SPF Record Checker and Lookup

Add your domain to check SPF Records and diagnose email authentication issues.

What are SPF records?

An SPF record, also known as a Sender Policy Framework record, is a DNS record that defines which email servers are authorised to send emails on behalf of a domain, thereby preventing email spoofing.

Check out more about SPF records in this detailed guide - Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records

Why check SPF records?

  1. Shields against spoofing: SPF records prevent spam by allowing only authorised servers to send emails on behalf of your domain.

  2. Boosts email deliverability: Proper SPF configuration improves email deliverability by enhancing trust with email providers.

  3. Optimizes SPF record health: Regular checks ensure your SPF record reflects any changes in your email infrastructure.

  4. Promotes trust and credibility: A well-maintained SPF record boosts your domain’s credibility and trustworthiness.

How to use an SPF record checker?

  1. Identify the domain name: Determine the domain name to check.

  2. Choose a tool: Open an SPF record checker tool online.

  3. Enter the domain name: Input the domain name in the tool.

  4. Initiate the check: Click "Check" or "Analyze" to start the lookup and review the report.

Enhance your email security

Regularly validating your SPF record is essential for preventing spoofing, improving email deliverability, and maintaining your domain's reputation. Use an SPF record checker today to ensure your domain is secure.

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