Offer frictionless booking to your customers


Embed interactive calendar inside the email template using our drag-and-drop template editor.


Send the demo meeting email with a calendar using our email marketing platform.


People can book demo meetings straight from their emails, which help you grow revenue.

Maximize demo signups with interactive calendar

Add a calendar

Use our drag-and-drop editor to add an interactive calendar widget inside the email within minutes, code free.

  • ⚡ 200+ free email templates
  • ⚡ Add Calendly widget in email
  • ⚡ Responsive and mobile-ready

Make it appealing

Beautiful and personalized emails make people go crazy. Customize your email template to match your brand style.

  • ⚡ Add brand logo & colors
  • ⚡ Use uniform font family and size
  • ⚡ Personalize content, image, and CTA

Get booked

Send the email with an interactive calendar to your prospects using our integrated email marketing platform.

  • ⚡ Insert forms to collect data
  • ⚡ Send to a segmented contact list
  • ⚡ Nurture them with automation

Automate reminders

Put the demo meeting workflow on autopilot, so you can pay closer attention to the things that require it.

  • ⚡ Send reminders and follow-ups
  • ⚡ Add conditions and waits between emails
  • ⚡ Trigger from APIs, Webhooks, and integrations

Measure effectiveness

Look at how your demo meeting email performed to improve the next campaign with the data you collected.

  • ⚡ View email open rates, click rates, bounces, and more
  • ⚡ Manage submissions from the analytics dashboard
  • ⚡ Export the data to your favorite tools

Integrate with ease

Integrate Mailmodo with other marketing tools using the native integrations we offer.

  • ⚡ Export and import campaign data
  • ⚡ Integrate with your CRM and website
  • ⚡ Trigger emails using integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sign up for Mailmodo.

  • Create an email template with our no-code editor.

  • Add the interactive calendar widget.

  • Choose the email contact list.

  • Send the email with an interactive calendar.

With Mailmodo, you can use our AMP calendar widget to insert calendars into your email. It's so easy that you can do it in a few minutes. Just follow the steps mentioned in the previous question.

Email is the second most used communication channel, and it still is one of the channels that provide better ROI.

Mailmodo takes email marketing to the next level with its AMP emails. With AMP, you can send interactive widgets like calendars, forms, and more inside the email.

Your customers can check your availability and book a meeting with you without leaving their email inboxes. It helps increase demo bookings and grow your revenue.

Read how Hobspace used Mailmodo to increase their demo bookings by 20%.

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