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Is Zoho Campaigns pricing worth it?

Zoho Campaigns is a popular email marketing platform used by businesses of all sizes to manage their email campaigns. It is important to consider the pros and cons of Zoho Campaigns' pricing to make an informed decision on the best ESP for your needs.

First, let's examine Zoho Campaigns' pricing model. Zoho Campaigns offers three pricing plans: the Free plan, the Standard plan, and the Professional plan. The Free plan is free but offers limited features, while the Standard and Professional plans offer more advanced features at a higher cost.

One reason why Zoho Campaigns pricing is worth it is because of its comprehensive features. It offers comprehensive features that help businesses create and manage successful email campaigns. The advanced features, such as automation, email personalization, and advanced analytics, are only available in the paid plans and can help businesses save time and effort, increase their email campaign's effectiveness, and drive higher engagement rates. Despite its pricing, another advantage of using Zoho Campaigns is its customizable plans. Zoho Campaigns offers customizable plans that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. The pricing is flexible, and businesses can pay monthly or annually. Depending on their business's growth and requirements, They can also add contacts or upgrade their plans at any time.

On the other hand, one reason why Zoho Campaigns pricing may not be worth it is because of higher pricing for larger contact lists. Zoho Campaigns pricing is based on the number of subscribers businesses have in their email lists. As a result, businesses with larger contact lists may have to pay more for Zoho Campaigns than other email marketing platforms offering more affordable pricing options. Moreover, the availability of advanced features at additional costs can make the pricing more expensive for features offered by other email marketing platforms at lower costs. Lastly, another drawback of Zoho Campaigns pricing is its complex interface. Zoho Campaigns’ interface can be complex and difficult to use, especially for businesses new to email marketing. This can result in additional training or support costs, making Zoho Campaigns more expensive compared to other email marketing platforms with a more user-friendly interface.

In conclusion, while Zoho Campaigns offers a range of features and customizable plans, businesses should carefully consider each plan's limitations and additional costs before choosing it. The higher pricing for larger contact lists, additional costs for advanced features, and the complex interface are factors that businesses should consider when evaluating the pricing of Zoho Campaigns.

What would you say are the best email providers atm? Because I use zoho, and the campaigns are running really bad, I was getting like 20% reply rate and now it's like 0,5%.

Oliver Burt,

Updates in Zoho Campaigns pricing

This is the recently revised pricing plan of the Zoho Campaign as of May 2024.

No. of contacts Forever Free Standard Professional
500 $0/mo $4/mo $6/mo
1000 $0/mo $7/mo $12/mo
2.5k NA $17/mo $29/mo
5k NA $31/mo $52/mo
10k NA $49/mo $81/mo
15k NA $61/mo $101/mo
20k NA $74/mo $123/mo
25k NA $86/mo $144/mo
50k NA $138/mo $230/mo
75k NA $190/mo $316/mo
100k NA $242/mo $403/mo
200k NA NA $748/mo
300k NA NA $1035/mo
400k NA NA $1208/mo
500k NA NA $1380/mo

The last update to Zoho Campaigns pricing was in April 2022. The update included changes to the pricing of the Email-based plan, which now offers more subscribers and emails per month at lower costs. Additionally, Zoho Campaigns introduced a new feature called "Super Campaigns," allowing businesses to send campaigns to up to 50,000 subscribers simultaneously. These changes made Zoho Campaigns more competitive in pricing and features than other email marketing platforms.

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Zoho Campaigns offers a range of features, customizable plans, and flexible payment options, which can make it a good fit for some businesses. However, businesses should also consider the higher pricing for larger contact lists, additional costs for advanced features, and the complex interface when evaluating the pricing of Zoho Campaigns. Ultimately, businesses should carefully evaluate their specific needs and requirements before choosing a plan to determine if Zoho Campaigns pricing is worth it for them.

Frequently asked questions

The contact limit in Zoho Campaigns varies depending on the plan you choose. The free plan allows up to 2,000 contacts, while the exact contact limits for paid plans may vary. The standard plan typically offers a higher limit, which can range from around 10,000 contacts, and the Professional plan may have even higher contact limits.

Mailmodo is more compatible than Zoho Campaigns due to its seamless integration with a wider range of third-party tools and platforms. Mailmodo's interactive email capabilities and emphasis on personalization make it compatible with newer technologies and customer engagement strategies. With features like forms, surveys, and dynamic content, Mailmodo offers more flexibility and versatility in creating engaging email experiences.

Your Zoho Campaigns emails may be spam for various reasons, such as poor email hygiene, low sender reputation, irrelevant content, incorrect email configuration, or recipient complaints. To improve deliverability, focus on obtaining permission from recipients, using a reputable email service provider, and creating engaging and relevant content. Regularly monitor and maintain a good sender score. To increase your deliverability rate, please refer to this page.

Some potential disadvantages of Zoho Campaigns include limited contact and email sending limits in certain plans, a learning curve for beginners, limited design customization options, and occasional deliverability challenges.

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