DKIM Record Checker and Lookup

Add your domain and selector to check DKIM Records and diagnose email authentication issues.

What is DKIM?

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a crucial email authentication method used to verify the integrity and authenticity of emails. It adds a digital signature to emails, ensuring they are sent by legitimate sources and have not been tampered with during transmission. This helps enhance email deliverability, prevent phishing attacks, and build recipient trust.

You can learn more about DKIM and about setting it up in this detailed guide- What Is DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) & How Does It Work ?

How does DKIM work?

  • Message signing: DKIM adds a unique digital signature to your emails before they're sent out.

  • Using keys: Your email provider creates a secret code (private key) and a matching lock (public key) for your emails.

  • Adding the signature: DKIM stamps your email with a hidden signature using the secret code before sending.

  • Verification: DKIM uses the matching lock to check the signature when your email arrives. This ensures the email is really from you and hasn't been changed.

How can a user check DKIM?

  • Open your email: Start by opening the email you want to check.

  • Access email headers: Look for an option to view the raw email headers or original source. This option is usually found in the settings or menu options of your email client.

  • Find the DKIM-Signature header: Search for the line starting with DKIM-Signature within the raw headers.

  • Check the selector: Locate the s= part in the DKIM-Signature header. The value following s= is called the selector.

  • Use a DKIM checker tool: Enter the selector and domain (found after d= in the same header) into an online DKIM checker tool. The tool will verify if the DKIM signature is valid.

Why is DKIM important?

  • Enhances email security: DKIM adds a digital signature to emails, verifying their authenticity.

  • Prevents phishing attacks: By ensuring emails are from legitimate sources, DKIM reduces the risk of phishing.

  • Improves email deliverability: Authenticated emails are less likely to be marked as spam, improving inbox placement.

  • Maintains email integrity: DKIM ensures that the email content has not been altered during transmission.

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