016, the agency I had started working with wanted someone to send emails to their 15+ clients. I was a bit apprehensive initially since I was a graphic designer and had minimal experience with emails. Though I used to do the drill at my previous job, I was never really fond of it.

After accepting the role, I took it seriously and learned everything possible with emails as fate would have it. To my surprise, no one at the agency knew about emails and treated the role like a step-child. That was my foray into email marketing, which slowly turned into a passion.

Learnings during my journey

There is a lot to learn in email marketing. In fact, throughout this journey, I have learned a number of things and come across new learnings even today. Here are some learnings that I would like to share-

While learning, don't just look at it as "sending emails" – look at it as a blueprint for the success of your company.

  • Chalk some time out and analyze the data of the current email campaigns against industry trends.
  • Never repeat your ideas – just because it worked once doesn't mean it'll keep working.
  • Continue to sprinkle new ideas and optimize your recurring campaigns.

Email Marketing, when done correctly, can help with – customer retention, a channel for lead generation, engagement in your programs, repeat orders, and more.

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